Battle of Ascension - Chapter 241

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:25:53 AM

Chapter 241
Hearing the Crimson Princess interrogation, the three Monkia unexpectedly fell silent which relieved Randy . Clearly, the three Monkia felt fearful when Crimson Princess mentioned breaking a pact between the Crimson Cloud Kingdom and The Federation of Ascension .

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Based on what the Crimson Princess said, the three Monkia were coming from the west which meant The Federation of Ascension was in the Crimson Cloud Kingdom's west side .

Randy had heard the force in the west was strong that was why a million Blazing Cloud Battalion stationed in the west . Despite having the northern border being threatened by the two beast kingdoms from Underworld Faction, King Andreas didn't have any intention to transfer the soldiers from the western border to the north despite having a million Blazing Cloud Battalion .

What did this mean? This meant the force in the west was stronger than Underworld Faction . It was clear they had a pact, but the Crimson Cloud Kingdom still stationed a million Blazing Cloud Battalion .

Even though Randy was not clear what the pact between the Crimson Cloud Kingdom and The Federation of Ascension, he could feel that if they will war if they had a chance to crush each other .

As for the three Monkia were the spies sent by The Federation of Ascension, at least it was the Randy thought .

The federation sent the three to seek information about the current situation the war between the Crimson Cloud Kingdom and Underworld Faction . As for why the three were here, it was because of Randy .

The greed aroused when they heard the dragon roar, but they didn't want to act unscrupulously by killing the four trialers which had came to help the Crimson Cloud Kingdom in the war . That was why the only wanted to bring the person who had the dragon bloodline .

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"Big Brother, lets we kill these five . No one would know if we killed all," Suddenly Kirojak's eyes turned into sharp as he stared at Crimson Princess and Randy .

Hearing Kirojak's words, Grojak who fell silent since the Crimson Princess arrival also raised his golden staff .

Apparently, they only need Mirojak's affirmation, then they would act without hesitation . But clearly, Mirojak was still in a big dilemma as he stared at the Crimson Princess, he didn't give the green light to his two younger brothers .

Hearing his younger brother's word, Mirojak felt a bit regret . Before they found the dragon roar's location, Kirojak advised killing the person who had dragon bloodline along with the surrounding people, but he rejected that idea as he afraid the Crimson Cloud Kingdom would notice their move if they made the matter became bigger .

Moreover, for the person with the dragon bloodline, it sure the Crimson Cloud Kingdom would put a person to watch them, making sure the person with dragon bloodline didn't fall into the enemy's hand .

But it was useless to regret about it now as they should solve the current predicament . As for killing Crimson Princess was out of the question . King Andreas only had two children, and he never took other women into his castle, Queen Cecilia was the only woman for King Andreas .

So… King Andreas treasured his children very much, especially the Crimson Princess . He had spoiled her even until the mischievousness of the Crimson Princess was known even in the federation .

Killing Crimson Princess was tantamount to a suicide and Mirojak didn't want to die . Also, the current situation had not escalated to the point they would break the pact, if he and his brothers tactfully retreated, then there was nothing going to happen .

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Mirojak immediately slapped Kirojak's head before putting his right on the chest and made a bow 45 degrees, "I apologize for my younger brother rudeness, Princess . I'm afraid there is a misunderstanding between us here, we come here to protect the four trialers,"

"I heard there is someone with dragon bloodline among the trialers, so we come here to protect him . It's bad if those bunch of dragons gets him, so we come here to protect the trialers . Even though there's only a small chance for the Saint Realm to evolve to the Divine realm, but we can't give them that small chance,"

Mirojak explained with a polite smile . Even though it was clear, their intention came here was to get the person who had the dragon bloodline, but if they didn't admit it openly the Crimson Princess could not accuse them by saying it was the federation side who had taken advantage of the Crimson Cloud Kingdom and broke the pact between the two forces .

Crimson Princess also knew about this, so he didn't make a further query or any interrogation which would lead to the bigger between the two forces .

Audrey nodded her head and said in a polite tone, "Then thank you for helping them, you can go now!"

Even though the way she spoke to the three Monkia was polite, but her words didn't contain any politeness to the three Monkia which infuriated Kirojak and Grojak .

But they could do nothing about it as they also knew the importance the pact between the two forces as the pact was signed under the death contract . So the first one who broke the contract would get the black lash from the pact they had signed .

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Among the three Monkia, only Mirojak who had only a calm face despite the Crimson Princess treated them like that . Afterward, the three retreated while Kirojak begrudgingly as he scanned Randy, Evan, David, and Limera before retreating along with his big brother .

It was like had had not given yet to take the dragon bloodline for himself . But he knew from now on, there was no chance for him to get the dragon bloodline again .

After the three Monkia were gone, Randy let out a sigh of relief . He saved his Luck, his friends safe and sound, but he didn't expect the three Monkia was the Crimson Cloud Kingdom's "Ally" .

But he didn't have time to think about that, he directly closed his eyes, falling into a deep slumber . He had not noticed there was someone coming after he closed his eyes .

Randy would recognize that person if he had not fallen asleep . The person was General Nicholas . He checked the surrounding, there were about nine puddles of green liquid in the surrounding, and twenty-one beast's carcasses .

General Nicholas surprised as he looked at the surrounding, he looked Audrey who had been pouting at the sleeping Randy .

She just saved him, but without saying thanks he directly slept . How come the princess could accept this treatment? But she could do nothing about it, but pouting at Randy .

General Nicholas shook his head as he looked at how the Crimson Princess behaved . He approached her and asked, "Do you help them? or the four of them confronted these thirty-two beastmens without your help?"

"Nope, it was them alone who confronted the twenty-two Mythical Beastmen," Audrey shook her head before continuing, "You are still underestimating them, I believe they have 40 percent to defeat you if they work together,"

General Nicholas only made a smirk at Crimson Princess' remark as he didn't take seriously .

"Of course they could not defeat you if you use that skill, but if you don't use that skill, I believe at them, they can defeat you," Audrey noticed General Nicholas didn't take her words seriously, that was why she kept arguing .

"Also, they have finished the sub-mission and each of them gets 3 Mythical Chests . Who knows what the surprise they will get from the Mythical Chest," Audrey added .

"Alright… alright… I won't argue against you . As the pests had gone, I will do an inspection in the forest, lest there is the Mythical Beastmen still survived . I will be back in a jiffy, protect them properly," General Nicholas waved his hand at Audrey before he vanished from Audrey's vision .

After General Nicholas went away, Crimson Princess began packing the earthlings at the same place . Afterward, she made a meal for herself . This afternoon, she had not finished her meal as the Evil Dragon was coming .

Now, it was night and her bell was rumbling . Actually, she could bring the four back to the camp with her, but she was lazy to do so . She just sat there, protecting the four, and enjoying her food .