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Published at 5th of January 2016 09:50:22 PM

Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: Massacre

The dense forest was quiet and serene . Occasionally, a few smaller beasts would leap across the forest ground, startling the birds resting in the trees .

The serene atmosphere lasted for a short while before it was suddenly disrupted by a terrible looking figure that frightened away all the birds in the trees .

Ignoring the disruption he had just caused, the distressful looking shadow scurried away . Occasionally, his terrified face would sweep a glance towards his back as though there was an ancient ferocious beast that was chasing after him .

After running for some distance, this human figure who was wearing mercenary clothes lifted his head and stared at the light just a short distance away . An uncontrolled happiness surfaced on his face . Once he escaped this irritating dense forest, he would be able to call upon his companions to save him . When that time came, he would no longer need to fear the death god that was after his life .

The mercenary’s body suddenly charged forward . He jumped and fiercely stepped onto a tree branch . Instantly, his figure shot towards the light with an explosive force . With the bright light which was almost by his side, the uncontrolled happiness on the mercenary’s face grew increasingly denser . However, a moment later, the happiness suddenly froze as the mercenary realised that a fierce suction had abruptly appeared . Not only did the suction forcefully halt his advance, it even pulled his body backwards .

A startled look covered his face . Before the mercenary could shout, a black figure flashed passed him . An enormous, breaking wind accompanied by a the sound of muted thunder smashed heavily onto his chest .

“Bang!” The deep muffled sound caused the mercenary to shut his eyes tightly as his chest sunk inwards .

The enormous force caused the mercenary’s body to fall from midair and crash painfully into the ground, scattering the soil . Along the damaged organs, fresh blood violently spurted all over the place .

His enormous pair of eyes stared intently at the human figure standing on a tree branch above him . Gradually, the eyes became white and a moment later, the mercenary’s breath was extinguished…

Staring indifferently at the mercenary whose breath was extinguished, the young man who was carrying a large black ruler and standing on the tree branch slightly tightened his hands . In a soft voice, he whispered, “The eleventh… . since you wish to take other people’s head in exchange for money, you should be mentally prepared for others to kill you . ”

The young man on the tree was Xiao Yan who had left his training area . After leaving the training area, Xiao Yan had met over ten mercenaries of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company who had come to search for him for the past two days . When dealing with these people who intended to use him to exchange for reward money, Xiao Yan did not show any mercy . During his journey, almost all the members of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company who were weaker than an eight star Dou Zhe were killed by him .

With Xiao Yan’s current strength, he could easily take the life a seven star Dou Zhe within twenty rounds should he remove the Heavy Xuan Ruler . Of course, this was only true if the seven star Dou Zhe did not possess a Dou Technique that was comparable to his . However, such a person could not be found in the entire Wolf Head Mercenary Company .

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Just yesterday, Xiao Yan had managed to learn of some information on the internal structure of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company from one of the mercenaries’ mouth . The strongest within the Wolf Head Mercenary Company was the two star Dou Shi Mu She, who was the leader of the Company . Under him was a nine star and an eight star Dou Zhe who formed the upper echelons of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company . Other than the three of them, the huge Wolf Head Mercenary Company did not possess anyone who had the strength to have a solo fight with Xiao Yan .

After throwing another gaze at the lifeless corpse, Xiao Yan’s foot stepped lightly on the tree branch . Using the force, Xiao Yan glided over to the denser parts of the forest . His soft chilling laughter gradually scattered all around him .

“Young Master Mu Li . I want to see just how many of your Wolf Head Mercenary Company will die . If you send one, I’ll kill one… the game has only just begun!”


“Bastard! Go and die!”

Within the spacious hall, Mu She angrily shouted upon hearing the news that his subordinates repeatedly brought him . In his fury, he shattered the tea cup in his hand .

Seeing the furious Mu She, all of the upper echelons of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company in the hall were silent . None of them dared to provoked him at this moment in time .

“In just a mere two days, we have lost fifteen of our important members . If this is prolonged, will there be anyone left in our Wolf Head Mercenary Company?” Mu She hissed after releasing a few ragged breaths .

Everyone was at a loss for words as they stared at each other .

“The one who did this was definitely Xiao Yan…” Mu She braced himself and said after staring at the silent hall and coughed dryly .

“Didn’t you say that his strength was about the same as yours? Why did three seven star Dou Zhes that we sent out all die to his hands?” Mu She slammed his palm on the table as he furiously demanded .

Mu Li smiled bitterly as he helplessly replied, “Three months ago, that guy was no stronger than me even after revealing his hidden strength . Otherwise, he would not have been humiliated in the cave by the men that I brought along with me . ”

“But the strength he is now displaying is definitely not weaker than that of a seven star Dou Zhe . It may even be that of an eight star Dou Zhe!” Mu She’s face turned gloomier as he thought of the different possibilities . The corner of his mouth could not help but twitch as a chilliness appeared in his voice, “Don’t tell me that the boy has actually grown so much after staying in the Magic Beast Mountain Range for only a few months?”

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Hearing this, Mu Li’s eyes twitched . Aghast filled his eyes . That guy actually managed to raise his strength by two stars in only three months? How did this bastard train? This speed… isn’t it too scary?”

“It looks like we were right . That guy is no ordinary person . ” Gradually recovering his senses from his fury, Mu She sat on his chair and tapped his finger on the table . After a brief silence, he calculatingly said, “We will temporarily withdraw our men from the Magic Beast Mountain Range . Two days later, we will divide our forces into five man teams armed with signals that can be used to indicate positions and enter the Magic Beast Mountain Range together . ”

“I want to create a net that he cannot escape from and see where he will run to!” Mu She clenched his fist as a sinister killing intent appeared on his face .

“Yes sir!”

“Oh yes, where’s He Meng? Why don’t I see him?” Mu She lowered his head slightly and swept across the hall before abruptly questioning .

“Um…” Hearing Mu She’s question, his subordinates forze . A moment later, someone finally laughed dryly, “I heard that the Third Company Leader had brought a few brothers to accompany Madam Lan of the Blue Flowers Hotel into the Magic Beast Mountain Range to hunt for Snow Foxes . ”

Mu She scolded, “All that this buckethead thinks about is women . Doesn’t he know about the predicament the Wolf Head Mercenary Company is currently in? How dare he enter the Magic Beast Mountain Range without permission . This damn idiot will sooner or later die by the hands of a woman . ”

“Company Leader . The Third Company Leader is an eight star Dou Zhe . If he were to meet Xiao Yan, he might be able to kill him along the way . ”

“With that guy’s mind, I would be satisfied if he could come back alive!” Mu She coldly snorted . He immediately waved his hands fretfully . For some reason, he felt an uncomfortable feeling within him . He Meng was different from the other company members, should he unfortunately die in Xiao Yan’s hands, the Wolf Head Mercenary Company would receive a severe blow .

“Get that guy to come and look for me once he returns . ” Leaving a sentence that was filled with thick anger, Mu She turned around and left the hall where murmurs had erupted .


A large tent was set up in the forest under the moonlight along with a couple of pale yellow flames, appearing very prominent in the darkness of the night .

Standing atop a tree and leaning against a branch, Xiao Yan lightly chewed on a piece green grass in his mouth . A faint bitter taste slowly spread throughout his mouth .

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Under the cover of the tree branches, Xiao Yan, who was standing atop a tree, had a clear view of the camp site under him . There were around fifteen mercenaries in the campsite with most of them having the strength of a five star Dou Zhe . Within the tent at the center of the campsite was an eight star Dou Zhe . He was Xiao Yan’s target . It was also said that he was the Third Company Leader of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company .

With Xiao Yan’s current strength, he had a good chance if he fought one on one against an eight star Dou Zhe . However, this was only the case in the absence of any assistants . From the looks of it, he needed to eliminate all the other mercenaries before he could kill that eight star Dou Zhe .

Xiao Yan pressed his eyebrows together as he observed the heavily guarded campsite . He did not make any moves and instead, he quietly waited for an opportunity .

……… .

A crescent moon hung high in the sky and the land was totally silent .

After waiting for awhile, a faint wind suddenly formed in the air and blew across the forest, causing the trees to rustle as it passed .

A vague smile formed on Xiao Yan’s face as he felt the wind blow . He flicked his finger lightly, prompting a bag of medicinal powder to appear in his hand . This medicinal powder was what the Little Fairy Doctor had given him when they had parted . The droziness that this powder could cause was something that Xiao Yan needed .

Xiao Yan smiled as he tossed the bag of powder around in his hand . He was about to take action when he noticed two guards from the tent were slowly heading towards him .

“Have I been discovered?”

With a frown, Xiao Yan shrunk his body into the shadows as he stared at the two guards who were closing in on him . At the same time, the Dou Qi in his body began to flow .

Just as the two mercenaries arrived at the tree beneath Xiao Yan, they abruptly stopped . The pair took a quick glance at the surroundings before relieving themselves .

Xiao Yan sighed in relief upon seeing their action . In his heart, he chided silently…

“Dammit, that chick is too flirtatious . The big bottom of hers makes me want to press her on the ground and take her . ” One of the mercenaries vented with foul words as the pair was relieving themselves .

“Lower your voice . That chick is the the Third Company Leader’s . If you dare do anything to her, the Third Company Leader would throw you out to feed the wolves . ” The other mercenary carefully reminded .

“Pifft, she’s soiled goods . I have even seen the Second Company Leader take her last time but it appears she dares not tell the Third Company Leader about this . Ha ha . ”

“Forget it, just forget it . It is better not to go around saying nonsense . Otherwise, the one who suffers will be low ranked soldiers like us . Let’s go…” After finishing, the mercenary on the left was the first to turn around . A black figure suddenly flashed in front of him . Before he had the time to react, a terrible pain erupted from his throat, following which, his consciousness became hazy .

“Let’s go . ” The other mercenary initiated before turning around . When he saw that the space behind him was empty, he became stunned . He did not have the chance to speak when a coldness was felt on his throat . After which, everything became dark around him .

Xiao Yan quietly carried the two corpses into the dense forest before climbing up to the top of the tree once again . He scanned the campsite below him and scattered the medicinal powder from his hand .

Under the cover of the night, the medicinal powder was carried by the wind and secretly floated into the campsite .

The mercenaries around the campsite slowly collapsed under the effect of the medicinal powder .

In only a moment, the large campsite became totally quiet .

Xiao Yan was silent for a moment as he stared at the quiet campsite . Finally, he jumped off the tree and walked into the campsite while wielding a sword that he had taken from one of the mercenaries .

With the sword, Xiao Yan successfully passed through a few empty tents . A moment later, he came to the center of the campsite and stood outside the largest tent .

Under the light of the fire in the tent, two bodies were tangled together .

The corner of Xiao Yan’s lips was coldly raised as he heard the groans of the two being emitted from the tent .

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