Beast Under Her Dress: Princess Don“t Run!

Beast Under Her Dress: Princess Don“t Run!
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Nian Jiezhen is a woman who valued her work more than anything else. She didn't even think of having a love life, well, especially when she found out that her first love was already married. 

Love and marriage are for the weak. That's what she thought. 

No matter how many times her job almost took her life, she preferred to be married to it. 

It was until she met a beautiful woman, who was a friend of her first love's wife. Never in her life did she got attracted to another woman and it was the first time she did when she met Ren Shiyuan. 

Love? Hah! She will never let it win over her! Love will only hinder her work! 

After having her heart shattered to pieces, why would she allow herself to love again? 


Ren Shiyuan is a famous actor and model who came from a family of mafia. He was supposed to take over the mafia that his family built throughout their lives but he decided to take hold of the wheels of his future. He started driving towards his dreams, to be an actor. 

Although, there were only a few people who knew about his 'weird' hobby. He loves to crossdress and he would usually use his hobby as a disguise to walk around the town without the reporters and media following him around. He was able to deceive everyone because of his feminine features and his slim body. 

He was in love with the woman that Nian Jiezhen's first love married and he ended up having his heart broken because of it but he would not stop until he would get the girl! He was a very persistent man and he will never stop until he got what he desired. 

Who would have thought that the two people who had their hearts broken would end up being attracted to each other? 

Ren Shiyuan was supposed to destroy Xia Meilin's marriage life but he ended up falling for someone else in the process of it all. 

Will Nian Jiezhen allow him to enter in her life? Or will she continue to push him away and destroy herself in the process? 

"Say, Nian Jiezhen." Ren Shiyuan intertwined their fingers. "What if... we were actually lovers in our previous life?" 

Nian Jiezhen laughed lightly because of what he said. "You think so?" 

"Yeah." He held her chin and pulled her face close to his. "Who knows, you might really be a princess in our previous life and me... a handsome young man who abducted you from your home?" 

She frowned and pushed his face away, her face was burning red. "No wonder you turned out to be a girl in this lifetime! How dare you kidnap me from my home? This must be the reason why I badly wanted to be an agent... to catch people like you!" 

"You are only allowed to catch me, princess. You can just forget others." He chuckled lightly, "Well then, since I am now your slave, please imprison me in your room and mistreat me, your highness." He grinned playfully at her. 

Nian Jiezhen glared at him. Doesn't he know how much his words were affecting her? "Bitch, do you want me to kick you out of my house instead?" 

He pouted, "You're no fun." He leaned and hugged her by her shoulders from the side. "Princess~" 

She pushed his face away from her. "I'm not into girls!" 

"But I am." He held her wrist before he leaned and kissed her soft cheek. 


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