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Published at 3rd of December 2016 03:00:08 PM

Chapter 192

Chapter 192 – Ye Qingyu Wakes Up 

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The rear hill of the Ye Castle, in Grey City .  

Ye Tianlong looked at the girl on the bed with a complicated expression . He then turned to Ye Qingniu and Ye Baihu, before he said “It’s been half a year since she absorbed the Immortal Crystal, why hasn’t she woken up yet?” 

A year ago, in an attempt to win back Qinghan’s loyalty to the Ye Family, he had gone to Concealed Island with nearly half of the family treasures to exchange for a Spirit Immortal Dan . To his great surprise and confusion, the leader of Concealed Island had given him an Immortal Crystal instead, which was much more valuable than a Spirit Immortal Dan . Neither of the two items were common treasures, and Ye Tianlong had thus failed to distinguish them from each other . Also, he chose not to open and check the Dan until the final moment before it was used, in case the energy within would be leaked . Soon after Qinghan was sucked into the Luo Shen Mountain, and he had looked for his ancestor, Ye Ruoshui, who had given him the Mars Prefecture Blood Token . At that moment he had handed over the box, which had contained the Dan, to Ye Baihu .  

However… he was also greatly shocked, when he had learned about the truth of the item in the box . What added to his bewilderment was, that their ancestor, Ye Ruoshui, had claimed that Ye Qingyu would become the next leader of the Ye Family . Because, she would become a Heaven-immortal Realm cultivator within roughly ten years!

What was the Heaven Immortal Realm? 

As the great elders of the family, he, Ye Baihu, and Ye Qingniu knew all too well of what this realm meant . This was their ultimate goal since they had entered the Realm of the Saint twenty years ago . It would be a dream-come-true for them to break into such a legendary realm, which would instantly endow them with unimaginable power and a self-teleportation technique . Compared with the ordinary people living in this mortal world, a Heaven-immortal Realm cultivator was almost eternal .  

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Not a single cultivator could resist the temptation to become an immortal . Not a single person could stand the lure to live forever .  

Nevertheless, the threshold for the Heaven-immortal Realm was insurmountably high . Throughout the history of the Flaming Dragon Continent, among the countless Saint-Realm cultivators, only a few of them had eventually reached this realm . The Ye Family, for instance, had only seen one cultivator become an immoral – Ye Ruoshui .  

Taking Long Pifu as another example, as a cultivator in the peak level of the Realm of the Saint, he could effortlessly throw away three Demonic Saints like toys . However… he was still half a step away from the Heaven-immortal Realm . If he didn’t have the luck to become an immortal, he would most likely turn old and die in Dragon City .  

In the Ye Family, the great elders like Ye Tianlong were deemed as idols among the younger generations . But, none of them had the chance to be become an immortal, for they hadn’t even reached the threshold of this realm .  

Any cultivator below the Realm of the Emperor highly depended on the Battle Qi, or special herbs, to improve their cultivation . However, when it came to the Realm of the Emperor, they also had to grasp the Laws of Heaven and Earth, besides absorbing Battle Qi . At the age of forty, Ye Tianlong had begun his journey of learning the Laws of Heaven and Earth . Several decades had past, but he had only grasped two of the five laws .  

Now, Ye Ruoshui had said that this little girl, who was only fifteen or sixteen, and was a half-paralyzed Spirit Jade Body, would actually become an immortal within the next ten years . Just because of the Immortal Crystal she had absorbed? 

Within ten years, could she even possibly accumulate the Battle Qi required to reach the peak-level of the Realm of the Saint? If she could, would she be able to grasp all the five abstruse mysteries of the Laws of Heaven and Earth? After all, it had taken almost two decades for Ye Tianlong to grasp just two of them .  

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Their attitude towards Ye Ruoshui’s prediction, therefore, was dubious . But, considering their knowledgeable ancestor, they compelled themselves to accept it as a fact .  

Because… this was personally confirmed by Ye Ruoshui - the only Heaven-immortal Realm cultivator who was born hundreds of years ago . They simply couldn’t convince themselves to not believe their ancestor . Ye Ruoshui’s words should be reliable and authoritarian .  

The three of them were so desperate to see Qingyu wake up . They were so eager to witness that magic moment . Could all these predictions become reality? 


“Don’t worry, leader . Although we’re unable to check on this girl’s soul condition, I can confirm that she’s continually recovering . Look at her radiant face, she looks so much better than before . Perhaps, she’ll wake up soon, maybe as early as tomorrow!” 

Ye Baihu tried to console his leader with a smile, for he had read Ye Tianlong’s feelings .  

“Yes, respectful leader! We don’t have to worry about this . It’s not only unnecessary, but also useless! The only thing we can do right now is to patiently wait!” 

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Ye Qingniu looked fatigued and weak, for he had just recuperated from his injuries . Also, his granddaughter’s current condition was giving him another headache . He had indeed turned mad at Qinghan several times, for stealing the heart of his beloved Qingwu . In front of the sorrow-drown Qingwu, Ye Qingniu had simply no idea on how to comfort her .  

“Nonsense! How can I possibly stay calm? This girl is supposed to be an immortal in ten years! Alas…” With a deep sigh, Ye Tianlong added, “What on earth is an Immortal Crystal? Do you guys have any ideas? How can it be able to lift a non-cultivator to the top realm? It’s… incredible! Where is our ancestor these days?” 

“Sorry, I’ve no clue about it either . Have you already asked Long Pifu about this? What did he say? If he can’t answer it, then we’re absolutely unable to provide you with a satisfying answer . Our ancestor must have something else to do; otherwise he wouldn’t appear after such a long time . I’m sure he cares for this girl!” Ye Qingniu shook his head, as he responded .  

Meanwhile, Ye Baihu turned to Ye Tianlong and sighed, “Alas, leader, I think we need to worry more about what we should say about her brother when she happens to wake up . If we tell her the truth, will she go to the Luo Shen Mountain or commit suicide? Oh, our ancestor will tear us apart if this really happens!”


Ye Baihu’s concern left both Ye Tianlong and Ye Qingniu shocked, but it was a really big problem . None of them were familiar with this girl, all they knew about her was that she had used her Soul Sacrifice back in the Drunken-heart Garden . But, they had also heard that she had attempted to commit suicide once when Ye Qingxie had tried to force her to marry Wuhen . They were pretty sure that underneath her weak appearance, this girl had a staunch heart .  

She had been sleeping for more than a full year . If she was told that Qinghan was lost in the Luo Shen Mountain when she woke up, she would probably take it as telling her that Qinghan was dead . Despite the large amount of family members, Qingyu didn’t believe anyone but Qinghan .  

“Baihu, this is going to be tough . Usually, you’re the one who is full of brilliant ideas, so please think hard and find a way to comfort this girl . We have to protect her, otherwise we’re all doomed!” Ye Tianlong lost his usual composed manner, as he scratched his head with anxious eyes .  

“Me? The only way to solve this problem, is to choose someone that is close with Qinghan to tell this sister that her brother is still alive . I mean, she won’t believe in us, which is obvious, but we need to find someone that she will find reliable . What about Qingcheng… or Qingwu, they can help convince Qingyu!” Ye Baihu spoke his thoughts out loud .  

“Errr… m-my brother… is still alive?” 

Amidst the three old men’s discussion, a faint voice suddenly rang out in the room .  

The abruptness of the voice left the three great elders stunned . But, a second later, their eyes were filled with jubilant light, as they all walked closer to the bed and tossed their heads towards the girl .  

On the big white bed, the white-haired girl in white clothing was now staring at the three of them with big and frightened eyes . Her creamy jade-like face was breathtakingly beautiful despite her silvery hair . There was even some coquettish charm in her…

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