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Published at 5th of January 2016 09:48:34 PM

Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Training and Training and then Breakthrough

Only after seeing the black clothed man walked out of the lounge, satisfied with the ingredients in his hand, could Ya Fei finally relax her shoulders . Her body was cuddled-up on top of the chair, making her look like a curled-up fox . This lethargic position of hers had a peculiar charm to it .

“This dear sir… is truly daring . ” Said Ya Fei with her head stuck to the cool back of the chair .

Beside her, Gu Ni was rubbing his forehead, sighing: “Five pills of Gathering Qi Powder…It’s true that he’s a fourth tier alchemist, but still, isn’t his way of conducting business a bit grand?

Ya Fei nodded and pursed her red, small lips before proceeding to mock herself: “I thought I could last against his pressure, but who would’ve thought…”

Gu Ni laughed, replying: “If it were me in your shoes, I’m afraid I would’ve gave in by the time he mentioned the third pill . You were able to exceed my expectations and persevere until the fifth, so be proud of it . ”

“What I showed was perseverance? Upon hearing his offer, my mind blanked out and so I wasn’t able to think straight . But who would’ve thought…that he would be so forward with his request and threw in two extra pills . ” Said Ya Fei while rolling her eyes . She couldn’t refrain from laughing at the situation .

“Well facts are facts and your mind blanking out helped the Primer Auction House rake in an extra 400,000 income . ” Expressed Gu Ni while laughing after he heard her explanation .

Ya Fei used her hand to cover up her mouth, letting out a few tender laughs . As she started to get up from her chair, she sighed: “Looks like the Jia Lie Clan is in for it now . ”

Gu Ni agreed as well, nodding his head .

“But doesn’t it seem a bit suspicious? Isn’t our dear sir supposed to be a complete stranger to the Xiao Clan? Why is he helping them so much? He’s even willing to spare five pills of Qi Gathering Powder to cut off the Jia Lie Clan’s supply chain,” Ya Fei said while a hint of suspicion flashed across her eyes .

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“Who knows… Our respected alchemist sure is mysterious, isn’t he? I didn’t know that the Jia Ma Empire had a figure like him,” Said Gu Ni helplessly .

Ya Fei nodded slightly, her eyes wandering . After muttering a bit, she replied: “Looks like having a phenomenal relationship with the Xiao Clan will be a must . With these pills, I’ve increased the profits of the auction house by four-fold . Let’s see if anyone can surpass me at the next employee assessment, shall we?”

After these words were said, the ends of her red lips formed a smile . With hands behind her back, she exited the lounge while humming a song to herself .


Walking out of the auction house, Xiao Yan let out a long sigh, in a low voice he said: “Teacher, thank you very much . ”

“What’s there to thank, if the Jia Lie Clan is not stamped to the ground would you be able to concentrate when I bring you on the training journey?” Yao Lao helplessly replied .

“Hehe . ” Xiao Yan grinned, without any further words he followed his usual twisting and turning about the streets routine before taking off the black mantle in an empty corner and carefully exiting the street, heading towards the Xiao Clan .

Back at the clan, when Xiao Yan occasionally met another clan member, he could feel that their gazes were filled with even more envy . Evidently, word of what had happened in the hall today had spread amongst the clan .

Xiao Yan ignored these looks as he continued his slow journey towards his room . As he turned a corner, a girl in red suddenly appeared in a head on collision course . Thankfully Xiao Yan braked to a halt in time, successfully avoiding the awkward crash that had threatened to unfold .

“Xiao Yan ge-ge? I’ve finally found you . ” The girl in red retreated a step back and lifted her head . Her young and pure face contained its own type of charm . The combination was a bit contradictory, causing the girl to have a little more indescribable charm compared to other girls of the similar age; this kind of charm even made Xiao Yan glance a few more times .

This girl whose face was filled with joy was none other than Xiao Mei .

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Xiao Yan’s gaze swept across Xiao Mei’s pretty face . Rubbing his nose, he asked in a monotonous voice: “Is there anything?”

As she heard this somewhat unfamiliar greeting, Xiao Mei’s radiant face slightly darkened, in a low voice she answered: “Clan Leader wants Xiao Yan ge-ge to make a trip to the study room . ”

“Hmm?” Slightly startled, Xiao Yan nodded and smiled in reply: “Okay got it, thanks . ” He waved goodbye before turning towards the study room located in the front courtyard .

“Xiao Yan biao-ge, thank you for before . ” Xiao Mei softly said as she watched Xiao Yan’s straightforward and clearcut steps walking away . A flash of disappointment could be seen in her eyes as she bit her lip .

Xiao Yan paused his step as he elegantly waved towards Xiao Mei without turning, coolly replying: “No problem . ”

Staring at Xiao Yan’s retreating figure, all of a sudden, Xiao Mei gathered her courage to ask: “Xiao Yan biao-ge, will you be participating in the enrollment test for Jia Nan Academy?”

“Maybe . ” With both hands on the back of his head, Xiao Yao slowly and gradually left, leaving behind this word .

When Xiao Mei heard Xiao Yan’s reply, her overcast but pretty face finally brightened . Pinching her hands into a fist, she stood on the spot as she looked as Xiao Yan’s figure finally faded from sight before lightly and bitterly sighing and turning around to leave .


Xiao Yan strolled about in the clan before he finally arrived in front of a spacious room . Lightly knocking on the door, he slowly pushed the door open and entered .

In the room, Xiao Zhan and the three elders were discussing something but as they saw Xiao Yan enter, they closed their mouths in unison .

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“Father, you were looking for me?” With a smile on his face, Xiao Yan walked up and asked .

Xiao Zhan smiled back as he nodded his head, glancing at the three elders, he hesitated before asking in a low voice: “You should have seen that old sir right?”

“Yes . ” Xiao Yan inclined his head, naturally he knew what Xiao Zhan was referring to .

“Do you know where he came from?” Xiao Zhan muttered .

“I’ve only known him for a short time, how could I find out about his origins?” These were Xiao Yan’s heart-felt words as he really did not know exactly where Yao Lao came from .

“But I know that he is an alchemist . ” Xiao Yan smiled and added .

“Nonsense . ” Xiao Zhan rolled his eyes as he smiled whole scolding playfully .

Xiao Zhan shook his head and laughed, with an excellent mood, he continued to ask Xiao Yan a few more questions about Yao Lao . However, Xiao Yan’s muddled and silly replies meant that in the end, Xiao Zhan did not manage to find out anything .

“You little brat, I can’t even tell if you’re pretending . ” As he gazed at a seemingly completely ignorant Xiao Yan, Xiao Zhan could not help but shake his head helplessly . With a flourish of his hand, he continued to speak: “Forget it, go and continue whatever it is you were doing, if you meet that old sir in the future, try not to offend him . The future of the Xiao Clan depends on him . ”

Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders, declining to comment .

“Ermph…… Xiao Yan, your current aura seems some what…… strong . ” The First Elder stared at Xiao Yan and suddenly stuttered out .

At the First Elder’s words, Xiao Zhan was also startled, concentrating his gaze to sweep across Xiao Yan . A moment later, his mouth slowly gaped open and he let out in amazement: “You……you have made a breakthrough to Dou Zhe?”

Hearing these words, the corners of the Second and Third elder mouths pulled apart, as they stared in disbelief at the youth in front of them .

“Hic……” Xiao Yan scratched his head before innocently spreading out his hands: “I think so, I was just training and training as usual and then somehow made a breakthrough……”

The corners of Xiao Zhan’s eyes jumped, shocked at this development . He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and said: “What kind of ‘training’ was that?”

Over this period of time, Xiao Zhan had already gotten used to the miracles created by Xiao Yan . With a wave of his hand, Xiao Zhan forced a smile and said: “It’s good that you made a breakthrough, if you have some time go to the rank testing association to receive a rank badge . ”

Xiao Yan nodded, the corners of his mouth raising playfully: “Then can I leave now? Honestly, I just trained and trained and then broke through……”

“You can get going already……” Rolling his eyes, Xiao Zhan playfully scolded him . This young fellow was simply ruffling people’s feathers . Did he truly not know that when these three elders were condensing their Qi Cyclone, they failed twice in a row before becoming a Dou Zhe?

Staring at the stiff faces of the three elders, Xiao Yan grinned and broke out into laughter . Only after Xiao Zhan began scolding him again did he scurry out of the study .

Hearing the fading laughter of that youth, the three elders faces slightly loosened up . Looking at each other, they couldn’t help but laugh with faces full of bitterness .

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