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Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Xue Ni

Walking on a small street and observing the clan that had become much emptier, Xiao Yan shook his head helplessly . Today was the day that the recruitment team from Jia Nan Academy would arrive at Wu Tan City and thus almost half of the clan members had gone to watch . By now, the entrance to Wu Tan City would likely be entirely blocked by people .

“What a bunch of insane people . Did you think that they would easily let you pass the entrance examination just because you went to look?” Xiao Yan shook his head and whispered . In a relaxed manner as he headed towards the mountains . At this time everyday, he would train his Dou Technique without fail .

Although the recruitment team this time stayed in Wu Tan City, the territories that they were responsible of included other nearby cities . Thus, when Xiao Yan and his group rushed to the recruitment location on the next day and saw the seemingly never ending queue, they could not help but be stunned .

In the huge plaza, there were continuous noises and disturbances . Countless young people were struggling to head into the interior of the plaza . Were it not for the soldiers from the governor’s barracks maintaining order at the edge of the plaza, the agitated crowd would have desperately rushed in .

After staring in shock at the sea of people for a long while, Xiao Yan sighed lightly . His face was dispirited as he shook his head . From the looks of things, it seemed he could forget about passing the entrance examination today .

“Hum . There’s nothing you can do right?” Looking at Xiao Yan’s dispirited manner, Xiao Yu who was having a conversation with Xun Er behind him, immediately said in a pleased voice .

Rolling his eyes, Xiao Yan ignored her . “Does Xiao Yu biao-jie have a solution?” Seeing that the pair was about to argue, Xun Er, who was standing beside them, quickly changed the conversation topic .

“The one who is in charge of the recruitment team in Wu Tan City is my teacher . Naturally, as her favorite pupil, I have a solution . ” Xiao Yu raised her nose and laughed as she waved her hand . “Follow me . ”

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Watching Xiao Yu raise her sexy long legs and head towards the other side of the plaza, Xiao Yan looked at Xun Er and helplessly pushed his hands away . “Forget it . I will not argue with her . ”

Hearing this , Xun Er smiled and nodded as she and Xiao Yan followed Xiao Yu .

The few of them followed Xiao Yu and rounded around the huge plaza before they came to a stop at the western side, where the back of the plaza was . Here, there were fully equiped soldiers who formed two to three layers around the place . Their weapons carried a cold glint which under the hot sun, reflected the piercing rays .

Scanning the tightly guarded formation, Xiao Yu issued some orders to Xiao Yan before moving forward by herself . She took out a piece of green identification card and spoke for a long while to someone who appeared to be an officer . Only after that did she wave for Xiao Yan and his group to come over .

The middle aged officer’s cold gaze swept over Xiao Yan and his companions . Only after a while did he wave his hand and order, “Let them through!”

Upon hearing the order from the middle aged office, an ordered sound of metal rubbing against another was immediately emitted from the tight wall of armored men and slowly, a small path appeared . Xiao Yu smiled at the middle aged officer as she took back her green plate . After lifting her chin at Xiao Yan and group, she followed the middle aged officer and led the group in .

Following behind Xiao Yu, the other members from Xian Clan also entered this path . Just as they entered, the group could feel a coldness on their skin . The surrounding expressionless soldiers were emitting a scent of blood from their bodies, causing the group, who had never experienced such a formation, to feel an intense pressure that made it difficult to breath .

“These are soldiers who have survived real wars?” Xiao Yan gradually let out a breath . Xiao Yan’s extraordinary will allowed him to slowly drive out the pressure . Licking his lips, his weakened legs suddenly felt strong once more . Regardless of how you put it, with his strength as a four star Dou Zhe, he was stronger than most of the soldiers present . He might not be able to compete in terms of bloody auras, but at the very least, he would not embarrass himself for that reason .

The short, less than twenty meter distance felt like a hundred or thousand meters to the few of them . When they finally took their final step, all of them found that their palms were sweaty . .

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With her slightly pale face . Xiao Yu faced the middle aged officer and smiled bitterly: “Senior Ke, did you purposely torture us?”

“Haha, this was what Teacher Ruo Lin ordered . If you want to take the back door, it is only natural to have to go through a little test . All of you are quite good . These subordinates of mine have all hugged a corpse to sleep . If you did not have a strong inner strength, you would have been paralysed with fear halfway through . ” The middle aged officer face revealed a smile as his gaze swept across Xiao Yu and those around her . Finally seeing on the calm faces of Xun Er and Xiao Yan, astonishment filled his eyes . “It seems that Teacher Ruo Lin will be able to recruit some good students this time . ” TL: Back door means unofficial aka somewhat cheating Hugged a corpse to sleep = Seen death, and a lot of it

Waving at the middle aged officer in a less than good mood, Xiao Yu pulled Xiao Mei and Xiao Ning, whose legs had already weakened, and walked swiftly into the interior of the plaza .

Once they were in the middle of the plaza, their eyes caught sight of a large green tent . From there, Xiao Yan and the others could already see the sea of people outside . On the pathway, there were occasionally some people who had passed the entrance test and were happily heading towards the interior of the plaza .

“Yu Er!” Just as they began walking near the huge tent, a female’s laugh rang out . A red figure rushed over and happily hugged Xiao Yu . Her palms touched Xiao Yu’s waist as she jokingly said, “Have you grown fatter?” TL: Yu er – an intimate form of address . Refers to Xiao Yu .

“You lewd girl . Get off me . ” Scolding with a smile, Xiao Yu pushed the girl off . Following that, she turned around to faced Xiao Yan and the others as she made the introductions with a smile . “This is my best friend in the Jia Nan Academy . She’s called Xue Ni and is a four star Dou Zhe . ”

Hearing this, Xiao Yan and the others shifted their gaze to the lady in red . A radiant smile could be seen on her slightly pretty face and her brown hair was carelessly tied into a ponytail . She had a full blossom, a very slender waist along with a round bottom . Although she was not as pretty as Xiao Yu, her sexy devilish figure was something from every man’s dream . During the short period of introduction, Xiao Yan had realised that many of the young men who had passed the test were stealthily and obscenely gazing at the two woman .

Xiao Yu affectionately held Xue Ni . From her expression, it was obvious they enjoyed a good relationship .

“They are members of my clan . This is Xun Er, heh heh, beautiful, isn’t she? But you are not allowed to have any intentions towards her, she will not show any interest in you . This is Xiao Mei, another beauty . This is my younger brother Xiao Ning . Finally this is…” When her eyes landed on the lazy looking Xiao Yan, Xiao Yu slanted her head and pulled the ears of the girl called Xue Ni and whispered, “He’s Xiao Yan, the one whom I have mentioned to you before . ”

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At first, Xue Ni glanced at both Xun Er and Xiao Mei . Widening her eyes, she gasped, “Wow . Your clan really does have quite a number of beauties . Once they enter Jia Nan Academy, all of the males will be utterly smitten . ”

“Eh? Xiao Yan?” After a shocked gasp, Xue Ni suddenly stilled as she watched Xiao Yan with a stunned expression . “Is this the one whom you said… the cousin who remained at 3 Duan Qi? Looks quite handsome . ”

“Ah?” The corner of Xiao Yu’s mouth twitched as she ruthlessly pinched the big-mouthed woman beside her . Seeing the terrible expression on Xiao Yan’s face, she embarrassingly tried to explain, “I did not go around talking about you . It is just that these sharp ears of hers picked up what I said when I was sleep talking . ”

Raising his eyebrows, Xiao Yan curled his mouth and touched his face as he mocked: “You are thinking of me even in your dreams? Since when has our relationship been this good? Back then, all I did was touch…”

“Shut up . ” Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Xiao Yu’s face was filled with embarrassment . The sexy long legs of hers ruthlessly kicked at Xiao Yan .

Xiao Yan shifted his body smoothly to avoid it . After getting back at her, he waved his hands and stopped his teasing .

“What did you touch? It can’t be Yu Er, can it?” Xue Ni’s face was filled with curiosity as she was ruthlessly pinched by Xiao Yu .

“Yu Er, how cruel of you . You actually attacked your old friend . . ” Covering her reddened wrist, Xue Ni watched Xiao Yu with a pair of watery eyes .

“Stop fooling around . We still need to bring them to take the test . ” Xiao Yu scolded as she pushed away the living treasure, not knowing to cry or smile .

“Hehe, let’s go . Follow me . I will lead the way . ” Xue Ni changed her face and withdrew the tears from her eyes . She turned around and was about to take the first step when she tilted her head and said, “Oh, right . I forgot to tell you that Luo Bu is in this recruitment party . Moreover, on the journey here, I heard that he had risen to a four star Dou Zhe . ”

Hearing this, the smiling face of Xiao Yu’s became gloomy and she impatiently said, “Why did that irritating guy come?”

“Isn’t it because of the beautiful Xiao Yu in front of us? On the way here, he only had thoughts of you . ” Xue Ni jokingly said .

Xiao Yu clenched her teeth a couple of times . For a while, her expression changed irregularly before she suddenly turned around and stared at Xiao Yan .

“What are you looking at me for? You can forget about getting me to act intimate with you in front of that guy . I am not interested in you and have no intention of feigning interest . ” Seeing the glint in Xiao Yu’s eyes and given his intelligence, how could Xiao Yan not guess what that girl was thinking? He simply laughed coldly and ignored the angry gaze as he swaggered toward the large tent .

“Uh… Yu Er . it seems that your charm has diminished… In the face of such a good thing, the students in our school would have fought desperately for it . But that little boy actually ignored you?” Watching Xiao Yan’s back, Xue Ni said incredulously .

Tightly clenching her teeth, Xiao Yu irritably said, “ This little rascal is a freak . How can you use logic to try and understand him? Other than that vamp in the academy, have you seen anyone else who could improve from having 3 Duan Qi to being a three star Dou Zhe in just one year?”

Hearing this, Xue Ni’s mouth opened . Her cheeky expression was finally overcome by shock . She had not expected that the delicate and handsome looking young man to possess such talent . Was this still the same person as the clan’s “cripple” that Xiao Yu had told her about earlier?