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Published at 8th of November 2019 05:15:07 PM

Chapter 413

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Chapter 413 – Liu Yang's Enjoyable Infiltration




Liu Yang's face paled when the system messages appeared .

'Oh, no!'

The secret was out, and she was busted!

She turned around toward the exit, but Tong's injured souls had already blocked the path .

Turning around and looking at Tong's grinning face, Liu Yang was terrified .

"Well, well, well . What do we have here? Aren't you a cute little spy? Khan must have invested in you for this infiltration mission, right?"

Tong chased everyone outside of the throne room, "Excuse us . We have something to talk with this young girl alone . Hua Xin, Huang Wan, you leave too . If you have any inquiries or if you need help, don't hesitate to ask my mentor . "

Hua Xin and Huang Wan widen their eyes since it was the first time that they learned about this mentor's existence . Lu Zhi coughed and grinned at his two friends .

"Surprised? I have good students . "

Hua Xin and Huang Wan snickered, "You sly old bones! Now, I know why you never return!"

"Hahaha! Well, I actually did, but many things happened . Come, let's talk outside . "


Liu Yang was drenched in sweat, believing that her identity had been discovered . With Tong's four souls blockading the exit, she had no chance to escape .

Giving up her fate, she sighed and admitted her status, "Yes, I'm from Chanyu Khan's clan . You found me, so you can kill me . I have only a favor though, please make it painless . "

"I haven't said anything about killing you, though . "


Liu Yang was confused . Since the system messages told her that Tong tried to recruit her into his clan, her real name should have been exposed .

While Liu Yang gazed at Tong in confusion, the clueless emperor proposed her, "Well, I know that you can instantly report everything through the clan chat, so I can't let you roam free in my city . Still, it's a waste to have someone like you working for Khan . How about it, won't you work for me instead? At least, you can settle down in my inner palace with a noble title, and you won't have to risk your life wandering the land again . "

Tong misunderstood Liu Yang, believing that she was Wang Yi, one of the historical figures in this world . Moreover, she was one of the rare beauty in this world, which Tong wanted to monopolize her .  

Liu Yang was 16 this year . Because she was once an archangel with eight wings and was blessed with Athena's power, her beauty was on par with Diaochan .

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She did not know that she had already seduced him .  

Liu Yang could not comprehend why Tong was doing since she thought that her real name, "Liu Yang," should have been exposed by the system .

Then, she heard a system message by Lilim, which was sent directly into her brain .




Liu Yang understood everything . Lilim had helped her since she had no chance against Tong's power at the moment . But with a bit of Lilim's assistance, they tricked Tong that Liu Yang was Wang Yi .

'I see . I thought I would have been dead for a moment . '

The former goddess kowtowed to Tong, "Thank you for your kindness . I've currently enslaved by the Xiongnu, so I can't do much to help you . I'll do my utmost best to support the Han Empire with my body and my soul . "

With her words, she stated that she did not mind becoming Tong's concubine so that Tong would not suspect her . In this era, women's rights never existed . Unless they excelled in something, they were just tools for men .

Liu Yang pretended that she was a local girl with this era's common sense .

Tong revealed a broad smile, "Okay! For a starter, you can write down everything in your clan chat, so my subordinates and I can analyze Khan and Liu Yang's plans . But first, I have to arrange a place for you to stay and tell my wives about your coming . "



After the meeting, Tong announced to the public that he decided to take Wang Yi (Liu Yang) as his fifth concubine . With his decree, his eunuchs and servants prepared a courtyard for her .

However, as a newbie, she had to visit Tong that night to perform her duty and prove that she was compatible with the emperor's nightlife .

Liu Yang visited Tong's chamber for her first duty, but her expression was distorted .

She was once a proud successor of a goddess . For several thousand years, many gods pursued her, but she turned them all down .

Unfortunately, her pride and her purity would be taken away because of Tong and Lilim .

She fixed her expression and entered Tong's room .

"Y-Your majesty . This concubine is here to serve you . "

Tong grinned, "Come here . Relax, I'll be gentle . "

Although he said that, he instantly stripped her and pushed the former goddess on his bed . Tong also summoned his soul, which Friday had returned to him, the [Soul of Lust] .

The demon soul activated its unique power .

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Lust Curse

Since Liu Yang looked tense, Tong cursed her, so she could enjoy the activities to the fullest .

Liu Yang had not awakened her wings yet, so she was still vulnerable to all curses and system skills . As such, her eyes glowed in pink light, and her bodily sensitivity heightened .

"Ah . "

Liu Yang's body relaxed as she was in a trance .  

Tong clapped his hands, drooling as he was ogling at Liu Yang's peerless loli body .





That night, Liu Yang regretted her decision that she chose to conceive Tong's child . She also learned why Tong was so eager to take her in .

She paid a high price for this discovery . Had it been an ordinary mortal emperor, Liu Yang's pride and her virginity would have been the only things that suffered .  

Unfortunately, Tong's sexual habit had been corrupted by Diaochan and Dong Bai after they had joined the harem . His libido rose to an abnormal state, which resulted in all-night activities .

The next day, Liu Yang could not get up from the bed in the morning because of a certain lustful emperor .

After Tong had left, the powerless Liu Yang panted as she collapsed on her bed . Bodily fluid and the aftermath of the long night remained .

The lust curse had already dispersed, and she regained her sanity . However, her wild night memory lingered in her mind .

Liu Yang's body twitched and spasmed . Her eyes rolled upward, and her tongue stuck out . The mouth curved upward into a smile .

'Damn you, Zhang Tong! I won't forget this humiliation!'

Her lower body shook as the pleasant sensation ran through her entire body, which dispersed her thought .

[Your body says otherwise . It's crying for more . ], Lilim mocked her with the system message .

'Who's asking for more!? I'll kill him next time if he revisits my room!'

[But you literally said "More" many times . I counted it 35 times tonight . ]


[Unfortunately, you did it in your safe day . You'll have to do it again . You can't kill Zhang Tong yet . ]


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Liu Yang cried, but her mouth and her eyes expressed that she was looking forward to the next visit . Moreover, her lower body twitched again .



Diaochan, Dong Bai, Du Shi, and Cai Wenji also visited her in the late afternoon to introduce themselves .

When Diaochan saw Liu Yang's face, which was still suffering from the aftereffect, she frowned .

'Where have I seen this girl? I think I knew her, but at the same time, I don't . '

Diaochan also tried to probe with her clan invitation, but she also got the same message that Tong had .




'Wang Yi? Oh, I see, a historical figure . No wonder Tong took her in without our consent . Oh, well, she'll be his stress reliever, but she's a member of the other clan . Does Tong know about this?'

Diaochan decided to be direct, "Who is your lord? Sun Fang, Khan, or Pu Jing?"

Liu Yang looked at Diaochan while her hands and her legs could not stop shaking from the fear of Diaochan's intimidation . One wrong move and she would be killed .

"I-I'm from the Xiongnu . His majesty asked me to work as his double-agent spy, so here I am . "


Friday and Medusa were surprised . However, Cai Wenji and Du Shi had not learned about clan chat and the relationship between immortals yet, so they did not understand the underlying message .  

"What do you mean by double-agent spy?"

"… I was originally Xiongnu's spy, but his majesty caught me red-handed . He spared me, but I have to tell everything I know to his majesty while I feed the Xiongnu false information . "

Du Shi and Cai Wenji were impressed . However, Diaochan and Dong Bai did not like it . As this new girl could easily report everything to her lord with her clan chat and the log messages could not be inspected by anyone, they could not trust this [Wang Yi] .

Friday used her authority as Xiao Wu, who was Tong's trusted general of his Immortal Legion, to forbid Liu Yang from leaving her courtyard . Medusa also placed several maids to keep an eye on this new girl .

Cai Wenji and Du Shi also did the same since the new girl was their rival . For the sake of becoming Tong's empress, they also ordered their subordinates to join Liu Yang's courtyard as her subordinates . But in reality, these subordinates would monitor Liu Yang's every move .

With the four concubines ganging on her, Liu Yang sulked and submitted to her fate, waiting for Tong's favor at night so that she could complete her quest and get out of his inner palace .

She had yet to notice that her facial expression was lewd when she thought of Tong .




Meanwhile, Tong was in a good mood .

Believing that he had scored another historical woman, Tong was satisfied . Besides, it was more enjoyable to take the lead than being passive in bed activities . Sleeping with Diaochan and Dong Bai hurt his pride as a man because they always suppressed him, squeezed him dry .

Moreover, Liu Yang's expression in bed deserved several tags as in a certain porn website in his old world, such as [Ahegao], [Mind Break], and [Mind Control], which urged him to violate this girl more .

However, his instinct told him that he should mess up this new consort as if she was his nemesis . Although Tong did not know why he had a mixed feeling when he had sex with Liu Yang, he got addicted to her body and her reaction .  

Because of his excitement, Tong had to hide his erection during the meeting, but his eunuchs and his bodyguards behind him could see everything .

Again, they pretended that they saw nothing .

While Tong was daydreaming in the morning, looking forward to skinshipping this "Wang Yi" again, Lu Zhi brought his friends to the throne room .

"Your majesty, there is an urgent matter that requires your assistance," Lu Zhi informed Tong .

"What happened?"

"My friends, Huang Wan and Hua Xin, has been blackmailed by the Xiongnu to escort your new consort . Their family is currently in the hands of an assassin organization . Although they are in Ye City, my policemen can't make a move on them since they are protected with a thousand guards . "

"I thought we forbid private troops . How did they get inside without weapon confiscation?"

"As I said before, they are assassins, your majesty . They are carrying hidden weapons and poison pills . "

Tong turned to the two friends of his mentor, "Are you sure that they have weapons?"

Huang Wan nodded, "Yes . They usually hid their short blades in their hairband and clothes . When we came here, the sentry did not inspect their clothing and only confiscated their armor and obvious weapons . "

"Ah," Tong sighed and turned to Sima Fang and Te Langpu at the side, "A new homework to you guys . "

Both ministers cupped their fist and bowed .

"I'll look into the inspection procedure and fix it . "

"I'll fire the goddamn guards . "

Tong returned his gaze toward Lu Zhi, Huang Wan, and Hua Xin, "I'll rescue your family at once . Stay here and wait for the good news . "

Without using his imperial guards, Tong texted to Friday and Medusa, asking to borrow their souls to attack this assassin group and rescuing the hostages .

Unfortunately, the two wives were busy bullying the newcomer, Liu Yang, so they were late to respond . In the end, Tong sent his four souls to attack the group himself .

Even though his souls had not recovered from the injuries, 90% of the damages had been healed, leaving only superficial wounds on his arms and legs . Without exerting too much power, Tong could still fight .

One of Tong's four souls raided the assassin hideout on broad daylight .

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