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Published at 29th of August 2019 08:35:31 PM

Chapter 168


Are You for Sale?

With the younger ones left, these elder girls would have no choice but to do some menial work for rich people in the big houses  a few days later .

“Well, the building is indeed for sale, but can you afford it?” Holding a cup of tea, Liu Mann looked at Jing Yue questioningly .

“Since I dare to come, I can afford it naturally . ” Spreading out her hands, Jing continued, “But before I buy, let me ask if you are also for sale?”

“What?” Liu had prepared to raise the price secretly in her heart, but she didn’t expect Jing would say that suddenly . ”

“Well, I don’t know how to manage, so if you want to stay, I would like to buy you all besides the building . ” Jing Yue looked at Liu Mann with a smile .

Hardly had Jing’s voice faded away, the girls behind her widened their eyes with excitement . Sitting up slowly, Liu looked at Jing Yue with a complicated expression . “We are no longer young and beautiful, so what do you expect from us?”

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“Well, experience is what matters . ” Jing smiled at the crowd and said, “I want you as instructors to discipline the newcomers . Take good care of the building, and you will share the profits in the future . ”

“Really?” One of them stepped out . Actually, she, in her middle twenties, was not that old, but in the eyes of men, she was . Therefore, their prospect was really grim .

“Of course, it is real . To stay or to leave, it depends on you . ” Smiling at the crowd, Jing said, “But if you stay, you’ll listen to me in days to come . I won’t show any mercy to betrayers, so I’ll give you three days to think about it . ”

While saying that, Jing stood up and waved her hands to Xing Er . She took out some silver drafts, put them on the table, and said, “I’ll buy the building at this price . Are you satisfied?” Jing Yue turned around and looked at Liu Mann smilingly .

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“You……” Looking at the money on the table, Liu Mann got slightly shocked .  ‘These silver drafts are enough to buy two buildings, let alone this shabby one . ’

“I’ll come again three days later . ” Jing smiled at the crowd and said, “My name is Jing Yue . You can think it over before making your decisions . ”

“Wait!” Seeing Jing was about to leave without taking the money, Liu Mann stood up immediately and asked Jing confusedly, “Aren’t you afraid we might take the money and leave?”

“No, you won’t . ” Jing looked back with a smile . The sincerity in her black eyes made Liu Mann distracted for quite a while . Looking at Jing’s back, Liu got bewildered in the heart . All people in the building fell into silence . She looked at the decaying building and the crowd . Finally, her eyes focused on those silver drafts .

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“Sister Mann, what should we do? We’ll follow you . ” A woman stepped out and said to Liu Mann, as she bit her lip .

Closing her eyes, Liu kept silent without answering the other’s question . Then she stood up and shut the door slowly, so all scenes inside the building were cut off from the noises outside .

“So tired……” Jing Yue lay on the soft couch in the carriage, seemingly half-dead . Xing Er was undisturbed this time and had been ready to drive at the moment . Sometimes after getting through an overwhelming shock, one would calm down eventually . Jing Yue had bought two buildings throughout the morning . Squandering in this way, the money she won from Princess Leyang might run up soon . After refitting the buildings, she would fall into poverty again .

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