Beast God - Chapter 75

Published at 14th of August 2019 01:40:05 AM
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Chapter 75: 75

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Ben had a few drinks with Hall but quickly left after Hal brought out a barrel . He left for the wall of his city and stared out, wondering what was going to come next . No other cities had asked for help so far so he decided on focusing on strengthening his own .

"Deke how are the citizens levels?" Ben sent his thoughts into a communication jade .

"Around Lvl . 50 City Lord . " a reply quickly came .

Ben's face darkened at that, it was too weak . 'It seems I have been busy and haven't enforced the leveling law recently . '

Ben decided to call his generals tomorrow, due to the fact that everyone was busy with the arrival of City 12's citizens .

Hal walked over to the Demon Clans compound and was stopped by the guards .

"Tell you leader I would like to speak to him . " Hal said, bringing out a flask and taking a swing of it .

A little while later the old demon came out with two guards . "Leader of the dwarves, what can I do for you?"

"I am the leader of Iron Mountain tribe, Hal Stronghammer . Do you want to take a walk around the city with me?"

The old demon looked at him curiously, "I am Hak'em, leader of the Dark Runner clan . "

"Well Hak you want to join me?"

"The human sent you didn't he?" Hak'em asked .

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"Yes, Ben sent me to lesson your hate for humans . " Hal said with a smile, not hiding anything .

"I joined his city to protect my clan, not to forgive humans . "

"That may be but you will be living and fighting alongside them . So I suggest you at least try . " Hal said, "Plus you must be able to tell that Ben is different . "

Hak slowly nodded his head . "Well I will join you . "

"Leader, I must insist you allow one of us to join you . " the guard said .

Hak nodded his head, "Just one . Let's go . "

Hal smiled before turning around, leaving the compound . Hal guided the old demon through the city, showing him the market and weapons shops .

"These humans truly don't seem to hate us . " Hak said . Though he got a couple weird looks a couple times, they never sneered or cussed at him . A couple even gave him a smile, shocking him .

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"If they did the City Lord would beat them . " Hal laughed, "Demon, human, man, woman, it doesn't matter to him . As long as you are strong and can help his city, he accepts everyone . "

Hak didn't respond and watched the humans shop and interact . It was different from what he was used to . Demons and humans were always at war, fighting for the sake of fighting . His clan was a weak demon clan that was forced on the front lines as cannon fodder . He watched humans slaughter his people and his hate grew with every battle . Finally his captured and sold into slavery, ending up on the tiny planet to fight for his life .

"He is a weird human . " Hak said simply .

Hal nodded his head, his eyes growing serious . "Humans follow the strong . If the leader is a tyrant then his people will act the same . Ben doesn't hesitate to kill other humans if they are evil . He even treats beasts the same as humans . "

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Hak eyes widened . He had noticed that many soldiers were riding or walking next to beasts but thought they enslaved them .

"He is able to talk to them and come to an agreement, letting them stay in the city and provide food for them if they help us in battle . " Hal clarified .

"He is truly preparing for war . "

'So what can I do to speed up their evolution?'

'Takon needs the blood of a True Dragon which is impossible to find on Earth . As for Duke… I don't know what his next evolution is . The closest beast I have seen to him is a Devouring Demon Wolf but that is a Divine Grade beast . '

Ben and Ava were discussing how to further his beasts evolution . He felt the pressure of strengthening himself and his beasts to prepare for the future .

Ben let out a sigh, there was nothing he could do for now to help his beasts and would have to let them evolve on their own .

"City Lord, we have a problem . "

Ben turned and saw Deke standing there with a dark expression on his face .

"What happened?"

"Three males from City 12 tried to **** a young women . Thankfully a guard heard her and stopped them . Lance arrested them and is holding them in his compound . "

Ben's face dark, a scary aura came off him . "Tell Lance to bring them to main street and have a stage made . "

Deke didn't ask why and left to accomplish his orders . Ben opened his City Lord

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interface and typed a city wide message .

[City 01 first trial will be held at the main street in 2 hours . Please try and make it . ]

The message sent ripples across the city, causing some people to panic while others were curious at what happened .

When they showed up at main street they saw a large stage being built . Lance stood next to the stage in his golden armour, looking like a holy knight . Next to him were three men tied up and gagged, looking ragged . Blood covered their faces, obviously they were not treated kindly .

Soon the stage was built and Ben appeared in his black leather armour . The citizens all had respectful looks on their faces when they saw Ben appear . Behind him was Shenelle, Colton, Lilith and Deke, all head serious looks on their faces .

Ben gave Lance a nod . Lance grabbed the three criminals and threw them on stage . They landed hard, letting out muffled cries . Ben looked at them coldly, not feeling any pity .

Ben faced the crowd and raised his voice, allowing everyone to hear him . "These three committed a crime and we are here to judge them . They attempted to **** a women but thankfully our guards were able to stop them in time . " Ben paused and gave Lance a nod, thanking him for setting up the patrols so well .

The crowd started to boo and yell curses at the three . Shenelle and Lilith's eyes went cold as they glared at the three .

Ben held his hand, quieting the crowd . "Our city is a safe place and I will not let it become a place where people are afraid to walk alone . We are fighting for our lives everyday out there, " he pointed at the large walls, "fighting for our survival . To survive we need to work together and not attack each other . "

The crowd agreed, their eyes glowing with admiration as they looked at Ben .

Ben pointed at the three criminals . "They threaten our survival and I will not allow that . "

"Kill them!"

"Execute them!"

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The crowd erupted, screaming at the criminals .

"The five leaders of the city will decide their punishment . Lance?"

Lance took a step forward . "As the guardian of our city, actions like this threaten my reputation . Kill them . " he said simply, taking a step back .

Ben nodded and looked at Lilith . She took a forward and said, "Killing them is extreme . I vote we throw them outside of the walls . "

The crowd murmured and some agreed .

James took a step forward . "I agree with Liltih, throw them out . "

Shenelle was next .

"Kill them . " she said coldly, glaring at them .

Ben looked at Deke who had the deciding vote as he decided that he wouldn't vote and would let his generals vote .

Nobody really knew who Deke was but they saw Ben treated him with respect so they knew he was strong .

"Kicking them out would be putting our city at risk . Kill them and eliminate the risk . " he said, his voice sounded like a whisper but everyone heard it .

Ben nodded and took out his swords and stepped towards the three criminals . They saw the sword and struggled, trying to break their restraints .

"Futile struggle . " Ben cold voice sounded out .

A flash on his sword and three heads fell to the floor, ending their lives . Ben wiped off his sword and looked at the crowd .

"Let this be a warning . "