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Be My Strength

Be My Strength
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She was a brash child, but she was kind and brave, and most of all, she was always full of confidence. No matter what happened, she had the confidence that she would be able to solve it. However, when she was in high school, Kara Zhen Kai Xin's life drastically changed because of a miscalculation. She had trusted the wrong people. 

Filled with despair, rage, and fear, she became suicidal. However, she forced herself to live on with only one thing in her mind : Revenge. 

Along the way, she met with people who would be her friends, her comrades, her teachers...and her lovers. With their help, she was one step closer to her goal. 

President Du XiAn of the Du Corporation, an international conglomerate, chanced upon her while he was escaping the woman his mother forced him to go out with. With just one glance, he was unable to forget her. For years, he would search for her all over the world. Yet, fate had it that she was in the same city as he. When she rejected his advances, he proposed to a relationship that was based on contract. Basically, he would be her sugar daddy. He wanted her in any way he could even if it meant he can only have her body. The moment he realized that she was not just an infatuation, and that he had fallen helplessly in love with her, he can no longer accept the fact that she might not be in his life. 

With his help, would Kai Xin be able to exact her revenge or would she lose what she holds dear in her quest for vengeance? 


Note from Author : 

The story would be moving slowly at first as I would be focusing on building up the world and the backstory. However, everything would eventually be linked together.

Do take note that the story is PG18+ and there might be scenes that would be uncomfortable for some. 

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