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Published at 12th of September 2019 05:54:59 PM

Chapter 180


How About It? Does It Taste Good?

The tight control exercised by Xiao Chen over the palace didn’t terrify Jing Yue until this moment .

Holy crap, where did all these guardsmen come from?!

Mama…what a misery!

On the third day, Jing Yue determined to give up the thought to escape . She couldn’t go out anyway, so Jing Yue decided to cook meals with Yin Qiao instead of staying at home for nothing . She picked more than half of the lotus flowers which were in full bloom in the Lotus Garden .

Xiao Chen stretched himself with a sigh of relief after dealing with the affairs . “What is Her Majesty doing?” He looked at Xing Yi beside him and asked .

“Her Majesty is…” Xing Yi was going to say something when suddenly he heard the yelling of Jing Yue outside the study .

“Xiao Chen… Xiao Chen!!” Jing Yue walked in joyfully with her hands holding a bowl of something . After a while of pause, Xiao Chen found that Jing Yue had come over and put a bowl of colorful food on his table .

“This is…?” Xiao Chen was a little confused . He looked up at Jing Yue with the eyes full of confusion, wondering what was inside the bowl .

“This is the lotus porridge made by myself . Have a taste . ” Jing Yue looked at Xiao Chen and said excitedly .

Hearing Jing Yue’s invitation, Xing Yi who was standing next to Xiao Chen grew green with terror .

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 “Really? You made it for me?” Xiao Chen smiled at Jing Yue, his eyes slowly shining, on hearing her words .

“Of course!” Jing Yue smiled back and nodded to Xiao Chen firmly .

Xiao Chen looked surprised and began stirring the colorful lotus porridge with a spoon . Before stopping to eat, he looked at Jing Yue again . Jing Yue looked quite excited seeing Xiao Chen’s movement, with an expecting expression on her face . She waved her hand and instigated him to have a taste .  

On the contrary, Xing Yi was terrified by Xiao Chen’s movement, yelling in his heart .

‘Your Highness, don’t eat! Your will die of it!’

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Unnoticing the expression of Xing Yi, Xiao Chen put a spoonful of porridge in his mouth calmly with a pleasant smile hanging at the corner of his mouth and his eyes full of happiness . However, the smile at the corner of his mouth froze after three seconds . Then his look turned very weird .

“How about it? Does it taste good?” Jing Yue stared at Xiao Chen expectedly .

“Cough . . . cough . . . cough” Xiao Chen put down the spoon tremblingly . He tried hard to refrain from vomiting and to swallow the disgusting porridge .

“Good . . . It tastes good” Xiao Chen said in a trembling voice .

“Really?! I know my cooking skill is unparalleled!” Jing Yue was so excited that she immediately took the spoon used by Xiao Chen just now, scooped up a spoonful of porridge and said, “I haven’t eaten it myself . Let me have a taste . ”

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“Don’t . . . ” Jing Yue had already put the spoon into her mouth before Xiao Chen trying to stop her .

After three seconds . . .

Jing Yue’s face suddenly changed; she hurried out of the study and began vomiting with her hands holding the railing .

 “Why does it taste like shit?!” Jing Yue kept throwing up . Xiao Chen couldn’t stand it anymore and retched as well . Standing aside and watching them throwing up, Xing Yi, whose heart was trembling, felt himself so lucky that it wasn’t him who ate the porridge .

The porridge on the table was way more poisonous than poison to him now .

From then on, Jing Yue was prohibited from entering the kitchen . However, Jing Yue herself didn’t give up trying . She was determined to cook a bowl of delicious lotus porridge . In the next few days, Jing Yue picked all the left lotus flowers in the Lotus Garden .

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