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Chapter 183


Why Should I Buy It for You?! I Refuse!

She slipped away .

Helian Xiu looked quite scary . Wearing a loose and white robe tied with a jade belt, he was so outstanding in appearance that passersby were all attracted by him, which, however, wasn’t noticed by Helian Xiu himself at all .

“Helian Xiu!” He heard someone call his name from behind when he was going to leave .  

Helian Xiu was shocked by the calling and turned around suddenly . The girl who was standing in the street with a mask in her hand looked so charming . Jing Yue smiled at him . The smile was like a ray of bright light in the dark sky, which made his dreary heart beat hard all of a sudden .

“Ha-ha-ha…I knew you can’t find me!” Jing Yue laughed out loud, feeling proud of her little trick, while Helian Xiu was coming over to her step by step .

“Well, I win! Did you see that?” Jing Yue looked up at Helian Xiu and asked with a proud look .

Helian Xiu stood in front of Jing Yue and stared at her deeply, which made Jing Yue feel confused . She asked with her eyebrows frowned, “What’s wrong? Why don’t you say a word?”

“Why didn’t you run away since you have got a perfect chance?” Helian Xiu stared at Jing Yue with his eyes sparkling slightly .

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“Haven’t I promised to stay with you all night?” Jing Yue blinked her eyes and said . “Is my mission over? Am I allowed to go back now?” Jing Yue looked at Helian Xiu and questioned surprisingly .

“Yeah, you wish . ” A tender smile lit the eyes of Helian Xiu . He took a scarf from his waist and tied it between Jing Yue’s and his wrists . Looking at their wrists tied together, he said, “Now you won’t get lost . ”

“Excuse me?! Is this necessary?” Jing Yue wrinkled her little nose unhappily . Helian Xiu looked quite pleased about Jing Yue’s reaction while, on the contrary, Jing Yue felt very disdainful in her heart .

 “Today is the Double-Seventh Day .  You should send me a sachet as a gift . ” Helian Xiu stopped in front of a street pedlar who was selling kinds of accessories, pointed at one sachet and said, “You should buy me that one . ”

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“Why should I buy it for you?! I refuse!” Jing Yue glared at him in astonishment with an expression of firm refusal .

“Refuse? Then staying with me tonight can’t be counted as one of the three requests . You should promise me three more requests . ” Helian Xiu glanced at Jing Yue coolly and said .

“You shameless fraud! That’s unreasonable!” Jing Yue was infuriated immediately . If he said so, it would be a waste of time for her to stay with him the whole night . That didn’t worth it!

Helian Xiu shrugged his shoulders indifferently, seemingly giving Jing Yue the right to decide whether to buy it or not . Jing Yue looked at Helian Xiu for quite a while and finally chose to meet his request on second thoughts . She picked a sachet randomly, paid the money and then put it in Helian Xiu’s hand .

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“Here it is! I have no idea what it can be used for!” Jing Yue held her chin high and strode away . All of a sudden, she was reminded that Shangguan Linglan and Ning Xiangyuan had forced her to make a handmade sachet a few days ago .

However, the sachet she made was too ugly to send out as a gift .

Thinking about the request of Shangguan Linglan that Jing Yue had to send one sachet to Xiao Chen on the special day, Jing Yue stopped and considered if she should buy one for Xiao Chen, too .

Her eyes fell upon the sachets unconsciously while she was hesitating if she should buy one .

“Let’s go . I’ll take you somewhere,” said Helian Xiu, who got a little gloomy while noticing Jing Yue gazing on the sachets . He grabbed Jing Yue’s hand instantly and jostled their way out of the crowd .  

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