Be happy with sports - Chapter 87

Published at 4th of July 2019 11:45:03 PM
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Chapter 87
Seeing that after finding a good subject to talk while dancing Jake did not want to hear Tiffany became more irritated .

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"Come on you do not have to be so annoying like that, it took me so long to think of a subject to talk to you . "

It seemed that Tiffany really wanted to talk about it, she was Clara's friend after all, and she also seemed to be quite upset about this, so Jake had to listen to this while secretly thinking he would never tell her a secret .

"Well then, it happened that that lord Clara said was his father, had at a young age a great friendship with the father of Clara's husband, Clara's father's name is Stefan and her husband's name is Robert . "

"So Stefan decided that he would marry his daughter in the future with Robert, in fact as Clara was always very obedient to his father she accepted this marriage well . "

"The problem was that Robert always had a bad and rebellious personality, and so even though Clara was beautiful and a gentle wife Robert did not want to marry her at all . "

"But in the end, as Robert's father was starting to get old and also getting sick, Robert eventually decided to accept his father's request and marry Clara . "

At first, Jake thought that this story seemed a little with the movies, but it turned out that it was a little different, the man who did not want the marriage was the man and not the woman .

"But even Robert having agreed to marry Clara, he was never a real husband to her, Robert never accepted Clara in his heart . "

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"Clara has always been a woman with the most modern thinking and thought that in the future her husband would accept her in his heart and they would have a family as they should . "

"Even so, she's not a woman who agrees to stay indoors, so she did a university and that's where we became friends . "

"While at university, Clara had an idea of ​​making a sporting goods company for the younger ones, and after a while she saw that the idea could work out and started . "

"She managed to create the whole business plan and then just needed the investment, Stefan who was feeling guilty for having almost forced her to marry a bad husband and knowing that his company would be passed on to Clara's brother . "

"It gave part of the money that would be his inheritance to Clara to be able to invest in its company and soon entered with another part in its name even as an investor, thus Clara had the greater part of the actions and its father had another . "

"Afterwards Robert's father gave the money to his son also to get invested because he also felt guilty that his son was being bad to her and felt that with his son investing their relationship would be closer . "

"As I still lacked a large part of the investment, I decided to invest a part of my money in the company and so she got the most needed and left the rest to the stock market to complete what was needed before I could start working . "

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"I was thrilled with the idea of ​​Clara and also opened my company, but in my company, I invested alone and the rest I raised in the stock market . "

"After me and Clara continued to work a lot after a few years our companies were doing very well and worth a lot more than we invested . "

"It was for this to be a beautiful story, but it did not end there, Robert was always a very proud man and had an inferiority complex with his smaller Sande family company than the Clara family company, that was one of the reasons of him not to accept the marriage . "

"And it got even worse when the company he saw his wife start from scratch went on to make so much success while he did nothing, he was feeling inferior and envious . "

"Now her attitude toward Clara is even worse, especially since her father has become even sicker, it seems Robert now sees no reason to remain married to Clara . "

While dancing with Tiffany, Jake listened to the whole situation in silence, it seemed that the situation was more complicated than he thought before, and how he thought he knew the situation made him feel involved in it somehow .

With what he could hear of this situation the conclusion he could draw in the end was that Robert was a proud man, narrow-minded and also that he can not see good things happen .

If he did not want to marry Clara because he did not find a loveless marriage or because he loved someone else, Jake could understand, but only because he did not want to and why he did not think his wife had more money than he could, Jake could not understand .

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"And it seems that he also betrays Clara with other women is what they say out there since it is not proven that Robert is having an affair, Clara prefers not to believe . "

So the situation was even worse if this was the case, and so Jake also began to understand the possible reason why he had not seen the name of Clara's company in the future because this was not only a problem if a couple but a problem of members as well .

But unlike the case of Matthew who did not know that his company was in danger of failing to change the technology, Clara should know very well that if her husband was in the way of doing business, then Jake could not give advice to them .

And Jake also had no way of helping now, maybe he had in the future, as long as Clara's company did not fail or was sold on the basis of the factories and the slabs they could rebound .

After that, Jake returned to his mother and a few hours later the party ended and everyone went home .

In a few days school holidays began, unlike the public schools the Elite school gave more time for students to rest more on their vacation, so Jake who did not have to worry about returning before his birthday began to organize his trip .

This year Jake would still follow his journey from his past life, he would now go to France which was the second language he learned and also the country he most enjoyed traveling to, the cuisine there was incredible and the landscape as well .

So he also wanted to make this trip with his mother if it was possible, Jake knew that Eva just as he was a lover of French cinema, although not very popular has the most interesting stories of romance and also of past centuries .

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So he did the same routine as before, he called the same travel agency he used last year on his trip to Spain and said again to mark two passages for him and his mother, speaking the names of hotels and cities where he would pass .

This travel agency was very fond of working with Jake, after all, Jake did almost all the work for them and the agency used sometimes the same script that Jake organized for Spain and the clients were very satisfied, now the agency had a new script for France .

A few days later Jake and Eva took the plane to France, they were going to be first in Nice and to finish the trip in Paris, they began the trip knowing the beautiful beaches that were known around the world near the Côte D'Azur .

It was really a very beautiful place and was also different from the beauties of Miami beaches, then they went to some restaurants to try the local food .

The next day they took the train to Monaco which was a must-stop on a journey through Europe in Jake's vision, arriving they went to many places like the Church of Sainte-Dévote which was one of the most beautiful in Europe .

Then they went to Place du Casino where they found the Monte Carlo Casino which although they could not enter because of Jake's age was a beautiful place to take pictures and keep a souvenir of the trip .

After they went to Port Hercule to see the hundreds of yachts staying in this place, it was looking at this scenario in their past life that Jake felt the desire to have a yacht for him, and still had that dream in this life .

Then on the other day, they went to Carcassonne by train to see the city which could make people think they returned to medieval times, it even gives them a view of the ramparts around the city .

In this town after they went to Château Comtal to visit and be able to walk through the long city walls, they then ate the famous cassoulet plate to end the visit to the city .

Afterward, they went to Grenoble to visit the city and then visit the French Alps, a beautiful place, for Jake was at least since he loved snow, and so they stayed a few days to spend Christmas and the end of the year there .

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