Battle of Ascension - Chapter 290

Published at 16th of January 2019 08:24:08 AM
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Chapter 290
Randy ignored the notification and took the Territory Token from the black stele . Even it would alert Enigma, but it was the same if he took the token or not .

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If he didn't take the Territory Token, Enigma also had a suspicion of the Kururi Legion because he had killed the five Legendary Grade Undead, and there was no one could send a report anymore to Enigma .

After he took the Territory Token, Randy entered the castle . Zhen Yi and the others followed, as for Garuda's member, Randy told them to rest . Even though the battle only lasted for a few hours, but the battle against the two million Skeleton Soldiers was a huge burden for them .

Their main target for the first goal of Happy Conquest had been achieved, training Garuda's members . The second goal also had been achieved, rooting the skeleton army .

There was the third goal, to conquer Indonesia . But it was a long-term goal of Happy Conquest and as long as the Happy Ship unfinished, he could not start that goal . For now, he shall conquer Java Island first and found out the main base of The Kingdom of Enigma .

The first room in the castle was a throne hall . There was a seat with many bones on the seat back, and below the throne seat there were another four seats but smaller compared to the main seat .

The red carpet and on the back of the throne seat, there was a huge flag . In the flag, there was a picture, a crown made by a purple bone . There was no need to guess, it must be Enigma Kingdom's flag .

Randy shook his head at this throne hall, he shot a fireball on the flag before looking for another room, a normal one . On the left of the hall, there was a huge double door .

The door itself was normal except the handle, a black steel door with a bone as the handle . Randy opened the door and found out it was a dining room . A long table with a red carpet under the table and there were many candles on the top of the table .

Randy a hundred percent sure this room was a dining room . However, he found something fishy here . A skeleton castle with a dining room, but did the skeleton eat too? If yes, what do they eat?

Randy looked at Kiddo and Rougher at the back with an odd look . The two also looked back, but Randy could not discern what expression they made under that skull .

Randy shook his head and threw his useless thought back . He took the main seat, and the others followed in suit except for the two Skeleton Commanders, Kiddo and Rougher .

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Both were still standing behind him . Randy looked back and the two skeletons also looked back . But no matter how hard he tried, he could not discern their expression under that vacant look of the two skeletons .

Randy sighed before ordering the two skeletons, "You both also take a seat!"

Yes, he ordered the two skeletons . If he didn't order the two, he sure Kiddo and Rougher won't take a seat if he didn't order them to .

Sure enough, Both skeletons shook their golden skull and knelt down, "We are not worthy to sit at the same table with You, My Lord,"

Randy clicked his tongue, showing he was dissatisfied with the two, "I haven't said, that there's no need to kneel down when you talk to me? Also, when you make a pledge to become my subordinate, you are one of us,"

"Stand up and take a seat!" Randy ordered in a solemn tone .

Kiddo and Rougher looked each other . After all, they were grown up in a different environment . Randy was not used with the formality like this . However, the two skeletons were not used how their new Lord treated them, they felt it was disrespectful to Their Lord if they were sitting in the same table .

However, one thing was sure for them . It was to follow Lord's order and Randy, their new Lord ordered them to take a seat, so the two stood up, and sat at the empty seat .

"All right, let us start the meeting . Tonight we shall congratulate for ourselves as we have completed two goals of Happy Conquest . Training Garuda's members and roots skeleton army,"

How Randy measure they had successfully trained Garuda's members? It was based on their level . Garuda Guild's average level increased eight levels in the last nine days, from an average level 91 level to an average level 99 level . It was a huge leap for Garuda's guild .

Even though the level was not the only one became a determinant for one to win in a fight . However, higher level gave more stat, more stat meant they also got stronger .

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Nine days and the average level increased for eight levels . Randy considered it as a success .

"However… We haven't cleared the threat from skeleton army or The Kingdom of Enigma yet . The over two million skeleton soldiers, over three hundred King Grade Skeleton, twenty-five Emperor Grade Skeletons, and five Legendary Grade Skeletons are only a portion of the Enigma Kingdom's force,"

Randy explained the detail which had been told by Kiddo and Rougher about the Enigma Kingdom briefly .

"T-Two M-mill . . ion?" Erwin stuttered after hearing two million skeleton soldiers . He thought there were only about one hundred thousand and at max two hundred thousand skeleton soldiers .

"Yes, the total skeleton soldiers we eradicated is two million, there are another one million skeleton soldiers in the next territory, but it's not a threat anymore as they are only a soldier without the leader,"

Randy didn't dawdle around with the thing he had been completed . He scanned the people in the table and told them his purpose for tonight's meeting, "So, we have a new aim besides conquering Indonesia, it is eradicating the Enigma Kingdom,"

"But we must put a priority on eradicating the Enigma Kingdom rather than conquering Indonesia . The growth of the skeleton is terrifying, so we should prioritize them first . The skeleton evolves…"

Randy explained the scariest part of the skeleton, absorbing the skeleton from the creature they killed to evolve . He told his guild members what Kiddo and Rougher told him .

Finishing his words, Long Xinya immediately raise her hand . Randy turned his head on her, indicating she could speak .

"But we have no clue where about the Enigma Kingdom . We have no way to target them in our conquest if we can't trace them,"

As usual, Long Xinya entered her role to oppose him .

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"Aren't we have two skeletons who knows where the Enigma Kingdom located is?" Randy turned his head at Kiddo and Rougher . The others were also turning their head at the two golden skeletons .

"Do you mean them?" Long Xinya stood up and pointed her finger at Kiddo and Rougher impolitely .

Randy nodded his head .

"How could we rely on them? They could not be trusted at all . First, they are from a different race . Second, they are our enemy in the first place . Three, we just eradicate their own kind, they must harbor a grudge against us . So how could we trust them that they are telling the truth?"

"Not only that, our attack in the evening had been known and the five Legendary Grade Undead set up a trap for us . How could they know we were attacking them this evening? It must be them who betrayed us,"

"It's good the five Legendary Grade Skeletons are stupid and didn't consider our strength carefully, so we passed the precarious situation . And now you are not investigating your skeleton subordinate, but now you want to ask about the Enigma Kingdom's main base from them?"

Actually, Long Xinya wanted to continue with, "Are you fool???" but she swallowed those words back as Randy looked at her with calm and emotionless eyes, she could discern it with just one gaze .

Also, this was the first time for her to see the different side of Randy . But she knew that behind that calm and emotionless gaze contained anger . She could tell that at one glance .

She also realized that she was in the wrong . Just now, Randy said the two skeletons were one of them since the two skeletons had pledged to become his subordinate . Yet now, she was belittling her leader in the front of other people; it was the same she slapped Randy's face before his own subordinate .

She had gone too far this time . If she had said these words in the private, maybe Randy would not get angry for this . But this time, she, as the Vice Leader was disparaging her leader before their subordinate .

"I'm sorry," Long Xinya immediately admitted her mistake as she lowered her head .

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"All right, but there's no next time," Randy said in a flat tone, he was not overbearing or angry, it was flat, emotionless .

Zhen Yi could only shake her head at this .

"Maybe you still can't believe Kiddo and Rougher deep inside yours . But I have a way to ensure they are trustworthy and they won't and never betray me, so you guys don't need to worry about them,"

Randy said with his flat tone before looking at Kiddo and Rougher .

"Now you can tell us where the Enigma Kingdom's main base,"

Kiddo and Rougher looked each other . After a while, Rougher stood up and bowed at Randy .

"My Lord, we don't know the exact location, but we know the Enigma Kingdom's main base is in the north from here . Enigma divided his force into six . Five forces are exploring the sea to conquer the land and the last force is protecting the main base,"

"My force, Kururi Legion went to the south . Two forces went to the west, and the last two went to the north and east, respectively . We have our own ships and it takes 3 three days journey to reach here,"

"Not only that, we have another base actually . But we abandoned that base after we conquer this territory . It's in the north and now we use it as our dock . But based on the current situation, the undead there most likely has run away with the ship,"

Rougher recalled what he knew about their journey to locate where the Enigma Kingdom was .

However, Randy's reaction was out of Rougher and the others expectation . Randy vanished from his seat and appeared right before Rougher . He picked Rougher up and rushed out from the room .

"I suspend the meeting for five minutes!"

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