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Chapter 11

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Appearing within his range was a team of humans, four males two females. Three of the males and one female where holding different weapons and where adorned with armor. While the remaining male and female where dressed in robes like wizards with what looked like wands in their hands. Their ranks where at the fourth level. Then mark noticed that they seemed to be running from something. Entering his range behind them was an orange lion with red manes like fire. It was a Flaming berserk lion a mid Stage 5 Demon beast.

It seems like they've been running from it for a while, since they looked exhausted.

"Guys, if we keep running it will catch up to us. We have no choice but to face it." the male mage said.

"Shut up Luke, this is your fault. I told you not to attack it but nooo you just had to show off your magic. And of all places to attack it just had to be it's ass" Annoyed the warrior using an axe replied

"If you guys want to argue then stop running and do it, don't worry when we will inform people in town about your heroic 'fight' ok" Said the female mage.

"Becky is right. We won't forget about your sacrifice." relied the great sword using warrior

"You see Andrew agrees with me." Said Becky

"Will you guys quit it. We have a crazy beast behind us and you guys are taking it as a vacation. And James Shut up you taunted Luke into it so it's also your fault. Said the sword user.

"Can we talk about the problem at hand now. Cause i can't keep running." said the bow user

"Alice is right, battle it out. But what is a fifth Stage beast looking for in the outer region?" James said.

"This is Kaporal forest, anything can happen." Said Becky

"Ok then, battle formation. Lets show this beast what we are made off." Shouted Andrew

With that they stopped and got into a formation like experienced soldiers. In a few seconds the lion reached them and a desperate struggle broke out.


[Mission Alert

This chapter is scrapped from

Mission details: Save the Humans

Reward: 10,000xp

Failure: lose of all skills. ]

Shocked "How do you expect me to save them, that's just plain suicide." But even with his protest he got no response from the system. Frustrated he ran closer to the battling group while thinking of how to save them. The desperate struggle was about to become a one sided slaughter, having no other choice but to interfere now he climbed a tree while bringing out his already summoned black daggers when he was fifteen meters away then began using it to attack the lion distracting it. Noticing it's distraction James used his fighting skill coating his axe with lightening before hacking at the head of the lion. Reacting fast, the lion dodged the strike but was confronted with an ice spear, opening its mouth it realized a ball of flames at the spear when suddenly it felt a searing pain coming from it's rear end. This was caused by mark who used his black daggers to pierce it's defenseless ass. Though embarrassing, he had no choice. That attack caused immense pain to it causing it to roar. While roaring in anguish Andrew slashed at its throat with his mana coated great sword cutting of it's roar and killing it.


[Mission completed

You gained 10,000xp

You Leveled up

Congratulations. You gained skill: Dagger Mastery Lv 1

Check Status for more info. ]
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