Battle of Ascension - Chapter 71

Published at 21st of September 2018 08:02:44 AM

Chapter 71

The waiter sighed in relief after the son of the owner restaurant didn't angry at him . His job was secure . But seeing the Elder Zhan Peng blocked the Zhen Yi and her husband, his heart tightened . Somehow this problem was related to him . If the problem became bigger, and the owner noticed this problem, maybe he would be fired . He could only hope that the problem would be solved and didn't get bigger .

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Zhen Yi frowned, looking at the middle age man in the front of her .

"Young miss, even though our young master like you and wanted you to become his wife but you cannot belittle the Sky Sect in the public like what you did just now," Elder Zhan Peng said in a deep tone . Even though Zhen Yi didn't intend to belittle the Sky Sect, but her words just now was like insulting the Sky Sect in the Elder Zhan Peng ears .

At first, Randy amused after hearing the word "Young Master" but after heard the next words, he frowned looking at the middle age man . He looked at the Elder Zhan Peng in displeasure . Clearly, Zhen Yi was married and even her husband not dead yet but their young master wanted to take his wife as their young master wife .

"Hello Elder, she is my wife . She will never marry your young master as long as I am alive,"

But Elder Zhan Peng didn't heed or care what Randy said, he just kept staring at his wife . Being ignored by the Elder Zhan Peng he didn't upset at all, he just shrugged his shoulder and pulled Zhen Yi .

Just when they wanted to pass by the Elder Zhan Peng, he kept blocking the way .

"Elder, you are blocking our way . Could you please step aside?" Randy said calmly .

Elder Zhan Peng didn't respond to Randy . He was so persistent, kept staring toward his wife . Randy shook his head and tried to pass by the elder in the front of him, but… The elder really looking for trouble . He kept blocking the way .

"Hey old man, could you step aside? This is my place and I could kick you out if you keep blocking the way," Randy really annoyed now . At first, he tried to be polite by calling him elder yet he didn't care at all . It was like it's natural for him, to call him an elder .

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Looking at this, the waiter felt helpless . One is a core member of the Sky Sect, the rumored the fifth strongest guild . On the other side was his boss son . He could not offend both .

He began brainstorming his brain to find a good solution to this problem . The good solution to solve the problem without him getting him in a trouble was to minimize the trouble, but… How to minimize the trouble? He could see that his boss son didn't want to make a trouble but the Elder Zhan Peng was so persistent .

Should he kick out the Elder Zhan Peng? He shook his head he didn't dare to do that .

Should he report this to his boss? Surely, he would be fired if report this to the boss . He just kicked out his boss son out of the restaurant . He was the source of the trouble .

But maybe not, if he was the one reported this there was a chance his boss overlooked his mistake . Thought here, his face became bright . First, he should apologize first to his boss then report the trouble to his boss .

Looking at the stalemate between Elder Zhan Peng and his boss son, he convinced that this was the best solution for now to him . Afterward, he immediately ran toward the main restaurant .

After hearing what Randy said, finally, the Elder Zhan Peng looked toward him . He looked at him like looking at an ant .

"You are just a beggar and you dare to talk to me like that? Do you know who am I?" Elder Zhan Peng said arrogantly .

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"You are Elder Zhan Peng, right?" Randy answered calmly . He didn't mind at all about how Elder Zhan Peng treated him .

"And you still dare to talk me like despite knowing who I am," Elder Zhan Peng looked at Randy like he was an idiot .

"Ugh!?" Randy speechless now, he didn't know how to respond the elder in the front of him . He looked at his wife which besides him . She just frowned looking at the Elder Zhan Peng but she didn't try to defend him now like before .

"Elder, I know who you are . You are Elder Zhan Peng the core member of the Sky Sect, but here is my place the Happy Guild's property not the Sky Sect's property and you are blocking my way on my place . You are the one in the wrong here elder," Randy patiently explained to the middle age man in the front of him .

"So what if this is not the Sky Sect's property? Soon this place will become the Sky Sect's property after our young master married her," Elder Zhan Peng answered smugly while pointed his finger at Zhen Yi .

"Ugh!?" Elder Zhan Peng made him speechless again . He was so confident that Zhen Yi would marry his young master despite her husband was in the front him still alive and arguing with him . By the way, who was the young master of the Sky Sect?

He looked at Zhen Yi, she also looked toward him . She shrugged her shoulder while shaking her head .

"I believe the one who bought the building is your wife and this restaurant is your wife property . You have no right to this building, so when our young master married your wife, this restaurant will become Sky Sect's property . Hmph, how could a beggar like you afford to open a restaurant?" Elder Zhan Peng snorted contemptuously .

So, their young master purpose wanted to marry his wife was because the Sky Sect wanted to seize the restaurant . Also, this elder just naively told this to the public .

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Hearing this, Zhen Yi and Randy burst out a laugh .

Looking at Zhen Yi and Randy laughing, the Elder Zhan Peng felt humiliated .

"What are you laughing for!??" Elder Zhan Peng bellowed .

"Sorry sorry elder," Randy stopped laughing . He took a deep breath and continued,

"Elder listens to me . First of all, your young master will never marry my wife . Second, this restaurant is under my mother name and the building which you stepping now is my building, under my name . So, even though somehow your young master married my wife, the restaurant will not become your Sky Sect's property . Third, I am not a beggar do you know that I am the guild leader of the Happy Guild?" Randy explained one by one and ended it with a question .

Even though Elder Zhan Peng didn't understand why the man in the front of him asked about this, he still shook his head indicating that he didn't know .

Yeah, Randy name was not famous in the East city . If someone spoke about Happy Guild, the name appeared in their mind was Zhen Yi . She was a beauty, top 10 on the Level Ranking, and the vice leader of the Happy Guild which became enemy against the Dragon Dynasty .

No one knew Randy Christian . When first time Zhen Yi appointed Randy as the guild leader, Randy's name became famous in the east city . But it was only for momentarily before people forgotten because of no one knew his appearance and there was no his name on the top 20 Level Ranking . So, over the time his name was forgotten .

"All right, let me tell you . I am the guild leader of Happy Guild, Randy Christian . Do you know how much cost to establish a guild?"

The elder nodded his head . Of course, he knew how much needed to establish a guild because he donated half of his Gold to establish the Sky Sect .

"I am the Guild Leader also I am the one who paid for the Guild Establishment permit . Do you think I am a beggar?"

"Do you think I will believe what you said?" The Elder Zhan Peng sneered .

"Nah it's your problem believe it or not, but for now I want you to step aside . But if you keep blocking my way I am going to reporting this to the guard . So, choose now, wanted a guard to kick you out or go out by yourself?" Randy shrugged his shoulder .

"You…" The Elder Zhan Peng pointed his finger at Randy . He was so furious this was the first time that nobody treated him like this . His face was red from anger but after a while, Elder Zhan Peng expression changed .

He sneered and said, "You will regret because of what you did to me now,"

After finished his words, Elder Zhan Peng walked toward the entrance door and exited the restaurant .

After just Elder Zhan Peng exited the restaurant, Almira entered and shouted, "Who dares to make a trouble for my son? I will put that person to blacklist to our restaurant so he cannot eat in my restaurant anymore,"