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Published at 13th of October 2017 02:24:39 PM

Chapter 113

Definitely Have to Chop Him Up into Minced Meat!

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Yzrahc`drizzle)

“That…… Xiao Chen, you also shouldn’t be too sad……” Jing Yue’s thoughts were muddled for a while, yet she still said, “Consort Goddess’ pregnancy is a good thing ah…… you’ll get one more nephew!”

“Jing Yue, what kind of rubbish are you talking about?” Xiao Chen’s expression slowly went cold hearing Jing Yue spoke . He eyed Jing Yue with a strange gaze .

“Ahaha…… You don’t have to feel embarrassed, you can lean on this lady’s shoulder!” Jing Yue said while magnanimously patting her shoulder with a look as if both of them were good brothers .

“She aborted the child . ” Xiao Chen said softly after quietly withdrawing his gaze from Jing Yue and decided to ignore the completely incoherent thoughts of Jing Yue .

Jing Yue was taken aback . That one sentence brought the incoherent thoughts running in her mind into an end .

“What!? She aborted the child ah!?” Jing Yue’s eyes widened in amazement . She stared at Xiao Chen and said, “She didn’t want to give birth to this child? She went as far as aborting the Emperor’s child… Zeze (tsk tsk)… Seems very domineering!”

“This was also the reason why I went to the palace . ” Xiao Chen lowered his gaze as he said those cold words . After Jing Yue heard it, she always felt that Xiao Chen still had some words he hadn’t said . However, seeing that Xiao Chen didn’t want to continue his speech, Jing Yue naturally wouldn’t say anything further .

“Ten days later is the Cold Food Festival[1] . The Eldest Princess will come to this fu, prepare yourself well . ” After he said this, Xiao Chen stood up . He gave Jing Yue a glance and said, “Recuperate properly… for the next few days you don’t have to go to school and study… I also have something to do within the next few days . I won’t be here often in the fu . ”

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“O……” Jing Yue blinked and looked at Xiao Chen .

“If there’s a problem, asking Xing Er will do… If you dare to dump him again, BenWangwill thoroughly go and investigate today’s matter . ” Xiao Chen’s eyes were narrowed threateningly . His gaze at Jing Yue carried a strong warning .

“Ahaha…… I won’t, I won’t……” Jing Yue hastily waved her hand as soon as she heard what Xiao Chen had said,  then respectfully sent Xiao Chen out . Her heart was filled with regret ah!

‘You say, what kind of strength does she have to be curious!?’

‘Not to mention she almost lost her little life, she also made Xiao Chen suspicious!’

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‘You have to know, right now she’s lodging under someone else’s roof ah!’

Jing Yue climbed silently onto the bed, sighing alone in despair, while in her heart, telling herself again and again that if someday she run into that freaky man, she would definitely chop him up into minced meat!

That way she could vent the hate in her heart!

(If you are not reading this story on Renren’s WordPress or Wattpad page, then you’re reading a stolen material; I hope you can just read on my page, it’s free of charge and free of virus . To those people and web’s admins who copied-pasted my translations, I wish you a whole life of fungi-infested-armpits and bald-scabious-head . ) — RenRen —

Her days of not going to school were very comfortable . Everyday, apart from eating was sleeping . Jing Yue felt that, in these past few days, she must have gained about ten jin*!

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However…… that was nothing more but Jing Yue’s thought .

Today, the sun was shining brightly . Jing Yue ordered Xing Er to move a recliner to the courtyard . She then lay comfortably at the courtyard, basking in the sun . She also made Yin Qiao moved a lot of food and tea onto the table beside her before starting to enjoy this afternoon time to her heart’s content .

“Huang Fei, you should stop eating . ” Watching the unceasing movements of Jing Yue’s small mouth, Yin Qiao who was bothered said with a frown, “Every other misses from other families doesn’t dare to eat because they want to maintain their figure… On the other hand, Huang Fei, you’re eating this voraciously… What are we going to do if people make fun of you on Cold Food Festival!?”

“Relax…… This lady doesn’t care . ” Jing Yue beamingly said and took a bite on a pastry in her hand .  ‘Things in this ancient time are really very delicious!’

“Huang Fei……” Yin Qiao said, staring worriedly at Jing Yue .

Jing Yue ate the food in her hand while holding a cup of tea . She blinked and looked at Yin Qiao, asking, “Ei? Speaking of Cold Food Festival, in the end what kind of thing is it? Why are you guys paying so much attention to it?”

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