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Published at 12th of May 2017 03:26:52 AM

Chapter 35

Do Not Want to Remember so Just Forget A

Hearing those frightened screams, Jing Yue sighed helplessly: “Girls these days…… How could their hearts’ endurance be this frail? Wasn’t it only two wolves?” Looking at Yin Jian and Yin Feng who had already been swaying east and west from drinking, the corner of Jing Yue’s mouth ferociously twitched.

“A…… These two dead guys! Really are unbearable!” Jing Yue kicked Yin Jian and Yin Feng’s two heads; the two guys were already lying on the ground.

“You…… You are Ninth Huang Fei?” Just as Jing Yue was muttering nonstop, a strange question suddenly arrived in her ears. Jing Yue turned her head to look and found the person who asked her was actually that white dressed Jing Yan. Somewhat flabbergasted, Jing Yue raised her brows and said: “My reputation is already this big?”

“You really are Ninth Huang Fei!?” the person who gasped in surprise was ShangGuan LingLan; she looked at Jing Yue with eyes that were full with astonishment.

Jing Yue spread her hands out, blinked her eyes and asked: “Is that not allowed?”

“The rumors said Ninth Huang Shu brought a strange woman back, also dared to instruct wolves to scare the second Prince at the city gate; so the rumors are true, you really can tame wolves.” ShangGuan LingLan stared at the two gray wolves lying drowsily on the ground; her heart was filled with endless shock.

“Hahaha……” Jing Yue gave several hollow laughs and silently wiped her cold sweats; the speed of these stories was too quick, now the second Prince must be having some intention to kill her right?

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ShangGuan LingLan stared at Jing Yue and asked curiously: “How did you tame those wolves?”

“It’s probably because I grew up drinking wolf’s milk, so these wolves think I am one of their comrades.” Jing Yue shrugged carelessly and spoke.

“You grew up drinking wolf’s milk!? What about your parents?” ShangGuan LingLan suddenly felt Jing Yue’s life experience must had been very rough; a distinct feeling indescribably rose in her heart, she really wanted to get close to Jing Yue.

“Who knows?” Jing Yue turned her head away, showing a ‘doesn’t want to talk about it’ look.

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Jing Yan took a step forward, she smiled as she stared at Jing Yue, taking an appearance of good sister; blinking her eyes staring at Jing Yue, she asked: “How did you and Ninth Huang Shu know each other? They say…… Ninth Huang Shu is really good towards you……” Jing Yue, baffled, glanced at Jing Yan and said: “I forget.”

“Forget!?” Jing Yan’s voice suddenly sharpened which she then immediately showed a shy smile again and said: “Huang Fei’s joking; how could you forget this kind of thing right?”

“I don’t want to remember so I just forget; what does it have to do with you?” Jing Yue rolled her eyes and turned back to walk away without looking at Jing Yan.

“You wait!” a thread of anger flashed across Jing Yan’s face; looking at Jing Yue who was about to walk away, she promptly called to stop her.

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“Is there something else? Big miss!” Jing Yue impatiently turned around and looking at Jing Yan bewilderedly; did this woman’s brain have some kind of problem? Couldn’t she see that she was very impatient?  She didn’t have any relation to herself, why on earth would she want to talk to her?

“I just want to ask, what are you wearing on your neck?” Jing Yan’s eyes flashed faintly as she looked at Jing Yue and asked.

“Don’t know, picked it up.” Jing Yue carelessly said a sentence and turned her body toward Xing Yi and said: “You’re still staring to do what? Bring these two guys back to the Wangfu; went out for a trip, how could there be so much problems!”

“Yes.” Xing Yi bowed and answered a word, he then began to command those armored soldiers to use their pikes and carry the two gray wolves up on their shoulders back into the Wangfu. A group of misses and common people left behind them were staring blankly.

Jing Yan returned to the Prime Minister’s Residence with a lot of load on her mind; a maid came in front of her, looked at her face and somewhat worriedly asked: “Miss, what happened to you?”

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