Battle of Ascension - Chapter 40

Published at 21st of September 2018 08:03:39 AM

Chapter 40

The next morning at 5 pm

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Randy and Zhen Yi were going to go Jakarta again, but before they were going to hunt they already spoke first to Almira last night, less she would flare up again when they returning . they also saw Wisen when at the outside house .

At the lake, the place where they did their training .

The same place, the same training method, and the same result . Randy still got beaten black and blue by his wife, even though the pain and bruised only momentarily because of his high vitality . The bruised would be gone in 1 hour .

"How could you be this strong? Even though I managed to evade your attack but it still hit me," Said Randy, while smiled bitterly . He managed dodged some attack from her but the spear shaft still chased after him, it would not stop till hit him . A technique like this, he didn't believe she learn this only by experienced fighting against a beast or a monster . She must learn it from martial art master .

"Oh, I didn't tell you yet? that I learned some martial arts even before the Battle of Ascension started? It's pity I could not tell you nor teach you because my martial art is from Zhen Family, even though I don't like Zhen Family but I could not betray my family by leaked out Zhen Family martial art to outside, except . . . you married to Zhen Family and I could teach you this technique," Zhen Yi explained to Randy with a smile on her face and a melancholic tone yet a bit cold when she said about Zhen Family .

"Ah forget it, let me created my own fighting style," Randy waved his hand while replied her when he heard that involved about Zhen Family . Then he stood and said,"Let's continue the training,"

Zhen Yi smiled and took the spear shaft beside her . Afterward, she rushed toward Randy with high speed but still slower than Randy .

Randy observed her carefully . She swung her spear shaft, aimed at his head from the left side of him . He immediately raised up his sword to block the attack, just when the spear shaft almost hit his sword, the trajectory spear shaft changed . Initially it came from his left side then changed the trajectory, it came from his top, still aimed at his head .

Randy immediately rolled to the right to dodged the coming spear shaft . He took a deep breath and just when he raised his head . . . The spear shaft already arrived in the front of his face, it thrust to his forehead .

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Randy rolled to the back 4 meters after his forehead got hit by the spear shaft, but he immediately stood again and shouted,"Again,"

. . .

Meanwhile in the front of Monument, the teleportation site Jakarta city

The 5 swindlers still waiting for Randy and Zhen Yi . They didn't give despite they never see Zhen Yi coming and today they arrived at teleportation site from 6 am . What a pity, they would be disappointed again today .

"Hey, today was the fifth days we waiting here without result . Let's stop this useless thing and look for a new target," The long-haired man complained .

"Yeah, better we look for another than just waiting here with no result," The army man nodded his head .

But the mohawk man didn't agree,"You guys want to give after what we did for this 5 days?"

"Nah, it's okay . We will keep waiting here," The bald man decided .

The long-haired man and the army man fell silent after heard what bald man decided .

. . .

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Meanwhile, Randy already arrived in the front of the ruined city, the place where he was hunting yesterday . He entered through the east gate like yesterday . Today he would go deeper the ruined city to hunt more Demon Kolor Ijo .

Just he entered the ruined city, he found 2 green monsters walking out from a broken house .

Randy surprised, seeing the two green monster . He was surprised not because he saw two green monsters, because of the other green monster was female . Yes, it was female green monster thought it still wore green panties but it wore leather beast to covered the upper body .

The two Demon Kolor Ijo let off a voice "Groaar groaar" when they noticed him . The same as yesterday, they also looking carefully at him, from the head to tiptoes .

The male shook its head when it finishing scanned Randy's body while the female looked bright after it finishing scanned Randy's body . Meanwhile, Randy body trembled after they scanned his body, stared by this two greens monsters, especially the female made him uncomfortable .

The weirdest thing was not this, but what happened after they finishing scanned his body . At first, they talking to each other .

Female Demon Kolor Ijo: Groar groar groar!

Male Demon Kolor Ijo: Groar groar, groar?

Female Demon Kolor Ijo: Groar groar, groaaaarr grooor!!!

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Male Demon Kolor Ijo: Grooooaar, graaaorrr grooaarrr!

Afterward, the female Demon Kolor Ijo raised its bat and attacked the male Demon Kolor Ijo . Yes, they fight against each other .

This was the first time for him to met monsters fight each other in the front of their enemy . Of course, he didn't wait for them finished fighting .

He pulled out his sword and rushed toward the male Demon Kolor Ijo because the winning side was the male Demon Kolor Ijo . The male stronger than the female, so he decided to kill the male Demon Kolor Ijo first .

While they fighting each other, Randy slashed his sword to the male Demon Kolor Ijo neck followed by a stab at its back .

The female was shocked when it saw sword pierced the head of the male Demon Kolor Ijo, but a few seconds later it also saw a sword toward its head yet it failed to react and the sword also pierced its head .

After killed the 2 green monsters, he took a deep breath . He didn't why the monster fight each other but because of this, he managed to kill them easily . Looked at the dead body of the monster then he shook his head .

The weapon was a bat, he could not sell it even he took it . Actually, he could take the leather beast that the female Demon Kolor Ijo used to cover its upper body but it's a bit . . .

Finally, he decided not to take the leather beast and entered into the deeper part of the ruined city . He walked slowly and tried to not alarm the Demon Kolor Ijo .

The deeper part was full of broken building, the highest was about 5 floors building . After walking for 10 minutes, he didn't find any monsters .

"Maybe the monster was inside the broken building," He speculated in his mind .

Then he decided to go to inside one of the broken building, the 2 floors building . Arrived inside Randy saw a living room with a broken coach, there were even a kitchen, bathroom and even bedroom with a broken bed inside .

Human lived at this place in the past, afterward, he went to the second floor . He walked cautiously, afraid that monster living on the second floor . There were only 2 rooms on the second floor and a living room .

Randy opened the door one of room and looked at the inside room . This was a bedroom but more spacious than the bedroom on the first floor, he checked the wardrobe . Full of clothes but the clothes so messy and the clothes also damaged .

He found nothing inside and decided to check another room . Just he exited the room, the door room opposite this room opened and the Demon Kolor Ijo exited from that room .

Randy instantly pulled out his sword and rushed toward the green monster, thrust his sword to the neck then moved the sword to right, tearing the neck of the Demon Kolor Ijo .

The green monster died instantly . He was shocked because of the green monster sudden emergence, luckily his response was fast enough and killed it instantly . Afterward, he immediately checked the room where the green monster came out just now .

Empty, the room empty . He checked the room cause afraid there was another monster in the room .

Look like the monster lived in the broken building . He should change the plan to hunt the Demon Kolor Ijo if really the monster lived in the building .

Just now, he searched for the monster in the street but he didn't find any monster . It turned out the monster was inside the building, later he should looking the monster inside building not in the street .