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Published at 26th of June 2017 10:44:20 PM

Chapter 51

Drinking the Water on the Plate

“Jing Yan, is she telling the truth?” ZiLing turned her head around to give Jing Yan a cold stare. Once she saw the panic in Jing Yan’s eyes, ZiLing suddenly felt what Jing Yue had said became even more reasonable and her complexion instantly sank down.

Jing Yan smiled trying to win ZiLing’s favor, opened her mouth and said: “Prin…… princess, don’t listen to her rubbish words, she is just trying to incite a conflict between us.”

“I see you’re the one who’s saying rubbish words!” ZiLing suddenly showed a furious expression and gritted her teeth to stare at Jing Yan, feeling the waves of pain that came from her wrist all along. Finally, she raised her hand, slapped Jing Yan’s small face and scolded: “Slut! You actually dare to use this princess!”

“Ah!” Jing Yan covered her cheek; her eyes widened and she stared at ZiLing in disbelief. She had been friends with ZiLing for a long time; she had never expected that their friendship would actually be completely ruined just with a few words from Jing Yue; ZiLing even went as far as to hit her!

“Let’s go!” ZiLing’s wrist was a bit swollen. She turned around and left with fury in her heart; ‘Jing Yue, you actually dared to wound this princess! This princess absolutely would never let you go!’

Jing Yan stood still in stupefaction and watched princess ZiLing and everyone left. She slowly hung her head down as she received everyone’s pointed fingers and blames; ‘did she ever receive this kind of treatment? Everything is because of you, Jing Yue!’

Jing Yan’s lowered eyes were filled with bitter resentment. She ferociously clenched her fists before she finally turned around and left with a drooped head. Jing Yan and ZiLing these two people didn’t attend the class for three days in a row, it was said that they had cold and would come when they got better. Jing Yue lived in absolute comfort in those three days.

Of course, that would be the case if she had ignored those nauseating etiquettes lessons.

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“Straightened up your waist! Raised your arm! Jing Yue, where are your eyes looking at?” At this moment, Jing Yue was holding a teapot up with a completely rigid body.

‘Isn’t it only to pour some water? How could there be so many broken rules!?’

Yun momo, who sat high above and about to drink a cup of tea, was indifferently watching everyone’s unsteady manner in holding their tea cups. She repeatedly shook her head and said: “Even a drop of water cannot be spilled! Who dares to spill, they can personally drink and finish the water from their plate!”

There was a slight movement in Jing Yue’s thought; her eyes suddenly went bright. She stared at Yun momo and asked: “Does it mean I can stop pouring if I drink this water?”

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“What?” Yun momo was dumbfounded and stared at Jing Yue in confusion. However, once she saw Jing Yue’s actions, she suddenly started to cough.

“Ke ke ke (cough)…… what are you doing?” Yun momo asked; her eyes went wide when she saw Jing Yue leaned toward a plate.

“Didn’t momo say that the water spilled on the plate has to be drunk? I wasn’t careful and spilled all of the water out, so right now I’m working very hard to drink all of it!” Jing Yue spoke in a deadpanned manner while still calmly drinking the water on the plate.



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“LanLan, how many hours are left before I can stop?” Under the scorching sun, Jing Yue was standing with a very straight body on the courtyard. She was carrying a plate on her head with a face that seemed like she was about to cry.

“There are still about two hours left, try to persevere.” On one side, ShangGuan LingLan and Ning XiangYuan, the two persons sat, each holding a small umbrella to block the sunlight. They were even holding various types of pastries in their other hands; accompanied by tea, they leisurely ate and drank.

Jing Yue swallowed her saliva when she saw the two persons’ eating movements from the side of her eyes. Suddenly, the plate on her head started to unsteadily sway left and right. Jing Yue was practically about to cry and hastily stiffened her body to balance that plate.

“Take advantage of Yun momo isn’t here! Quick! Let me eat something! I’m about to starve to death.” Jing Yue stared at ShangGuan LingLan, opened her mouth and spoke.

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