Battle of Ascension - Chapter 356

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Chapter 356
Bam! Long Xinya slammed the table and she also stood up from her seat . "Happy Guild fault!!??" Long Xinya responded instantly and her voice clearly became much louder than before . Just as she wanted to continue, Randy stopped her . Randy pulled her back to her seat and set his gaze to the middle-aged man . "Mr . unknown, I guess this is the first time for you to attend the formal meeting with the Alliance . You shall introduce yourself before you talk here . Name and guild are enough, " Randy called the middle-aged man Mr . Unknown and told him the rule he set a month ago . The middle-aged man stunned and the same as the others . However, the first batch of Alliance who had experienced this, taking as it was natural, and they kept their silence . The middle-aged man stunned then, he realized something, and he responded with a sneer, "What about the Mrs, Unknown on your side? She did not introduce herself and just speak directly, " Randy nodded his head as a response . He looked at Robert who on his side too and asked, "Do you know her?" Robert shrank and he did not expect Randy would drag him into the mess . But what he Randy asked was quite simple and easy to answer it . Also, he felt there was nothing wrong with the question itself . Robert nodded his head as he responded truthfully, "I know her . She is Long Xinya, the Happy Guild vice leader," Randy nodded his head too as a response and a smile hung on his face . He turned his head to the middle-aged man and scanned everyone on the table, then he asked: "Is there anyone who does not know the beauty on my side?" "Except this Mr . Unknown!" Randy added . No one gave a response and it was the same telling Randy they really knew Long Xinya . Of course, it was not that they did not dare to offend the Happy Guild . Everyone on the room really knew Long Xinya was and she was like a celebrity in the current era . Vice Leader of the strongest guild, The Fiery Lotus Xinya, and the holder of rank 4 in the Level Ranking . Who did not know who Long Xinya? Of course, all of them knew who she was and it could be said she was more famous than Randy . No one gave a response and it was the same they admitted they did really know Long Xinya . Randy smiled and he turned his head once again to Robert . "Do you know him?" Randy asked Robert once again . Robert looked toward the middle-aged man and he realized what Randy up to . But what he could do? He could not evade it as it was also Randy who dragged him into the mess . Robert bit the bullet and he shook his head as a response . Also, he really did not know the middle-aged man . After all, he just formed a guild and his guild had not been formed officially as they did not have the Guild Establishment Permit . Invincible Dome was a guild formed from the Australian native . They formed the guild to save their homeland as they realized the Alliance was not purely wanted to save the Canberra . It was a matter of competition to get more contribution point and reward . Because of this, Robert and the other seven people separated from the Alliance of people with no guild and formed Invincible Dome . So, this was the first time of him to experience the meeting with all guilds of East City and he only knew little of them . So, he really did not know who the middle-aged man was . The same for Randy . It was always Zhen Yi and Long Xinya who attending a meeting like this . Randy rarely attended a meeting like this and he only knew a little too . There were over a hundred people in the room . So, Randy and Robert only knew a little of them . After got Robert's answer, Randy turned his head toward the middle-aged man once again and he smiled . There was no need for Randy to continue anymore as the middle-aged man understood clearly the meaning behind Randy action . Randy was telling him, 'Everyone knows who Long Xinya is, so there is no need for her to introduce any more . But who are you? We do not know you and you have to introduce yourself before speak,' The middle-aged man face turned ugly and it face also became red from anger . Just as the middle-aged man wanted to release his anger out, someone interrupted him . Bam! It was Celiker Yavas . He slammed the table and it seemed slammed the table became a trend in the meeting . He slammed and spoke in a deep yet furious tone . "Enough! We…" However, before he could finish his words, Randy interrupted him . Randy also slammed the table as it was a trend here and spoke with a louder voice, "Yes, enough this bullshit . This meeting is just wasting our time and is there even need for us to discuss what that envoy said to us!?" "There is no need to discuss it . I will never surrender to the beast and the only way to survive is to kill them . Is the meeting really even needed to discuss this simple thing?" Randy spoke his mind out . Why would they discuss such thing and why would this middle-aged man tried to blame each other . "Except, there are some of you planned to surrender to the beast kingdom?" Randy added as he scanned every people on the room . There were a few of them dodge from his glare . Most likely, it was the people who had a thought to surrender to the beast kingdom . "If there is really someone wants to surrender to the beast kingdom, then I will kill that person directly with my own hand, " Randy continued as he imbued Dragon Roar into his voice and the expressionless face turned into the solemn . This showed how serious he was . Even though there was nothing wrong in Randy words and everyone the room could feel the threat . They felt they would really die if they surrendered and they could also feel death flashed in their heart when Randy spoke those words out . Even now, their heart was beating furiously and the people with no bloodline were having a hard time to calm down . Robert could feel the death was looming over him and his heart was beating furiously . It was only a voice, yet the voice could make this nervous and the feeling was so real . The room fell into deep silence under Randy undisguised threat . Randy was threatening them openly, but no one dared to speak or refute Randy's words . "Nah, none of you want to surrender, then the only way is to fight them . Except, there is a better solution than this, you can speak it out and we could discuss it here, but…" "If you only want to blame each other or slamming the table or venting out your anger . I guess it is better for you to take a rest as this is the only chance given by the beast for us to rest after over a whole month war, right?" "Alright then, Mr . Unknown! You claimed it was Happy Guild fault? Mind if you tell me what is our fault?" Finally, Randy turned his head back to Mr . Unknown who was still standing silly . Hearing Randy's words, the middle-aged man regained his composure but he did not directly answer . Kuhum! He let out a cough and sat back on his seat . It seemed like he regained his confidence back as he realized he could not use a hard way to confront Randy . He also ignored how Randy called him Mr . Unknown . "Yes, the defeat is because of the Happy Guild greed . The Happy Guild took a wall for yourselves and got many bloodlines from defending the north wall . It is okay if you did not want to share your loot, but at least you can sell it to us to strengthen the defense of the east and south wall . However…" The middle-aged man paused as he squinted his eyes toward Randy . "However, what you guys did? You keep the bloodline for yourself and your guild member . The beast horde who attacked us became stronger day by day while we remain the same . This is the Happy Guild fault for not sharing… oh, wait a minute, " "Even me, I will not share the bloodline if I am in your position, so I understand if you are not willing to share the bloodline with us . But you are not even selling it to us . You keep it for yourself which lead to the disastrous defeat in the south and east wall," "So what do you think? Is not this mean you and the Happy Guild is in the fault?" The middle-aged man ended his long speech with a question intended to Randy . Also, a victorious smile emerged on his face . He did not even bother to tell his name, but he believed everyone in the room would support him even though they did not know who he was . After all, all of them wanted a bloodline for their guild member and his statement could force Randy and Happy Guild to sell the bloodline to them . He believed the others would support him and took on his side for the bloodline .
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