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Published at 2nd of May 2017 03:49:03 AM

Chapter 29

Look Forward for Me Losing Your Face

Jing Yue fought another tremble . Another love-struck fools; really was an evildoer ah!

“Huang Fei, if you dawdle about any longer, when you enter the palace later, you will eat a lot of sufferings . ” Looking at Jing Yue whose body was wearing no one know what kind of clothes, Xiao Chen’s face blackened, was this woman a pig? Even clothes she can’t put them right .

“Enter the palace!? Right now?” Jing Yue’s eyes widened as she stared at Xiao Chen .

Xiao Chen lifted his eyes to look at Yin Qiao and said a sentence: “You go and help Huang Fei dressed . ” In the end he added another sentence: “You have to be quick . ”

“Yes… yes . ” Yin Qiao’s heart was beating fast; she took Jing Yue to get her properly dressed .   Jing Yue saw Yin Qiao put some things on her face; with a face that looked like she was ready to meet her death, she closed her eyes and let Yin Qiao tossed her repeatedly, making her felt extreme pain having her hair continuously pulled .

“Too heavy… . . ” Jing Yue felt her neck was about to snap soon; looking at the person inside the blurry copper mirror, she sighed silently, tortures ah .

“Huang Fei, it’s done . Because Huang Fei hasn’t married yet, slave doesn’t put a true fei’s attire and make up on Huang Fei yet, the hair ornaments also put only a few . ” Yin Qiao who kneeled at one side said to Jing Yue .

“Few?” Jing Yue was green in the face . She suddenly thought, this kind of ghost Huang Fei was really not something a human could do, just the gold on one head could press you to death .

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Xiao Chen was already getting impatient sitting on the outside; just about to get up and went inside, he saw Jing Yue opened the curtain and took a step out . Dumbfounded, he looked at the woman whose whole body was in a peachy red palace dress; her face was painted with make up into an exquisite look; her dignified appearance as she stood still made something unusual streaked across Xiao Chen’s eyes .

If you ignored the hidden bitterness in Jing Yue’s eyes, she looked better than before .

“Let’s go . ” Xiao Chen took a step forward and walked ahead . Jing Yue was going to catch up; however, unexpectedly, her step was too large while her skirt was too narrow; one stumble almost made her fell down, the hair ornaments on her head were shaking and swaying; Jing Yue’s body stiffened at once, not daring to move .

“Xiao Chen…… Sooner or later, there’ll be a day when I am going to kill you . ” Jing Yue was practically about to weep, these were what kind of ghost things a .

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“You better learn how to walk first . ” Looking at Jing Yue’s stiff appearance, Xiao Chen’s eyes were full with laughter; really too interesting .

Along the way into the palace, calluses almost grew on Xiao Chen’s ears from hearing Jing Yue’s displeased grumbles . Arriving in the palace at last, Xiao Chen got down from the carriage in a hurry . Xiao Chen was looking at Jing Yue and saw her got down from the carriage carefully; Jing yue too, saw Xiao Chen was looking at her .

“What are you looking at? Just look forward for me losing your face . ” Jing Yue rolled her eyes, straightened her body and walked away .

The differences between these ancient women and modern women were too big; she could imitate a modern young lady perfectly; but these kinds of palace’s rules and etiquettes, walking posture and pace, she really couldn’t do it ah!

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“I’m looking forward to see that . ” Xiao Chen nodded silently, what he wanted was exactly this kind of disgrace .

Getting down from the carriage, they rode inside a palace’s palanquin, carried by several people . When they finally arrived, they were received inside a palace which was said to be the Imperial consort’s palace; that was the Emperor’s favored consort ah . With great effort, Jing Yue adjusted her breathing and wore one ‘pretty daughter of humble family’ manner to walk out of the palanquin .

“Meet the Emperor, Consort Goddess . ” Xiao Chen and Jing Yue entered the palace hall yet Jing Yue had absolutely no idea how she should make her salutation; looking at Xiao Chen’s posture as he saluted, Jing Yue paused for a moment before imitating Xiao Chen’s posture .

“Puchi……” bursts of laughter came through; Jing Yue embarrassedly put her hands down, could this way to salute was wrong?

“This person is Ninth Huang Shu’s new Huang Fei?”  a question in a lucid and elegant voice came through; Jing Yue lifted her eyes and saw a stunning woman dressed in a gorgeous embroidered gown sitting on a seat above; her eyes immediately widened, such a gorgeous woman, seemed about twenty years old .

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