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Published at 1st of January 2019 02:35:53 PM

Chapter 978

Chapter 978: Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation

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The ray of light broke through the air and arrived, appearing much like a falling star swiftly crossing the sky . Within the blink of an eye, it appeared in the sky above Tian Bei City and transformed into a somewhat skinny figure .


Tian Bei City had gradually become much dimmer and more solemn when the figure appeared . The majestic storm under the dark clouds had transformed the place into a world of water .

The storm came pouring down and landed on the buildings, emitting a clear sound as it did so . In an instant, the entire city emitted a continuous ticking sound . Although the rain had come quite suddenly, hardly anyone entered the buildings . Numerous human figures were under the storm as their somewhat heated gazes stared at the figure in the sky . Many people did not expect this young man, called Xiao Yan, to reveal himself despite clearly knowing that Tian Bei City was already an extremely dangerous place…

At this moment, quite a number of those who raised their heads felt a little respect . There was no need to talk about anything else . Just the courage of this fellow was sufficient to cause them to raise their thumbs .

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! The rain curtain seemed to have connected the sky and the earth . Suddenly, a rushing sound appeared and over a dozen figures appeared on the tall buildings . Their gazes were ice-cold as they stared at the human figure in the sky . A low and deep cry was emitted within the rain curtain, “Who are you!”

“Xiao Yan…”

The young man in the sky stood with his hands behind his back . Any raindrop that had entered a ten-foot-radius of his body was instantly turned into nothingness . Looking from a distance, it seemed as though there was an invisible wall covered him . A calm voice was also slowly emitted from the sky while all this occurred .

“By order of the Elders, kill Xiao Yan . Do it!”

The eyes of the green-clothed man at the front immediately turned cold upon hearing that name . Finally, he let out a stern cry .

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The cry had just sounded when over a dozen figures rushed over from the surrounding buildings . Their arms shook and over a dozen long silver-colored spears appeared . The spears trembled, cut through the rain curtain, and shot toward Xiao Yan while carrying a sharp wind! Seeing this, the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was lifted into a cold smile . His hands were curled slightly and a majestic jade-green flame suddenly surged out . A frighteningly high temperature vaporized the rain within a radius of hundreds of feet! The speed of the fire serpent that was created from the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame was extremely quick . With a flash, it appeared in front of those experts from the Wing Lightning Pavilion . Its hot temperature caused the members to be greatly shocked . Before they could unleash an attack, the fire serpent had approached in a lightning-like manner . Its fire tail was swung, firmly smashing everyone’s chest . Immediately, numerous muffled moans could be heard as many figures fell from the sky . They landed on the ground, held their chests, and repeatedly groaned .

An exclamation involuntarily sounded from within Tian Bei City when everyone saw Xiao Yan randomly force back over a dozen Dou Wang class experts from the Wing Lightning Pavilion . This leisurely attitude was something that even some Dou Huangs did not possess . Xiao Yan seemed to have become much stronger after having disappeared for a couple of days .

“The people from the Wind Lightning Pavilion are only this great . There is no need for these unimportant people to step forward . Three Elders, you should personally come and capture me if that is your intent . ”

Xiao Yan’s sharp eyes suddenly shot in the direction of the Han clan after randomly defeating over a dozen experts from the Wind Lightning Pavilion . His cold cry still rumbled over the entire Tian Bei City despite the heavy rain .

“You are the first member of the younger generation that the three of us have joined hands to capture ever since we have become the Elders of the northern pavilion . ” A faint voice that vaguely carried a thread of rumbling thunder slowly resounded . Immediately, the rain curtain in the sky seemed to have been torn apart by an invisible hand . Three old men stepped through the empty air as they slowly walked over .

Xiao Yan’s eyes shrank slightly when he saw the three old men stepping through the air and heading over . The aura of these people were all a little stronger than Chen Yun . From his guess, it was likely that they were all five star Dou Zong . Moreover, based on Xiao Yan’s observations of the aura of an old man with long silver-colored eyebrows, it was likely that he had reached the peak of a five star Dou Zong .

Three five star Dou Zongs had appeared in one go . Moreover, this was merely the strength of the northern pavilion . If the four pavilions were to gather, just how great would its strength be . This Wind Lightning Pavilion really did not rely on an empty reputation to become a top faction in the Central Plains .

“It is likely that the three of you are Feng, Lei, and Dian Elders, right? The Wind Lightning Pavilion really has a very high opinion of me…” Xiao Yan slowly said .

“You are naturally not some ordinary person by being able to kill Chen Yun . It is not considered overboard for the three of us to appear together . ” The old man with silver-colored eyebrows replied . His voice faintly contained a rumbling thunder . It seemed that its very nature had caused everyone to feel extremely pressurized .

“That is something that he can only blame himself . No one else should be blamed…” Xiao Yan faintly responded .

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“You possess the Three Thousand Lightning Movement and killed an Elder of our Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion . This offence cannot be forgiven . On account of you being a younger generation, we will allow you to return with us to the Wind Lightning Pavilion . The Pavilion Head might be merciful and spare your life . ” An old man with numerous lightningbolts sewn on his clothes coldly cried out .

“If I were to head there, I might really have no means of surviving…” Xiao Yan smiled as he replied .

“Why is there a need to waste our breath on this fellow . Let’s capture him first . The Pavilion Head said that anyone who kills the members of our Wind Lightning Pavilion must pay a price for it . We’ll capture him, cripple his Dou Qi, and imprison him in the Wind Lightning Tower forever . We will let others know that they should think of the consequences if they wish to touch the members of our Wind Lightning Pavilion in the future!” A dark sternness flashed in the eyes of a green-robed, old man as he spoke in a deep voice .

Xiao Yan’s face gradually became cold when he heard this old fellow’s ruthless words . Cripple one’s Dou Qi and imprison one forever . These two punishments were all so extreme that they were frightening…

Xiao Yan waved his hand and the Earth Demon Puppet appeared . Its eyes were empty as it stood beside Xiao Yan . Its gaze was dark and cold as it focused on that green-robed, old man . Xiao Yan spoke with a cold smile, “You wish to cripple my Dou Qi? I shall see whether you have the qualifications to do so!”

The expressions of the three Wind Lightning Pavilion Elders changed a little the moment the Earth Demon Puppet appeared . They nodded slightly and said, “It is indeed a Dou Zong class puppet . Even our Wind Lightning Pavilion does not possess such a treasure . It is unexpected that you own such a fortune . However, this is far from sufficient to protect your life…”

“If it isn’t enough, what about this?”

Xiao Yan’s finger gently rubbed the snow-white-colored ring as he slowly asked .

A incomparably majestic Spiritual Strength once again moved along his arm and wildly surged into Xiao Yan’s body in a flood-like manner as his voice sounded .

With the surging of the majestic Spiritual Strength, Xiao Yan’s aura had also began to wildly climb in front of the many shocked eyes at this instant .

The majestic aura swept through the sky . Even the storm had paused as a result of this . Only when Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes had transformed into an indifferent silver-color did his soaring aura finally stop .

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“Is this sufficient?”

Xiao Yan’s silver-colored eyes focused on the Feng, Lei, and Dian Elders . His calm voice appeared to have sounded from deep within his soul .

“It is indeed as Hong Tian Xiao has described . This aura of his should be around that of the peak of a seven star Dou Zong and is approaching the eight star level . Moreover, such strength is an extremely pure Spiritual Strength . It is likely that there is a powerful Spiritual Body in you . Otherwise, it is difficult for you to reach such a level by yourself . ” The old man with long eyebrows observed Xiao Yan intently while he spoke in a low and deep voice .

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed . The eyesight of this old fellow was indeed extremely sharp . He was actually able to identify the source of his strength at a glance . This old man was much more experienced compared to Chen Yun .

“This strength is indeed extremely strong . No wonder you were able to kill Chen Yun . However, you might not be able to walk out of Tian Bei City today . ” The elder with long eyebrows spoke indifferently .

“Hong Tian Xiao, we’ll leave the puppet to you . ”

“Ha ha, Elder Lei, you can rest assured that this puppet will not intervene in your battle until this big battle is over . ” A human figure rushed over from a distance before finally suspending itself in the sky . This person was Hong Tian Xiao .

Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly upon seeing this . This old fellow…

A figure suddenly flashed and appeared from within the Han clan just after Hong Tian Xiao appeared . However, the long-eyebrowed, old man’s expression turned extremely chilly when this figure had appeared . He coldly said, “Han Fei, if you dare to intervene in the battle today, the old me will guarantee that your Han clan will be destroyed!”

The figure suddenly paused when it heard this cry filled with a dark chill . Han Fei tightened his fists and revealed a struggling expression .

“Old mister Han, this is a matter between the Wind Lightning Pavilion and me . You should not intervene…” Xiao Yan’s faint laughter was slowly transmitted over while Han Fei was struggling .

“Brother Xiao Yan, it is really a joyous matter for the Han clan to befriend you!”

Han Fei inhaled a deep breath of air . He raised his head, and bowed to Xiao Yan in an unusually solemn manner before sweeping his gaze toward the three Elders from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion . He was filled with fury as he turned around and landed in the Han clan’s home .

“All members of the Wind Lightning Pavilion Northern Pavilion, listen up . Form the Heaven Lightning Prison Formation!”

The long-eyebrowed, old man’s expression gradually turned frosty after forcing Han Fei back . His cold voice resounded over the entire city!

“Yes sir!”

The cry had just sounded when numerous respectful voices were immediately emitted from all over Tian Bei City . ‘Chi La’ sounds quickly rang out and numerous lightning figures formed an eight corner shape, coincidentally surrounding Xiao Yan’s location .

The lightning glow flickered and suddenly transformed into a thunderbolt that blasted toward the sky, charging into the thick, dark clouds . An instant later, a glaring silver glow scattered down . Countless numbers of thunderbolts descended from the sky in a dense manner . They appeared just like a prison, wrapping the entire area within a thousand feet around Xiao Yan .

“Regardless of your origin, surrendering is your only option!”

A bright lightning slowly surged out of the bodies of the three Elders . Immediately, they transformed into an enormous lightning pillar that shot toward the clouds . Immediately, the surrounding dense lightning glow had become many times denser .

“Other than this, you will only die!”

The chilly cry was filled with a killing aura under the backdrop of the thunderbolt, causing one’s heart to tremble .

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