Battle of Ascension - Chapter 46

Published at 21st of September 2018 08:03:28 AM

Chapter 46

Meanwhile, in the private room number 9

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Ryou Tokugawa smiling brightly, he was confident that the Legendary weapon already in his grasp, except the owner weapon was an idiot . There was also a smile on the face of Mitsugi Akechi and Hideki Kyou .

Even though the price was high but they didn't want to let their rival get this Legendary weapon . They also could get back the set of Legendary armor back later . Later they intended to ask the member of Eternal Shogunate to look at people who wore this armor and to catch this person .

It was like got 3 bird with 1 stone . First, he got the Legendary weapon and achieved their main purpose tonight, second if the owner wore the Legendary armor that he trade, he could trace the real owner weapon, the owner must have another good item if he/she auctioned this Legendary weapon or maybe the Superior Legendary weapon . The third, their reputation will soar by got another Legendary weapon and could attract more people to join their guild, because the main mission Eternal Shogunate was to conquer the world so basically impossible if the member Eternal Shogunate only Japanese people and wanted to conquer the world .

Of course, the one who knew about the main mission of the Eternal Shogunate was only Tokugawa clan and the 4 supporter clans, also in those clans only people who have a high position that knew about the ambition of Eternal Shogunate .

Meanwhile, in the private room number 5

The atmosphere was gloomy, Tang Ren face became even more black . Zhang Hao smile already disappeared from his face, he looked gloomy and depressed now . Only Ye Shaoyang and Long Xinya looked normal even Ye Shaoyang look like he didn't care at all .

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"Look like Eternal Shogunate will get another Legendary weapon, we lose again," Long Xinya sighed .

Hearing this, Tang Ren even became more depressed . Actually, if the Dragon Dynasty got this Legendary weapon, he confident that he would the one use this saber because of his weapon also saber and he was the second strongest after Long Tianyu that was why he became the vice leader of Dragon Dynasty despite his young age .

After 10 minutes Isa was gone, finally, he was back .

Ryou Tokugawa smiled ear to ear after he saw Isa back . Even though he didn't use a saber, but he still happy because Eternal Shogunate won the bid . But the thing had gone to the south after what Isa announced, this was different than what he planned .

"I am sorry for the mister in the private room number 9 but the owner doesn't agree and only want Gold and mister in the private room number 5, could you hear me?"

All people in the private room number 5 were shocked after what Isa said, they didn't think that the owner will not agree by the offer from the Eternal Shogunate . Zhang Hao immediately danced madly after heard what Isa, while Tang Ren stunned .

"Ugh, yes?" Long Xinya responded .

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"How much gold you can offer for this Legendary weapon?" Isa asked .

Long Xinya didn't know why the appraisal asked her but she answered honestly,"21 million Gold,"

"Hmmm, if you want to buy this weapon with 21 million, the owner will agree to sold this Legendary weapon to you," Isa explained .

"Yes, we will take this weapon with 21 million Gold,"

The one who answered was Tang Ren instead Long Xinya .

"Alright, The Legendary weapon fell into private room number 5," Isa immediately announced . Actually, Zhen Yi whispered to Isa to let the Dragon Dynasty got the Legendary weapon and didn't say to increased the price . But Isa Increased the price, the higher the price the more auction house will gain from the tax .

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The Auction became quiet, no one spoke . Even the audience outside the private room who came to watch the fun fell silent because the outcome was different from their thought . They thought the Eternal Shogunate the one will get the item .

The people from Eternal Shogunate immediately storm out from their room, if Ryou Tokugawa stayed longer maybe he will create a fuss here and would be kicked by Auction House like Long Zhemin last week . So Mitsugi Akechi and Hideki Kyou persuaded Ryou Tokugawa to back home .

Last week, Long Zhemin created a fuss and tried to kill a guest in the normal seat because he tried to compete to get an item that Long Zhemin want . But in the end, the Long Zhemin kicked out by the guard of East Auction House and the East Auction House blacklisted him .

Ryou Tokugawa anger already at the limit when Isa said that the owner Legendary weapon refused, if there was no event about Long Zhemin, maybe he would create a fuss here and became the first who get blacklisted by auction house .

Actually, Mitsugi Akechi and Hideki Kyou curious about the Mystery Box that East Auction House said, but after they saw that Ryou Tokugawa about to exploded they didn't care anymore about Mystery Box and storm out from the private room, brought Ryou Tokugawa home .

Meanwhile, in the private room number 5

The atmosphere changed now before the atmosphere was gloomy but now bright as a sunrise . Zhang Hao as the usual, always smiling on his face and expression Tang Ren became normal after they got the Legendary weapon . They decided to stay, looked what inside Mystery Box was .

"Alright, now for the last item is Mystery Box . Why we put this item in the Mystery Box? because you are the one who decided this item is a trash or a superb item," Isa explained why it was called Mystery Box and pulled the white fabric that covered the box . A black square box revealed after Isa pulled the white fabric .

Afterward, he opened the front box slowly before he revealed a vial contained red liquid . After all people saw this, they complained . Because they thought it was "Potion Strength", they boooed to Isa .

"Be quiet guys be quiet, This is not "Potion Strength" that you guys thought," Isa already guessed the reaction of the audiences will be the same as him when he first time see this vial .

"This is not "Potion Strength" but beast essence blood, by drink this blood you will get bloodline," Isa explained with a smile, showing his white teeth .

The audiences became quiet after they heard what Isa said and getting confused after because they didn't understand what bloodline meant .

"I know you guys don't know what bloodline mean . Don't worry I will explain to you guys what the advantage bloodline is . This is [Black Wildcat Essence Blood], by drink this blood you guys will gain Black Wildcat bloodline . First, every level up you will gain 6 Agility stat and the rest still the same, increasing 1 stat except the Agility . Second, you will gain 11 Skill point every level up and The third," Isa paused a bit here while the audiences stared at him earnestly . Isa satisfied when he saw the audiences listened to him earnestly and he continued,"The third, you will get an innate skill of Black Wildcat . Sorry, I cannot explain about the skill because it will become a disadvantage to the people who will get this item, but I can tell the name of the skill is Phantom and this is a Combat Skill,"