Battle of Ascension - Chapter 227

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:26:09 AM

Chapter 227

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Hearing this, Randy tried to hold his laugh but could not . He was laughing aloud which shocked the five beastmen and Crimson Princess .

"Who's there?"

The five beastmen and Crimson Princess looked at the source of laughter included Crimson Princess .

Actually, she was just bullshitting while waiting for the reinforcement to come, but who knew there was someone nearby . Also, she felt familiar with the laugh .

Sure enough, 20 meters from where she was, there was a man wearing a black armor with a black slim and long sword in his right hand . Audrey's eyes lit up after looking who was coming, it was her private guard .

It was Randy who laughed behind one tree, he stealthily came over to reach 20 meters distance to use his Shadow Drive . Who knew when he reached the 20 meters distance, he heard Audrey's bold remark which made him laugh .

"Hey, my private guard has come, you guys dead for sure," Audrey exclaimed in delight . She tried to get these five beastmen's attention to Randy, but her trick bounded to fail as two Lamia and one Naga still had their eyes on her .

"Hahahaha . . . a weakling human with level 155 can kill us? Are you joking?" Visas, the lewd Naga said in disdain as he laughed at Randy, but suddenly his laugh stopped . Because Randy disappeared before him .

"Misallis, watch out!" Orphi alarmed as she noticed there was a black shadow behind Misallis .

Randy vanished from where he was and he appeared behind Misallis . He swung his darkness toward the one so-called Misallis' neck . Just as his sword almost cut Misallis' neck, there was a trident blocked the sword .


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"It is not going on your way," Naga called Poti blocked Randy's sword and said in a calm tone .

"Are you sure?" Randy smiled at Poti .

Audrey took action as soon as possible after making his move . She rushed toward Poti, thrust her spear toward Poti's back while Orphi and Arjare focused on lamia called Misallis .

Orphi and Arjare rushed forward, intending to help the cornered Visas and Misallis, but Mumu came over, preventing both to help . Even though Mumu's level was lower than both, but it was still Saint Beast after all so it was not easy for both to pass Mumu .

Even though Mumu could not kill Orphi and Arjare, but prevented them to move forward was an easy feat for it .

Meanwhile, Poti sensed the danger came from his back, he retreated . He didn't want to take a risk as he had achieved his objective to save Misallis .

Misallis also retreated after being saved by her friend, she retreated toward Arjare and Orphi which was being held back by Mumu .

In the split seconds, Crimson Princess Audrey saved from her current predicament . Randy's appearance helped her out from the five Mythical Grade Beasts encirclement .

The five beastmen gathered back, Poti could not help complain to Visas who was just standing still despite Misallis, their friend almost dead, "Hey, why are you just fucking standing there, at least we have the chance to kill one of them if you make your move too,"

"Hemp, what do you expect from Visas . He is just a disgrace to us, a coward who only has pervert thought all the time," Orphi snorted in disdain as she spoke toward Visas .

But soon, they found something amiss . Visas just stood still, passive with no response to their words . Immediately, the four beastmen looked at Visas who didn't refute and move even an inch .

The usual arrogant Visas was silent despite being ridiculed which was odd to them .

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Soon, they found something which shocked them . Visas' gaze was where Randy showed up earlier, his eyes glued there without sign moving despite Randy had moved .

Misallis had a bad feeling about this, she tried to shake Visas' body, "Hey, what's wrong with you? You make me feel creepy,"

But just as she pushed Visas' body, something shocked them happened . Visas' head slid down to the ground, rolling away to Poti's feet which were on the Visas' right while Visas' body fell to the ground .

Orphi, Misallis, Poti, and Arjare were shocked, especially for Arjare . His eyes never left from Randy's figure since Randy appeared, he only realized Randy vanished and appeared behind Misallis when he turned away to Crimson Princess after he checked Randy's level was only level 155 .

'So… when was Visas killed?'

The four beastmen shocked, confused, and at a loss . But soon, they got tense as a familiar voice traveled into their ears .

"You should not turn your eyes away from your opponent and never get distracted in the battle,"

Randy was already behind them, to be exact Randy appeared behind Poti . Randy raised his right hand up with Infernal Blade and hacked toward Poti .

Even though Randy only hacked it once, but there were three shadows of the sword in his attack . Randy was using Resonance Strike, he was testing his new skill out from his evolved Sword Master skill .


Randy's last strike, the Infernal Blade equip effect triggered, creating a flame pillar with 20 meters tall . As for Poti's fate, he got sliced into two after received Randy's Resonance Strike and its body burned by a flame pillar .

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Looking at Poti's body burned, Randy blurted out in sorrow, "My snake meat!"

After that, Randy immediately made his move, looking for Poti's heart, ignoring the fire which still consumed Poti's body .

Meanwhile, the other three beastmen backed out after Potu killed brutally by Randy who suddenly appeared behind them . Randy sudden emergence scared them out .

"You can't run!" Audrey leaped toward one of the beastmen called Misallis, slamming her spear . As for Mumu, he rushed toward the male Naga Arjare, preventing him from running away .

Orphi realized the situation had reversed, and she was in danger if she didn't run away from here, she would die for sure . Her two companions already died in the hand man with black armor and they were not these two humans match with two of her companion died .

"Misallis! Arjare! Run!" Orphi shouted to her two companions before turning away and ran away .

"Hey, Private Guard! Take the spoils later! Take care of them first, don't let them run away!" Audrey shouted toward Randy who was currently holding Poti's heart .

Randy realized one of the beastmen tried to run away . he tossed the heart on the ground and vanished from where he was before appearing 20 meters away, pursuing Orphi who was trying to run away .

Shadow Drive skill could only work in 20 meters area, so Randy could only use the tree shadow to catch up Orphi . Even so, it took only for a few seconds before he caught Orphi .

"Damn! He had Shadow Elemental Power, what a troublesome," Orphi realized Randy was behind her and she also understood why the man in black armor could kill her two companions with ease .

She also realized she could not run away from Randy, "If I can't run away then let's fight!"

Orphi turned back and thrust her spear, intending to stab Randy but only to see the dark red energy in the crescent shape shot toward her . The dark red energy in the crescent shape was Randy's skill, Sword Blade .


The dark red energy and a spear collided, creating an explosion .

After the explosion, Randy appeared behind Orphi and hacked the two Infernal Blade at Orphi who blocked his Sword Blade with ease .

But it was out of Randy expectation, Orphi already turned her head back, grinning at him . After that, Orphi took sideways to the left before flicking his spear which glowed with a green light to Randy .


The spear hit Randy's chest and blasted him over .

"I thought you were strong, but just a mediocre human with Shadow Elemental Power!" Orphi snorted in disdain .

Randy flew 20 meters over, the hit he received earlier was so strong, and he felt a few of his ribs were broken .

Randy immediately took out a rare healing potion and chugged it down at once . But just as he finished one healing potion, Orphi appeared before him, thrusting her spear on his chest .


When the spear hit Randy's chest, a hurricane emerged, and swept a hundred meters area . From the outside, it could be seen a person with a spear stabbed on the ground .