Be happy with sports - Chapter 148

Published at 4th of July 2019 11:44:03 PM
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Chapter 148
After that beautiful move, the cheer cheered again, from the beginning everyone cheered a lot for the Elite team since Jake's plays, Mark was happy to be able to complete the play, after all, they had little training in this training .

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But as Jake passed the ball with great precision to him and it became easier, after that point the team of Cats began to discourage, yet they fought until the last minute .

Jake managed to make the Triple Double and over 40 points in that game, Mark also had a great performance, the Cats side Liam also had a great performance but Coach Mike was not satisfied with his players .

After the game, Jake went home to tell his mother about the victory, but the rest of the team stayed behind to hear a scolding from the coach, after all neither Jake nor the coach wanted to see a performance similar to the Middle School final in other games .

Maybe if Mark and Harrison had not played so well they would be eliminated again, after all in high school it was normal for teams like the Cats that had great players like Liam and so Jake could not save the team again .

After dinner with his mother at home Jake went to the bedroom to rest, today was a tricky game, but also it was a very good game to play, after today he realized that he would have more competition to win the national championship .

Jake could tell that Carter had not played as well as he usually did, and David was also bad at the game, but that does not mean that the Cats' team was weak, Liam was a very good player and even Fred did work for the defense .

That reminded Jake that these were the best players in the national championship, and they still had 3 games for the Elite team to be able to win the national championship, which means that the next opponents are likely to be the toughest .

"Fate, show my statistics . "

[Here it is . ]


[Name: Jake Smith]

[Age: 16 years]

[Job: Basketball Player]

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[Title: High School Player]

[Position: PG, SG]

[Height: 1 . 86 m]

[Weight: 82 Kg]

[Force 30]

[Agility 30]

[Resistance 32]

[Intelligence 58]

[Luck 99]


Skills Basketball

[Ball Handling SS]
[Body Control S]
[Man to Man S]

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[Dribble SS]
[Layup S]
[Set Shot SS]
[Block S]
[Pass SS]
[Rebound S]
[2 Points SS]
[3 Points SS]
[Free Throw SS]
[Steal SS]
[Dunk A]


So Jake could see that many statistics had increased a bit in those months that he did not look at his stats, that was to be expected because Jake trained whenever he could on the treadmill and his strength training as well .

His abilities did not increase much, but this was to be expected and even if he increased he would not know how the system said when he passes SS rank continues to improve, but Jake could not know until he reached the next level .

As for what would be the next level Jake was not yet decided, he would wait until next year if his skills increased so much he could try to get into the NBA if they did not increase much he would go to university to have a few more years to prepare .

Jake was thinking that his ability as a PG had something to improve even before joining the NBA, after all, Jake's dream was to win an NBA championship and not just be an ordinary player there . So he would have to be very good if he wanted to win against the various MVPs they had there .

After a few days that Jake was preparing for the next game in the national championship, he spent time in the break of classes with Joseph, they were as always, but Joseph was thinking that something was strange .

At dinner they did a few days before Jake's trip for the holidays they were fine, Jake had even talked about talking to Jenny's parents about dating, that means things were getting serious between them .

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But after a few months he heard about Liza that Jake had broken up with Jenny, even though Liza had not said why and tried to say it was Jake's fault, Joseph was no child to believe in his girlfriend's lies .

But when even Jake had said that there had been nothing and that he just wanted to forget and not be bothered by Liza he did not understand, so now that Jake had gone through a more difficult game for what he heard from Liza and missing a few games for the final it was time for him to talk to Jake .

"Jake, I've been thinking about this for a few weeks now, so I want you to tell me the truth, which was the reason you broke up with Jenny . "

Jake who was thinking about basketball and eating distracted was taken by surprise by this sudden question from Joseph, he thought that this matter had already been closed, but it seemed that Joseph had not forgotten .

"It was nothing important, forget about it, Joseph . "

"Tell me, I'm your friend, I was involved in this too, I deserve to know . "

"Okay then, the reason we ended up was that we thought about different things for our future, I wanted a serious relationship and talk to her parents, but Jenny just wanted a casual relationship and wait to see what happened . "

So Jake said only part of the real motive, it was true that if Jake did not care that Jenny's parents did not approve of this relationship and if Jake wanted to just be with someone, they would not have ended that relationship .

But Jake did not want to have a false relationship, he wanted a true relationship that had a future and that the two really liked, and Jake could not bear the fact that this relationship was not forward if he did not get rich in the future, it seemed more business what a relationship .

Joseph saw that Jake was telling the truth and did not understand why this had happened, even though their relationship was not serious now if they liked it could become serious in the future .

But seeing that Jake was speaking the truth and matched a little with what Jenny said, he did not ask any more, Joseph saw that Jake had been a little annoyed with him getting involved too much and decided to talk about basketball to change the subject .

"Do you think your team can win this year's national championship?"

"I think so, I can not be sure because I do not know if a stronger team can appear . "

"But Liza told me that some players on her team played badly in the last game, and if it was not for you and Mark the team would have lost . "

"It was not really like that either, it's true that David played badly, but Carter was fine, he never shows up much in the attack anyway, it happened that we had a very strong opponent in that game, so even if he played well in defense the result did not would change a lot . "

"As for David he is a lot better than a few years ago psychologically, he happened to play poorly in this game, but he knew he was bad in the game and that happens, I just hope that it does not happen in the next games . "

Jake was not too worried about his teammates, he had a lot of confidence in them, but he was really worried as if the next opponents would have a player like Liam, that would be the most worrisome .

After arriving home Jake thought about what he could do to improve until the next game, he thought that maybe the key was really in the defense, in the attack he could solve somehow making individual plays .

And it was impossible for all four of his teammates to play badly in the next game so he would have someone to pass the ball but in defense, if another player like Liam appeared he could not count on his teammates to stop that player .

If even Carter could do nothing, the others had no hope, so Jake sat on his bed and began training in the space of his imagery training, his opponent and teammates were all six feet high .

Jake chose this time for everyone because he was only a few inches taller than his, and so he would feel a greater challenge, as everyone had his skill in the S rank, after all, it was more or less Jake's overall rank .

Jake knew that it was not possible to compare a real skill player to the player that was generated by the system even if that player had the abilities all rank S, Liam, for example, he certainly did not have all his S rank maximum he had 3 of the skills .

But Liam could easily beat the system players on a 1-on-1 basis, this was because people thought differently from machines that only had one pattern, but these system players were now all Jake needed .

After all, he would now train in a position different from the one he usually plays, so Jake went to his position as C and started the game, even if it was not the position he was accustomed to . Jake had a lot of experience in basketball in general and learned a few things with Mark in those weeks and even with Liam in this game .

In the jump to gain possession of ball Jake let his team's PF was to compete so the opposing team was the first with the ball, Jake stayed in his position near the bottom of the court and defending against the opposing Center .

Soon Jake realized that it was more difficult than he thought, besides looking at the PG of the opposing team that was with the ball he had to pay attention in his positioning to get a possible rebound and also in the opponent center .

It was much harder to play than PG in the defense, the first ball the opponents PG passed to the opposing SG that shot the outside, Jake prepared for the rebound, but the ball entered the 3 points of the opponent .

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