Be happy with sports - Chapter 112

Published at 4th of July 2019 11:44:39 PM
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Chapter 112
Jake could feel a sense of sadness in Clara's voice as she said it, and he could imagine why her marriage must be in a worse situation than before .

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Jake could understand why Clara's father did not show up at the company, he had 10 percent of the company just because he wanted to help open the Clara company and had to get his stake in the company .

But Jake did not think Clara's husband was not in the company either because he trusted her, it was more because he should not care about Clara's company, even Tiffany who was just the friend and also had the company to look after .

If Jake was older he would try to help Clara with his knowledge, but even now he wanted to do more harm than good to Clara .

"And you Jake, how's the situation at school? Still out of the team?"

"Yes, unfortunately, my situation also seems to be more complicated, right now the team just won the second national championship, even though the team that won these two times now goes to university the authority of the coach is greater than ever now . "

"Is that you? Planning to go to another school?"

"No, I think it would be very unfair to my friend Joseph who supported me when I went to this school . "

This time Jake did not miss that Joseph was dating after all Clara was an acquaintance of Matthew who was Joseph's grandfather if Clara told this to Matthew it was only a matter of time before Oliver knew .

"In that case, I have some news that will interest you, after we have managed to adjust everything that had to be done in the companies we are thinking of opening a small-scale few shops in Europe as well . "

"So we knew that Spain at the beginning of next month there will be a basketball tournament in Madrid, I do not know what their goal is in doing this tournament, but I thought you could try participating . "

"It will be divided by ages as it was in New York, but will only be from the age of 13, so you can join the division for 14 years, this can help at least a little in announcing the company in Spain . "

Hearing that Jake was excited, it had been more than a year since he had not played in a court with other players, only in his training in imagination training, Jake even thought of looking for some tournament to attend, but he did not have as many contacts as Clara and did not know where the tournaments were held .

Even though he knew of a tournament in Miami he would not participate, after all, he wanted something new a challenge as well, and although Jake was confident of winning from anyone at his age he could not guarantee if he were going to another country .

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"You can count on me, it's been a long time since I was looking for some tournament to attend, you brought it in at the right time . "

So Jake came home to tell the news to his mother when Eve knew this she was very happy too, she knew Jake was eager to play again .

In fact Eva was surprised that Jake had not yet decided to change schools, of course, Jake did not tell her it was due to his friend's consideration, and Jake still thought it was not time yet, even if he went to a new team, even though it happened at Jake's previous school, he would have to try to lead the team to victory in the national championship alone .

But if this situation continued for another year Jake would really have to apologize to Joseph and move to school, after all even if the Elite school could give him a place at the guaranteed university, Jake did not need to .

He had more than enough money to pay for a university now, and he could win a seat for several universities just by playing basketball .

So after a few weeks, he went to Spain again with Eva, only this time it was not the trip but rather to play basketball, Clara would arrive after a few weeks more, after all, it's almost a week to start the tournament .

So Jake stayed with his mother in the same hotel that stayed on his last trip, as Jake was already sponsored by Tiffany and Clara's companies he did not accept that they pay their expenses for this trip .

So the week passed quietly, Jake walked every day with Eva to save some more memories of Spain, Eva loved this country, and so Jake also came to like it too .

And so came the day the tournament was to begin, the format of this tournament was the same as Jake participated in New York, the games of each age range would be made in one day each and the games of the final would be made all the last day .

Jake had to admit that this was a great way to organize a tournament, so they could have as many games as possible and on the last day, the audience would be the biggest to see the final matches .

Jake had not participated in a tournament like this for some years, so he was a little excited even if today was not his day, today was the day of the games for the age of 13, Jake hoped to see high-level games in the final phase .

As Jake hoped, he could see several talented players during the games, had two players in the present that had a level similar to what David had at their age, when it arrived late in the afternoon only four players remained .

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By chance of the tournament the two players who had a level of skill near David would face in the semifinal, so Jake could say that this game would be an early final, whoever wins this game would win on the final day in the final .

The two players knew how to give shots from outside and were also good at the internal scoring, so it was an interesting game, as David also these players did not have much strength in the defense, so the game proceeded with many scored points, in the end, one of the two players slipped and the other hit a shot from outside and won the game scoring the 10 points .

The other game of the semifinal was also quite disputed, but this was because the technique of the players was bad, it was a game with many mistakes and the winner was happy with second place because he knew that he would lose in the final in a few days .

Jake returned home happy after that, after all, tomorrow would be the day he would play, Eva stayed at the hotel and did not accompany Jake to the place of the tournament, after all, Jake was the one who knew the way better in this city .

During the night Jake took longer to sleep excited .

"Fate, as I'm going to play tomorrow I want to know how my stats are after a year of training . "

[Sure here it is . ]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 14 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

[Title: High School Player]

[Position: PG, SG]

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[Height: 1 . 72 m]

[Weight: 69 kg]

[Force 25]

[Agility 26]

[Resistance 27]

[Intelligence 54]

[Luck 99]


Skills Basketball

[Ball Handling S]
[Body Control S]
[Man to Man A]
[Dribble S]
[Layup S]
[Set Shot SS]
[Block B]
[Pass SS]

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[Rebound A]
[2 Points SS]
[3 Points SS]
[Free Throw SS]
[Steal S]


Jake was surprised and happy after seeing his stats, he knew by instinct that his skill had improved a lot this past year, but he did not expect ranks of the skills to improve as well, now taking away his defensive skills all were rank S .

His physical stats were improving slowly, but Jake knew the reason was that he already had all the statistics very high, and if they kept improving so he could even reach the NBA standard in two more years .

So if Jake continued this way he would have reached the level he wanted before finishing high school, when he saw his abilities he wondered how his former teammates were, if they were already playing in the high school team now .

Jake thought that now that the two-time champion team graduated from high school, their former teammates would naturally become the starters if they had met the height requirement .

Mark and Carter are sure to have reached 1 . 76 m tall, after all, they have always been the highest of the team, David should not have arrived yet, and Harrison just as Jake should not reach that point by the end of that year .

Jake really hoped that at least for his former teammate's coach Philips could do a proper training if his teammates could reach the level of the champion team until next year shows the ability of coach Philips .

So after seeing that his solitary training year had paid off Jake can sleep more quietly .

The next day Jake woke up very early in the morning and quite excited, and even woke Eve to have breakfast to go to the tournament site .

Eva was quite happy to see Jake so excited this morning, she even thought it had been good for her son to have spent that time away from the basketball team .

Before Jake was always playing with a lot of pressure for his talent, for sponsorship, for being the captain of the team, so it seemed that Jake did not have much fun playing, it was as if he just did an obligation .

But after spending that time without playing Jake seems to have regained his love for basketball, if Jake really wanted him he would not have to play any more high school and would still be in a university, but Jake was looking for every kind of solution to be able to come back to play, it shows your love for the sport .

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