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Chapter 2

"Hey system i need an explanation . What the hell is this?" I demanded .

[ . . . Your new body]

"Don't give me that smart-ass answer . Why a mouse?" I asked .

[Because the last animal you saved was a mouse and reincarnating you as a human would look suspicious and God couldn't decide on what else . . . so there you have it]

"Seriously, that lazy ass old man, he has all the time to think about it . What can a mouse achieve, i can't even protect myself" I said feeling frustrated .

[You will just have to make do with what you have . The system has different functions to help you complete your mission . Like Stats, Mission, Shop and inventory are currently available . ]

"Wait, you are an evolution system right, then then there must be a bloodline function too right?" I asked hopeful .

[Host shouldn't misunderstand, my purpose is not to change or enhance your bloodline but to give you possible and hidden evolution routes as you grow . ]

"Just kill me and be done with it, how do you expect me to grow stronger?" I asked .

[For now completing missions . Like . . . . ]


[Mission Alert

Mission: Survive for Two Hours

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Reward: 100xp, Information on current world .

Failure: Death . ]

"Survive? From wh_"


Before i could finish my question, i got my answer . There about 20m from me where some gigantic monsters (They looked big to me) glaring at one even bigger monster . A pack of red wolves and a gorilla preparing to fight each other . Then their details popped up

Name: Blood Wolf

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Rank: Low Stage 3

Name: Iron back Gorilla

Rank: High Stage 3

Without much thought i turned and fled . Sadly i forgot i wasn't human again fell . Getting up and trying to run on all fours, which i must say is very awkward, but after a while i manged not to stumble . Feeling proud of my accomplishment my thought was interrupted with the sound or collision and roars .

"I need a place to hide . System any ideas?" I asked

[I'm not surposed to give you tips but, since this is your first mission, then i will over look it . ]

"Just tell me already!" I shouted feeling desperate .

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[Host should look for a hole to hide . ]

"Where am i going to find that?" I Asked

[ . . . . ]

"Ahhhhhh!" 'This system is useless'

Running as fast has my legs could carry me, i found an opening under a tree . Rushing to get to it i noticed that i could see the fight behind me without looking back . Then i remembered the skill God's eye that i had . But before that the fight was getting closer to my location which made me run faster . Finally securing a hiding spot and hiding, the fight reached about 5m from my hiding place .

Watching the battle i understood for the first time in my new life what kind of hardship i was going to face . The blood wolves with their superior speed kept on slashing and biting at the gorilla while the gorilla was too slow to even touch them . Have no other choice the gorilla pulled a tree to use as a weapon, which proved effective . By now the fight reached my location . I decided to move deeper under the tree so as to be safe when .

*BANG* I was out .