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Published at 23rd of August 2019 05:43:56 PM

Chapter 167


Is the Place for Sale? I’ll Buy It!

Looking at Shen Yucheng with a smile, Jing Yue asked, “Being so quick to promise, aren’t you afraid the restaurant might be in the red again?”

“It might be my fate if I lose once again”, Shen sighed slightly, and continued, “I have run the restaurant for decades, which also witnessed prosperity before, but the business has gone bad ever since the opening of other grand restaurants such as the Delectable Delicacies Chamber . I had some capital to depend on years ago, but now…… Alas!”

“Don’t worry! The restaurant won’t suffer a deficit anymore . ” Standing up, Jing Yue claimed, “I’ll brought the sketch and money for refitting this building three days later, and your job is to supervise the renovation work and make sure the workers do as I have designed . Close the restaurant the days ahead . Make sure no one else knows the refitting . ”

“OK, got it!” Shen Yucheng looked at Jing Yue with gratitude .

“I’m Jing Yue . You don’t have to go find me . I’ll come instead when necessary . ” Jing Yue didn’t conceal her real name from Shen . Looking at Shen smilingly, Jing said, “You will be the shopkeeper here from now on . Don’t mention me to others . ”

“Aye!” Shen blinked and nodded, knowing Jing didn’t want to expose her identity .

Walking out of the restaurant delightedly, Jing Yue skipped and danced all the way into the carriage . Xing Er followed Jing with a long face . With countless thoughts flashing through his mind, Xing eventually realized why Jing Yue had claimed to compete for business with Xiao Chen .

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“Xing, do we get enough money to buy a brothel?” Jing Yue frowned and asked Xing seriously .

Xing got a breakdown in his heart at the moment . He thought to himself, “Your Highness, what do you want to do on earth? First you want to buy a restaurant, and now a brothel . What if His Highness gets to know it? I’ll be put to death then!”

“Well, the money should be enough!” Jing Yue nodded firmly . She went on for the next destination—the Golden Street with Xing Er, which was known for its prostitution business in the imperial city . The street was bustling in the evening, while the buildings were all closed in the daytime . But there was one that was still open . Several women walked out of the door and left the house with packages on their shoulders . Jing Yue called the carriage to stop, and went over . Noticing there was a gaunt woman leaning against the door, Jing Yue blinked .

“What can I do for you, my lady?” Looking Jing Yue up and down, the woman asked .

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‘My God! She should realize that I am a girl at the first glance!’

Eyes wide open in surprise, Jing asked,  “How do you know I am a girl?”

“Are you kidding me, little girl? I, Liu Mann, have been in charge of the Pavilion of Mist and Rain for a long time . I will be laughed at if I don’t have a good vision to recognize a girl . ” Crossing her arms, the woman said with a seductive smile, “We don’t have money to buy a girl now, so go somewhere else . ”

Saying that, Liu Mann turned around and intended to close the door . It was after quite a while that Jing realized the woman had thought she was here to sell herself .

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“Wait!” Jing stopped Liu Mann who was closing the door . Liu then looked at Jing Yue in confusion .

“Do you have any desire to sell the pavilion?” Jing Yue asked smilingly .

“What?” Feeling shocked, Liu stared at Jing Yue in disbelief .

“Do you want to sell the pavilion? If you do, I’ll buy it . ” While Jing still looked at her with the same smile, Liu Mann got unsettled, wondering why someone would like to buy such a lousy brothel .

The building was desolate with only a few elder girls inside, while other younger ones had already left .

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