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Published at 22nd of September 2017 06:49:25 AM

Chapter 102

The Wealthy is the Lord!

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Yzrahc`dryzzle, Proofread by: Strix)

This simply couldn’t be tolerated ah!

“The wealthy is the Lord!” Jing Yue raised her hands and arrogantly sat on the couch . She glared at Princess LeYang with narrowed eyes and said: “This lady has sat here first, on what basis are you telling me to yield?”

“You…… How dare you! Do you know who I am?” Seeing Jing Yue’s arrogant manner, Princess LeYang felt so angry that her face turned red . It was very difficult for her to be able to go out of the Palace for a trip . She didn’t expect that there would be someone that actually didn’t care about her status and instantly ignored her .

“I know ah, you are Princess LeYang!” Jing Yue blinked and without the slightest care she further said: “Isn’t it only a Princess? It isn’t like I’ve never seen one before . ”

“You dare to insult the Royal Family!” Princess LeYang’s eyes widened . She pointed at Jing Yue and yelled: “You! Believe it or not this Princess will give an order to kill you!”

“A young girl, all day shouting to hit, shouting to kill… From what I see, you don’t look like a princess at all, you look more like a rogue on the street . ” The corners of Jing Yue’s mouth rose in disdain as she continued: “Besides, your surname isn’t Xiao, what kind of Imperial Family are you counted as?”

“You…… you……” LeYang was stumped speechless by Jing Yue’s words . No one had ever dared to talk to her like that . Who wouldn’t make way once they heard her name? How could she expect that today she would run into Jing Yue, this kind of person?

“Don’t say too much bullshit, you want this room right?” Jing Yue said, her eyebrows were slightly raised .

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“Yes . You guys tell me, what will make you agree to leave . ” Princess LeYang said and took a deep breath .

“Since this is a place to eat, drink, and spend money, then it’s easy ah… who has more money has the right to speak . ” Jing Yue beamingly stared at Princess LeYang and spoke . Beside Jing Yue, ShangGuan LingLan’s eyes widened in fright after she heard her words . She touched the pouched on her waist and swallowed her saliva .

This was the first time she met a thing like comparing who had more money……

“Ha?” Princess LeYang looked like she had heard something very ridiculous, looking at Jing Yue up and down like she was examining an idiot . Nevertheless, Jing Yue faced Princess LeYang with an unperturbed expression .

“You are saying, you want to compare with me, who has more money?” Princess LeYang asked, staring at Jing Yue .

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“Yes ah . ” Jing Yue earnestly nodded her head before saying: “We don’t need to talk about anything . If now, at this moment you could come up with more money than us, we will definitely packed our things and leave straight away and call you Princess with respect . ”

Once Princess LeYang heard this, she instantly agreed without the slightest hesitation, “No problem!”

“If you lose, then…… I also won’t embarrass you, just stand at Jin Yan Lou’s hall and shout ‘I’m an idiot!’, three times will do . ” Jing Yue said, staring beamingly at Princess LeYang .

“What!? You–!”

Jing Yue raised her hand to stop Princess LeYang’s words . She provocatively raised her eyebrows as she faced LeYang and said: “Xi (sigh)! Do you dare to compare or not!?”

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“Compare? Just compare! Would this Princess be afraid of you?” Jing Yue’s provocative tone enraged Princess LeYang that she instantly agreed to compare their money . Hearing what Princess LeYang had said, Jing Yue abruptly stood up and said: “I’m with her, two persons, you are with those people behind you, combine the money we have and compare them!”

“Everyone take your money out for this Princess!” Princess LeYang loudly said with her chin raised .

“Yes . ” One by one, a group of imperial guards following behind her took their pouches out and put them on the table at the side . Seeing that there were silvers and yinpiao, Jing Yue and ShangGuan LingLan’s eyes suddenly widened, didn’t know why, but they suddenly lost their confidence .

Jing Yue and ShangGuan LingLan glanced at each other . Their eyes were showing bafflement as they looked at those silvers and gold that started to pile up .


Yinpiao (银票/yín​piào): Chinese ancient times paper money .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!