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Published at 19th of October 2016 09:45:47 AM

Chapter 142

Chapter 142 – The Season of Blossoming Peach Flowers 

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Time went by like the water streaming down the river . Within the blink of an eye, half a year had passed .  

In a moonlit night, the breeze made the drunken people feel refreshed . A young man was embracing a beauty in his arms .  

This man, of course, was Qinghan . He was enjoying the moment most men would be envious of, with such a shy beauty lying in his arms, he was so relaxed and depressurized .  

As for the Demonic and Barbarian Prefecture, they had no alternative but to stay in their own camp all this time, in case of running into or even being killed by Qinghan, who they referred to as the devil . Ghost Island had turned into a tranquil, picturesque place .  

Qinghan had actually gone to the demonic camp shortly after he had left the barbarians . After the killing of several dozen advanced demons, the demon side had submissively handed over all their treasures to Qinghan, including some leftover rings .  

All the treasures and rings were, once again, distributed among the Mars Prefecture elites . In the following days, instead of killing more barbarians and demons, they had dispersed in all directions, searching for possible treasures hidden on Ghost Island .  

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As for the young lords and ladies, they had returned to their temporary camp, chatting, bragging, or cultivating in between their slapsticks . At night, Qinghan would have a romantic walk with Qingcheng, as they were gently satisfying each other, like they were doing right now…

Young lord Qinghan was far from a man of seriousness . Back when he was in the An’yue Hotel, he had manifested this part of his personality very well in the lady boss’s large bed .  

As a time traveler, in Qinghan’s previous life, he had been a mediocre worker with a small salary . Interestingly, in that life, he was also an unfortunate orphan, but normal-looking, with no cars and real estate of his own . He had found a shelter in a plainly-decorated rental house . For such a poor guy, he had never dared to dream of holding a pure beauty in his hands, because girls, especially the attractive ones, were a luxury to him . However, on each payday, he would spend part of his limited salary in the red-light district at the corner of the street .  

In this lifetime, he had turned out to be a young lord of an affluent family . Under such an environment, the frequency of seeing beauties should have vastly increased . Nevertheless, as an abject seventh young lord, he had absolutely no chance at all to pick up the hot chicks . It was only in Wild City, where he had no restrictions in doing whatever he liked to do; that he had grasped this opportunity and fully enjoyed the taste of a beautiful lady . He had pushed the seductive lady boss down on the pink-blanket bed, and rode on her all night…

Later, when he had returned to the Ye Castle, he had actually dreamed of becoming the focus of all the beautiful girls with the help of his holy-grade battle beast . When his social status had soared up, he had dreamed of being surrounded by all kinds of beauties, and immersed in their insurgent waves of breasts… Sadly, there had been no beauties, but the scarlet blood of his sister, which had left him furious… Although he wasn’t Long Pifu, who would cause the river to be saturated with blood once he was irritated, he had also stirred up quite a storm within the Ye Castle .  

Qinghan had, in the end, left the Ye family, and went for the Prefecture War . Before this journey, he had participated in the Summer Fire Festival, and won the admiration and love of Qingcheng . He knew that Qingcheng was a stunning beauty, who was the dream lover of all the men in this world . He also knew, that as long as he wished, this “peach flower” would be nipped off by him . However… the vision of the white-haired girl back in the Ye Castle had extinguished his fire of manly urges every time he had the temptation to do something to Qingcheng . Deep in his heart, Qinghan admitted that he was a romantic young man, but… he had his bottom line, without which, he would be no different from those beasts in their rutting period .  

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Presently, his power had vastly increased, with which he could annihilate a great number of demons and barbarians, just like what had happened at the Breaking Blade Summit . In that battle, he had heroically saved the whole Mars Prefecture Legion, suppressed the enemies, and successfully obtained all the credits .  

The credits had ensured the availability of the Spirit Immortal Dan . in other words, Qinghan’s sister would be saved .  

At this moment, Qinghan felt more relaxed and pleasant than he ever had . He was in such a comfortable zone, that his sensual desires began to surface again . Of course, it was improper to explain his behavior in such a way . Qingcheng’s devotion to this romantic relationship itself was the real part that touched Qinghan . Ever since their tight hug at the end of the battle at the Breaking Blade Summit, their relationship had heated up . When they had returned to the temporary camp, they had clung to each other like glue…

Any romantic relationship should aim at marriage, if not, the man must be a masher!

The classic proverb in his previous life had enlightened Qinghan, for he decided to marry Qingcheng to avoid being called a masher . Because, right now, he was doing something indecent to Qingcheng…

Qinghan sat on a giant rock, while Qingcheng sat on his legs . He was staring at her blush face raptly . While at the same time, his hands were busy feeling the delicacy of her skin .

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“Qinghan, will you love me forever?” Looking back at her lover, Qingcheng asked a question many girls would ask .  

“Yes, of course!” With a sweet smile, one of Qinghan’s hands moved above Qingcheng’s neck, touching her exquisite face, which had rendered an unworldly beauty . At the same time, his other hand had begun to move upward from her stomach, inserting his fingers into her filmy clothing, and snatched on the softest part of her body…

“Errr… oh… Please, promise that you’ll never dump me, no matter the circumstances!” Satisfied with Qinghan’s answer, Qingcheng’s eyes were filled with pleasure . But once again, she added another frequently-talked sentence between lovers .  

“I promise!” Qinghan nodded his head, and thought to himself that no one would desert such a beauty, unless their brain was damaged . After a small silence, he asked with confusion, “Qingcheng, tell me, how will my Soul Tranquilization benefit your family?”

Back at the Tranquil Lake, he had once entered into a magical state, where the Essence Qi between heaven and earth had begun to run towards him . The great elder of the Yue Family, as well as their leader, had unanimously agreed to marry Qingcheng to Qinghan after seeing this technique . Also, he had learned from Ye Qingniu, that this technique was called Soul Tranquilization . Therefore, he had long been bewildered by this technique, and the reason why the Yue Family had chosen him .  

“Ha!” Qingcheng smiled cheerfully, and talked in a slow manner, “The so-called Soul Tranquilization is actually a super realm in the refining of the soul . Do you know how powerful and effective this technique is? The effect reached by one hour of Soul Tranquilization can be compared with one-year cultivation by an Emperor-Realm cultivator! As you already know, our family is famous for our spiritual attacks, which need a powerful soul force . This is why you’re considered to be so important to our Yue Family!” 

“Errr? It’s awesome! I mean the Soul Tranquilization… But, will my cultivation benefit from it also? How can I help you or your family?” Qinghan asked closely .  

“This…” Looking at the inquisitive eyes of Qinghan, Qingcheng’s face blushed down to her neck . After a few seconds, she replied in a low voice, “ We… my Yue Family… has a Dual Cultivation method . Once we have intercourse, I will be able to trigger your Soul Tranquilization, and we will cultivate our soul together… Remember, only me and our leader are qualified to do so . ” 

“Wow, that’s going a little bit too far . But…” Qinghan eventually understood why he was so important to the Yue Family! Meanwhile, he chuckled at the embarrassed Qingcheng, and after that, he extended his hands out, surrounding Qingcheng’s waist, as he licked her earlobes, “Shall we have a try right now?” 

“No…” Qingcheng threw a disdainful look at Qinghan, and tried to push away his “evil hands” . But, she found that her body had become limp, and her awkward struggling only made Qinghan feel as if she was only flirting with him .  

Feeling the twists of Qingcheng’s body, Qinghan swallowed several times . The blood in his brain was running like crazy, for she was so uncontrollably gorgeous . His hands began to give a full search of Qingcheng’s body, and his mouth was covering over Qingcheng’s two charming, red lips…

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