Beast God - Chapter 74

Published at 14th of August 2019 01:40:07 AM
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Chapter 74

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Shock filled the demons face but it quickly went away and replaced by a cold expression . "Is this a threat?" the old demon asked coldly .

Ben chuckled and shook his head slowly . "No . I am showing you that I am powerful . Arrogant or not, this is the truth . " Ben walked over and placed his hand on Ava . "I can protect you, I can make you and your people stronger . If you can't see past your hatred to see that then we have nothing more to discuss . "

The old demon didn't say anything but his face looked to be in conflict . After a few seconds he turned and talked to his 10 warrior's behind him . Ben could see that some of them were arguing against others while others were remaining quiet, only inputting a word or two when asked .

Finally the old demon walked back towards Ben . "We must discuss this further with our tribe . "

Ben nodded his head . "We will be here until tomorrow . After that, this city and the citizens will disappear . "

The old demon nodded his head and left with his soldiers . Ben and his generals left the gate and started organizing the citizens . He sent Lance and James back to prepare the huge influx of people coming to their city . He also gave James orders to prepare a large compound for the Demons hoping for the best . Ben, Lilith and Deke organized the citizens and prepared them to move . Majority of the soldiers were not thrilled about it but they kept their actions in check .

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The next day came quickly as Ben waited for the demons at the north gate . Soon he saw a large group of demons walking toward the city . Over 300 demon could be seen, even some children could be seen . The old demon leader from yesterday was seen at the front with an older lady with white hair standing next to him .

"We have decided to join your human city . We voted and though it was a close, it was decided to join you . " the old demon spoke .

"Tell me human, will you protect us like you promised?" the white haired lady asked .

Ben found her eyes mesmerizing and felt a strange feeling creeping along his body .
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'Soul Gaze, the ability to see someone's motives and to see if they are telling the truth . ' Ava told him .

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Ben looked at her before smiling . "Interesting skill you have . Yes, I will treat you and your people the same as humans . "

She looked stunned but quickly regained her calm and gave a slight nod towards the old demon .

"No use of standing here . Come into the city and we will introduce you to your new home . " Ben said, turning around and walking back into the city .

The demons followed him in and Ben finally hit yes on the system . Soon everyone started to feel weightless before disappearing . As quickly as the feeling happened, it disappeared and they appeared back in City 01 .

Ben turned towards the thousands of people behind him and yelled, "Welcome to City 01!"

The next few hours were busy with finding everyone a place to stay and giving them proper food . They were told they could start finding jobs tomorrow . Ben himself guided the demons to their new home . James choose a large compound near the dwarves .

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"Though this is your compound it doesn't mean you have to live here . We just thought you would want to stay together for awhile . " Ben explained, showing them the beautiful compound . "The dwarves are next door if you want to talk to them . They make most of our weapons and are very friendly but they like to drink so be careful . "

The old demon smiled hearing that, he looked impressed with their living situation . Ben let them settle in and headed back towards the City Lord's mansion . Seeing his parents and Cloey he felt relaxed and happy . They had supper together before turning in for the night . Waking up, Ben flew to the city wall and saw groups of soldiers heading out to hunt and train . He then went over to the dwarves compound and met with Hal .

"Ben my boy! You haven't visited a long time!" Hal said joyfully .

"I have been busy Hal . " Ben smirked .

"So I have heard . Saving the world and what not . Doesn't mean you can't stop in for a drink once in a while . " Hal shot him a look .

"I told you I won't drink with you ever again . " Ben's face went dark at the memory of the hangover he had .

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"They all say that!" Hal chuckled .

"A tribe of demons have joined the city . I would like you to show them around . They hate humans and I am trying to gain their trust . " Ben started to explain .

"And you want me to show them that you are different?" Hal said with an amused smile .

"If it wouldn't be too much of a bother . " Ben let out a small laugh .

"Don't worry, I will do my best . Demons hatred for humans runs very deep and it will take a lot to change . " Hal looked at Ben, "But you might be able to do it . "

"Then I will thank you in advance . I acquired some good alcohol from the last city, I will send it over . "

Hal let out a loud laugh and slapped Ben's back . "Now you are talking!"