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Battle of the Third Reich - Volume 3 - Chapter 33

Published at 21st of October 2017 06:04:16 PM

Chapter 33

Volume 3, Chapter 33

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When the second truck tarp cover pulled down it was a large wooden crate .

But this time, besides the dark green ammunition box there was also a pile of small paper cartons . Hans first picked up one of these paper boxes and handed it to Xu Jun .

Xu Jun took the paper carton and looked at the curious pilots with a smile . “This is my second toy . I know what some of you may be thinking but do not underestimate these things . It can very well save your life when the time comes . ”

The pilots were growing increasingly curious . Staring at the small paper box in his hands . Xu Jun slowly opened the box and they could finally see what was it in .

Some of them couldn’t believe their eyes . Inside box were several small paper model airplanes .

“This… . isn’t this a model airplane? This is really a toy, isn’t it? But how can this save everyone’s lives, General?” Wolfe questioned .

Sure enough, Xu Jun gave another smile as he proudly picked up the carton of airplanes .

“Do not worry, Colonel, I will let everyone know soon enough . Again, this is the second toy I’m showing you . Indeed, this is a set of model planes . I understand that many of you don’t understand the usefulness of such things . However, that okay since I’m here to explain it to you .

Do you know what type of plane this is?”

Then the pilots started to turn their gazes to the plane in his hands .

“It’s a Hurricane, right?”

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“Yes, this was to test your fundamental knowledge . Of course, a week ago I had some troubled run-ins with these planes . But fundamentally they were nothing against the Me109’s, haha . Oh, sorry . Forgot you all are Me110 pilots . ”

Xu Jun then took another plane from the box . The pilots in the back had to stand to get a better view . Their eyes scrambling towards the new model plane . Interestingly, this new model stumped the pilots . No one had ever seen it before, causing them to retreat back and whisper to each other .

“So, do you know what kind of plane this is? No? No one recognizes it? Well, this is one of the opponents you will face at Dunkirk . The British dive bomber Suka . Now you should understand the reason that I have these models . These models are the enemy planes that you will face at Dunkirk . I’ll later give them to you so that you can identify them when fighting . ”

“General, in fact, if you just gave us three different angles of the aircraft we can easily remember it just as well . ”

“Haha, it’s good that you said that . Second Lieutenant, what is your name?”

“Hans Phillips, General . ”

“Oh, of the 54th . ”

“Yes, General . ”

“Well, Phillips, come to the front . ”

Xu Jun smiled and waved . Phillips quickly ran to the front, standing in front of Xu Jun .

“Alright . Second Lieutenant Phillips, we are going to be doing a fun experiment . ”

Xu Jun picked up another airplane model and showed it with the tail end facing Phillips .

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“What is this airplane?”

“A Hurricane, I have shot down four of these planes . If I shoot another down I could become an ace pilot . ”

“Haha, I wish you the best of luck . However, Second Lieutenant Phillips, if you really met this plane on the battlefield, you would be dead . ” Xu Jun then turned the plane horizontally to him .

“This is not a Hurricane at all . If you think that it is on the battlefield then you would be torn to shreds along with your plane . Alright, thank you, second lieutenant, you can go back to your seat . ”

Phillips looked surprised and puzzled but didn’t dare stand there like an idiot . All the other pilots became interested in the new model .

Xu Jun took the model seriously against those pilots said, “That is the downside to using the three different angles . I want my pilots to be able to recognize the enemy airplanes at any angle, in the shortest amount of time possible . If you don’t then you may price the price in blood . I have these models here so that you can be a more intuitive understanding of the enemy’s planes . Not as simple decoration or toys . ”

Looking at the grateful expressions on their faces, Xu Jun felt that the effect was indeed good .

Going on to say: “This is the biggest enemy of you fighter pilots, the new British fighter “Defiant” . Its shape is similar to the Hurricane, making it difficult to distinguish the two in the chaos of battle . Especially when looking at it from the tail . Being the fighter pilots that you are, seeing a Hurricane, the best method of attack is to follow behind it . However, the Defiant is different; once you choose to follow one you will be ripped to shreds by its four 7 . 7mm rear machine guns . Not sure what the British were thinking exactly when they came up with this strange design . Instead of forward guns, it’s armed with only rear guns . ”

“So, it has absolutely no forward fire?” A pilot asked .

“That’s right . ” Hearing this, it caused a stir among the pilots .

“Because we are quite short on time, I can only use this model to familiarize everyone with this aircraft . Each of you will receive a model . However, it will be slightly different from the one in my hand . On yours, I have marked the most vulnerable parts with red paint . If you shoot at these specific areas, you will get some satisfactory results . There is also a note in each box . It gives some specifications on the aircraft you will encounter . ”

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Hans and the other Luftwaffe soldiers started to hand out the cartons to each of the pilots . The sound of the boxed opening became frequent as they were impatient to have a look inside .

“General, with this toy we would like to express our heartfelt thanks . ” Wolfe said . Those pilots also stopped and nodded . Their hearts were truly grateful for the commander’s concern and thinking .

“No, this was just an idea of mine . ” Xu Jun waved his hand and after a brief pause said: “You should instead be thanking the intelligence officers who have collected this information for you . They have made great efforts and sacrifices so that you are better prepared against the enemy . You should also thank the German teenagers that made these models . It took only a day for the youth of Berlin to make these planes .

Rather, they were very excited to hear that they could help the heroic German pilots . Their enthusiasm and vigor was unprecedented . They spent a day to create the tens of thousands of these model planes . Our logistics staff then selected the most perfect ones from the thousands of planes . Those are the ones that you have in your hands right now . Models have also been sent to the other Luftwaffe wings .

Within these models is the children’s hope of your victory . You should be careful, cautious, and if you see the enemy, grab them by their weakness and throw them to hell . ”

Hearing those words, they felt as if their blood was boiling .

Xu Jun looked at their burning eyes with a tinge of regret . Using children to motivate these pilots, it was something that he despised doing . However, no one could argue that it was ineffective . He made a gesture to Hans . Then the men brought another craft in front of Xu Jun .

“Gentlemen, besides the models, I have another thing . As you can see, the red spots on the models, this next thing will go along nicely with that .

Xu Jun suddenly felt like he was turning into an arms dealer showing off his inventory .

The box was opened and of rows of machine gun bullets were displayed . Xu Jun picked up a bullet from the box and held it up .

“These are the bullets that you will use in the battle . They are for you to deal with the Royal Air Force, created especially for you . If the results are good then we will begin mass-production . ” Then he threw the bullet to a pilot on the first row for him to pass around .

However, the pilots were still somewhat puzzled as to what the difference was .

“This is a white phosphorus round, a kind of incendiary weapon . ” Xu Jun said with an evil grin .

“This is my special request that I made . The bullet is not armor-piercing but ordinary hardened steel . Within its core is thirty grams of white phosphorus . When it penetrates the body of the enemy planes, the bullet will collapse in on itself and the white phosphorus will ignite . Causing localized temperatures upwards of 2000 degrees, enough to melt metal . Once it starts burning it cannot be extinguished until the source is completely combusted up .

Anywhere it hits, it burns . Other than that, they are just regular machine gun bullets, that is all . Hehe . ”

The pilots looked at the cold gleam of the bullet and felt their backs run cold . They started to feel that their commander was a bit too insidious .

“Most of the British aircraft now are using a semi-hardened or even a wooden frame . The outside is covered with a thin layer of aluminum . With this bullet, a random hit will cause a fire . If there are multiple hits, then the plane will become a fireball . If it hits the fuel tank… there won’t be time for a parachute . ”

“But, General, I remember that white phosphorus was used in the last war . When I was a reconnaissance pilot, I saw the German army use it to destroy British bunkers . However, I remember that all countries signed an agreement prohibiting these shells . Wouldn’t this cause trouble? Wolfe asked .

“Haha, yes, the agreement was signed to prohibit the use of white phosphorus shells in combat . However, anything below 20mm does not constitute as a shell . There are no provisions that prohibit the use of white phosphorus bullets . Besides, rules are used to limit the losers . If I wanted to use white phosphorus shells, who can stop me anyways? The strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must .

Remember that war is cruel! There is no justice in it . In order to let my soldiers survive on the brutal battlefield, to let them fight better, I don’t care for what is or isn’t internationally allowed . I only care for what is the most effective . Of course, I will never allow my troops to use weapons that bring more suffering than necessary . In this instance, this weapon is the most suited to combat the Royal Air Force . Do you still have any more questions, Colonel Wolfe? Haha . ”

The audience however, was thinking some other thoughts . Muttering “devil” or “demon” in their hearts . Fortunately, he was still their commander or they would be willing to immediately retire . Tilling the family farm was still much better than going up against such a cunning and sinister man .

But in terms of the operational plan . they were brimming with excitement . Their attitudes of their commander shifted to that of near worship . They were convinced that this brilliant commander would lead them to the final victory .

“Haha, well, hold on now . I still need to show you the last of my toys . Although this is only a visual representation and won’t be ready for one or two days . However, I’m sure that some people will have a lot of fun with this . ”

With the gestures of Xu Jun, Hans pulled down the tarp on the last and largest truck .

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