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Chapter 16

Since this was his first team battle (not counting the shadow clones) Mark searched for demon beasts that required joint work . After some minutes he found the nesting site of a flock of Stage 2 Green feathered Sparrows .

"Listen up . Ahead of us is a flock of sparrows, their elemental attribute is air and are known for being aggressive to intruders . Our battle plane is simple, i will go and attract their attention and lead them to a place densely packed with trees, while you follow from behind unnoticed . When you get into position we will perform a pincer attack and eliminate them . Do you understand?" Said Mark giving of a commanding aura .

"Yes, but did you have to say all that? You could have just inform me mentally . " Replied Derek confused .

[He has always wanted to do that . You should have seen him when he first summoned his shadow clone . ]

"*cough* Just follow my lead . " Embarrassed he changed the subject . Moving towards the flock he summoned a dark spear and attacked a nest knocking it to the ground with the eggs in it . Angered by his attack about thirty sparrows dived at him .

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Seeing that he successfully gained their attention, he fled into the woods leading them while sill using dark spear to anger them . Behind them Derek followed .

Reaching a place where they couldn't fly easily, Mark stopped and turned to face them . Removing his Black daggers from his inventory he began his attack . Startled by his unexpected attack they made a quick retreat . But sadly they where met with Derek's attack, trying to fly upwards they realized they there was no way out . With no other choice they decided to attack back .

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Mark was having an easy time killing them due to his God's eye and the range of his Black daggers not allowing any of them to escape . Communicating with Derek they used their daggers to surround the sparrows placing them in the middle while using one dagger each to slaughter them and the ones surrounding them to prevent them from escaping .

One by one corpses of Green winged sparrows fell to the ground due to their joint work . When the last one fell Mark received and alert that Derek leveled up, not satisfied with their speed they went searching for other demon beasts .

Two weeks had gone by and Derek's strength had risen a lot now at level 24 while Mark was at level 29 even with only 10% xp . It was dark and they where sitting by a Stage 3 Floral Deer roasting over a fire made by Mark who was busy sprinkling salt and spices on it to give it a pleasant taste ( a mouse cooking?) .

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His actions caused the aroma of his 'specialty' to intensify and spread, after some minutes, he created a new Black dagger then cut off a leg before storing the rest . Then he cut part of the leg and gave it to Derek who had been salivating . Saying a short blessing they began eating when they suddenly felt a piercing killing intent .

Not far from them in the dark they saw two violet eyes staring at them, quickly using God's eye Mark was shocked by what he saw . The eyes came closer into the illumination of the fire's light . The figure in front of them Was a Stage 4 Five Clawed . . . . . Baby Dragon?