Battle of Ascension - Chapter 213

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:26:49 AM

Chapter 213
Of course this grand entrance was Almira's plan . After the three flag holders entered the Colosseum, Zhen Yi who was wearing a silver armor and Long Xinya who was wearing a red armor entered, accompanying by Almira and Sun Xiu .

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After more than a month, Long Xinya accepted by the people from Happy Guild after what she contributed for Happy Guild . Also, the news about Long Xinya moved to the Happy Guild created big controversial .

It rumored Long Tianyu gave his only daughter to Randy for the peace between Happy Guild and Dragon Dynasty . Also, there was a rumor say Long Xinya was a vixen who seduced Randy .

Of course, not all rumors were good for Happy Guild . There was even said Randy was fickle heart, and he didn't satisfy with only Zhen Yi, so he took Long Xinya as his second wife . Also, there was a different version, it was Randy threatened Dragon Dynasty to have Long Xinya . Since Battle of Ascension started, it was not weird to have more than one wife .

After that, Various kind of rumors were spreading over from the mouth to mouth . But the truth was remaining unknown as no one from Happy Guild and Dragon Dynasty were giving them confirmation .

That was why many people were coming to colosseum number one as the onlookers thought they could get the truth in here as Zhen Yi and Long Xinya were in Colosseum number one .

Later more and more the member of Happy Guild entered the Colosseum . But to the audience disappointment, Randy's figure didn't show up in the Happy Guild's group .

Even though Randy was the champion of the first Ascension Tournament could not take part in the tournament, the onlookers thought they would see him as his wife took part in the second Ascension Tournament .

The same as the first Ascension Tournament before the tournament began there would be an opening ceremony in each Colosseum .

After the opening finished, the tournament formally started . Different from the first Ascension Tournament, there would be only two phases in the second Ascension Tournament . The first phase was Elimination Round until 128 participants left from six thousand participants .

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In the Elimination Round, 10 participants chosen randomly, and would fight in one big arena . From 10 participants, the last man standing would go the next round while 9 participants would get eliminated from the tournament .

Soon, 10 names came up on the top arena, and at the top out 10 participants, Zhen Yi's name came up .

Soon, the ten name participants came up while Zhen Yi rooted at her seat despite having her name chosen .

Long Xinya nudged Zhen Yi before saying, "Yi your name came up,"

After being nudged and hearing her best friend's voice, Zhen Yi awakened from her dazed state, "Oh, my name came up?"

"Don't worry, nothing would happen to him . Didn't you say your husband is the strongest? Go!" Long Xinya consoled her best friend .


Zhen Yi let out a sigh before saying with a worried tone, "But it's been two weeks since the last time he sent a message,"

After saying that, she went up to the arena while bringing her spear in her hand .

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Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army camp

After the incident the four trialers fought with the Major General and General made the situation in the camp became more chaotic as the soldiers were becoming restless and panic .

That day, the Second Army battled against two waves of the beast horde and suffered many casualties . Over 30 . 000 soldiers from the Second Army died . The scout also informed there were many Rare Beast in the 35th wave of the beast horde which made the Second Army suffered many casualties .

But luckily, there was Blazing Cloud Battalion in the north border . The Blazing Cloud Battalion was the hope of the soldiers in the north border . At that night, the Blazing Cloud Battalion battled against five waves of the beast horde and finished the battle with no casualties .

Meanwhile, in the one tent, there were many soldiers guarded the tent . The tent was heavily guarded, about 50 soldiers from Vanguard Battalion guarded the tent .

General Nicholas stood in the front of the entrance tent, it was likely he was hesitating to enter the tent before finally he decided to enter the tent .

Inside the tent, there were four people were sleeping in a row . The four people were, Randy, Evan, David, and Limera . General Nicholas looked at the four people with a complex look .

General Nicholas came to check the four condition . Just as he wanted to go out, he noticed one from the four woke up .

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Randy opened his eyelid slowly, only to see a brown tent . He blinked his eyes for a few times and remember that he was intending to kill the bastard Ronmald, but just as he almost succeeded . There was a creature in blazed flame appeared in the front of him before he lost vision .

He didn't know the creature was a human, a beast or even a monster as he could not see clearly what was in the flame . But one thing was sure, the creature in the flame was strong, so strong could beat him in an instant .

But just as he wanted to get up, he sensed his hand was handcuffed . He brought his hand up and saw there was a white handcuff in his wrist . He tried to break the handcuff with his brute force, but no matter how many times he tried he could not break the handcuff .

"Just give up, you would not be able to broke the handcuff," General Nicholas said with his calm tone as he looked Randy who was trying to break the handcuff .

Only after General Nicholas spoke, Randy noticed there was someone in the tent . He looked at General Nicholas as his brow furrowed, somehow the handsome General Nicholas became unpleasant in his eyes .

"You cannot break the handcuff . It can only be unlocked with a key . Also, the handcuff has a special attribute which is preventing you from using Dark Elemental Power," General Nicholas explained .

"The same with your friends handcuff, their handcuff also have a special attribute . They would not be able to use their Elemental Power with the handcuff on their wrist," General Nicholas continued .

After hearing this, Randy only noticed he was not alone here . Indeed, on his left was Limera, but Limera's handcuff was red in color, different from his handcuff . He ignored General Nicholas as he wondered if each handcuff had their use .

Seeming be able to read Randy's mind, General Nicholas explained, he didn't mind about being ignored by Randy .

"You are right, each handcuff have different function . Your white handcuff is to counter your Dark Elemental Power, while the red handcuff in your friend's wrist is to counter his Water Elemental Power,"

Even though Randy didn't respond to General Nicholas' words, but his ears were still listening to General Nicholas' words . Hearing General Nicholas' words, Randy's eyes shone . He had two Elemental Power, Fire Elemental Power and Dark Elemental Power .

'I will use my Fire Elemental Power to break the handcuff later after General Nicholas come out,'

"I have heard about what happened between you and Ronmald . It was indeed Ronmald fault, but it's not the point he should die for his words, right?" General Nicholas continued despite being ignored by Randy .

At this time, the other three already woke up .

"Yeah, for you indeed right, Ronmald should not die only because his words . But what if I say those words toward you?" Randy smiled at General Nicholas

Hearing these words, General Nicholas' mouth twitched . Indeed, if Ronmald said those words toward him, he would kill Ronmald too .

General Nicholas let out a sigh before saying, "How about this, as an apology you could ask anything from Ronmald as the form of apology, but of course he should apologize to you and his head is an exception,"

Randy also let out a sigh after hearing General Nicholas' words . This was the best way to solve the problem and also the only way for him and his fellow earthlings to get out from this predicament .

If he didn't agree, maybe he and the other three would get locked until the war finished .