Battle of Ascension - Chapter 223

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:26:13 AM

Chapter 223
get ready for the war as there was another force from the two kingdoms appeared while dropped his reward . Two Boxes of Energy Core and a tablet made by a silver stone .

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When he got the tablet into his hand, he heard a notice from the Ascension System .

Ascension System: Do you want to use your Storage Rune?

"Yes," Randy answered without hesitation .

After that, he checked his Storage System and found his Storage System's slot increased for 500 slots .

Randy made a satisfied smile as he looked at his Storage System . He was no hurry to join the Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army, he checked the two boxes .

The two boxes contained Dark Energy Core and Fire Energy Core . He stored the two type Energy Cores into his Storage System . One million Dark Energy Cores and one million Fire Energy Cores stored inside the Storage System .

After that, he came out from his tent only found the camp was quiet, the usual table which full of food for breakfast was empty .

'It seems like the situation is very precarious,'

Randy immediately rushed toward the gate, joining his squad . Evan, David, and Limera were there . As for Crimson Princess Audrey was not with them .

Randy joined the other three and looked at the uneasy Border Army . The Border Army which had a bright face on them yesterday, now they had their head looked down as despair look on their face .

his situation made the soldiers looked like this . Yesterday battle, Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army suffered great casualties, 100,000 riders of the Crimson Cloud Battalion only left with less than 30,000 riders .

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Meanwhile, the 150,000 soldiers of Blazing Cloud Battalion, only left with less 50,000 soldiers . As for Vanguard Battalion only left with 8,000 soldiers from 20,000 soldiers .

Meanwhile, the Border Army only suffered minimal casualties, less than a thousand soldiers died as they were the last defense line from the Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army .

Only with less than one hundred thousands elite soldiers, the atmosphere in the camp became a bit stressful and gloomy with bleak future waiting for them .

Bit different from the soldiers the Border Army, there was no significant change in the soldiers of the Crimson Bear Battalion and Blazing Cloud Battalion . Instead, the aura around them became even more wild and fierce .

'Indeed an elite soldiers,' Thought Randy as he looked at the Crimson Bear and Blazing Cloud Battalion .


The next morning, Audrey barged into his tent to wake him up to After sometimes, the sound of horn resonated to the whole camp, indicating for the soldiers to move out . The first to move out was Crimson Bear Battalion, followed by the Blazing Cloud Battalion, the Vanguard Battalion, and the last was the Border Army .

It was the same formation as yesterday . The Crimson Bear Battalion and Blazing Cloud Battalion charged into the beast horde while the Vanguard Battalion was taking care the beast who broke away from the two battalions, and the weakest soldiers, the Border Army was in the last defense line .

Audrey joined them after the sound of a horn and they formed a squad for five people, charged squad which only charged in the middle of the beast horde, and killed the beast as they pleased .

But Randy found something weird within his fellow earthlings when they eyes gazed at the 10 miles away beast force . It was blazing and excited gaze, it was more fervent than yesterday .

Randy looked at the three with a weird look, "So . . . why you guys became even more excited than yesterday?"

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"You don't know yet? Usually, you are the first person who is up to date to the latest information," Limera seemed surprised after hearing Randy's query .

"He was still sleeping when I barged into his tent, how could he know the latest report," Audrey rolled her eyes at Randy .

"There are 100 Mythical Grade Beasts, leading the beast horde," Evan said with his cool voice . The more he looked at the beast force, the more he became excited . Even from his voice, Randy could discern from Evan's voice was like a child who got a new toy .

Randy's eyes shone, killing 10 Mythical Beasts meant that he would get +10 Level and 3 Mythical . Also, there were 100 Mythical Beasts which meant he didn't need to compete with his friend to kill 10 Mythical Beasts .

Even though he didn't know how strong Mythical Grade Beast was . Nevertheless, he was still excited, also it meant he could get more bloodlines and stronger bloodline .

'When I get back to earth, Happy Guild will sweep away East City,'

But just as he grew more excited his future prospect, there was crimson light illuminated to the whole army from his back .

Randy looked back and stunned at the scene on his back . The crimson light was the light of a huge sword .

The sword was over 100 meters long directed to the sky and the source sword was from the top border wall . Randy narrowed his eyes, looking at the top wall, and saw there was a middle-aged man with silver hair raised his sword upward .

Randy recognized this middle-aged man, this middle-aged man was the man who led the Blazing Cloud Battalion, Grand General Elliot . Besides Grand General Elliot was Queen Cecilia while on his left was the general who was leading the Crimson Bear Battalion, Grand General Hamilton .

"Uncle Elliot makes his move," Audrey said in an excited voice as she looked at the huge crimson sword .

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The crimson light was getting brighter and brighter, after that, Grand General Elliot leaped along with the huge, but rather than leaping, it was more like flying instead . When Grand General Elliot right on the top Crimson Cloud Kingdom's army, the huge crimson descended toward the beast kingdom force .

Looking at this, Randy blurted out, "My Mythical Beast,"

The two meters Fireblade could kill many King Grade Beasts and Emperor Grade Beast, then what about the over 100 meters long sword? He was sure over half beast kingdom's force would get wiped out .

But before even the sword descended on the beast kingdom's force, it exploded in the half-way which delighted Randy . The explosion made his eyes blinded, the explosion was like a nuclear bomb .

After the explosion, there was shattering voice resonated to his ears, "Heh, my old friend Elliot, how can you lower yourself to fight against my weakling underlings . You are breaking the rule,"

After the shattering voice, there was a sound of thunder from the sky .

Rumble! Rumble!

Just as Randy's vision back, there was a huge violet lightning descended to the beast kingdom's force .


"It was Grand General Hamilton!" Audrey excited voice traveled into his ears again .

But the same as the previous huge crimson sword, it exploded in the half-way before hit the beast kingdom's force .

"Looks like our little crimson friend is in a desperate state," A gruff voice resounded .

When Randy looked up there were two huge beasts in the front of Grand General Elliot . The huge beast was flying and it was a… Dragon .

The Dragon was about 100 meters long, had wingspan 50 meters wide . The dragon in the front of General Elliot was a red dragon and in the front of Grand General Hamilton was a chrome dragon .


Randy swallowed a mouthful saliva as he looked at the two dragons .

"Kids, Go! Crush the Crimson Cloud Kingdom!" Red dragon spoke with its shattering voice .

After hearing the red dragon's command, the beast kingdom's force moved forward .

But soon there was another change in the Elingdon Plain, more precisely was 3 miles away from them . Suddenly there were many trees sprouted from the ground and made a huge forest with a lush green tree .

"This is my mom's," Audrey let out another excited voice .

Randy rooted at where he was . His eyes opened wide while his mouth is agape .

After a while, Randy said with helpless tone, "This fight is out of our league,"