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Chapter 5

In the outer region of Kaporal, we see a blurry figure moving through the woods . Suddenly pouncing on an unaware lizard . The only thing it saw before it's death was a blur .

The blurred figure is none other than our adorable mouse *cough*, i mean our MC who till now doesn't have a name . Then an eerie sound, frightening the creatures around was heard .


"NINJAA!" (to the MC . )

[ . . . . . You know as a mouse you can't talk yet]

"Eh, then what have i been doing since?"

[ . . . . . Do you want to know what you really sound like?]

"That silence before you replied makes me not wanting to know . "

[Ok . And congratulations on reach the peak of Level 10 . To become a demon beast, you need to kill a stage one beast]

"Wait a stage one beast?"

[Yes . So as to fulfill the condition for your first evolution]


[Congratulations on killing a Green Scaled Lizard]

[You gained 5xp]

[You have 2xp to use after your Evolution . ]

" . . . . "

[Mission Alert

Mission: Kill a stage 1 beast

Time limit: 24 hours

Reward: Evolution to a Demon beast

Failure: Remain as a Stage 0 beast till you die]

"F**k . Great, just great . "

Feeling frustrated he decided to check his status .

Host Status

Name: Not Given

Race: Forest Mouse

Level: 10 (1,500/1,500)


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Hp- 55/55

Sp- 44/50

Strength- 10

Defense- 10

Speed- 10

Dexterity- 10

Vitality- 10

Stat Points: 40



God's Eye Lv 1;

Absorb Lv 2; 5%


Dash Lv 8;

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Silent step Lv 9;

Bite Lv4;

Tail whip Lv2;

Having spent seven weeks to reach this level was not 'easy' for him . Struggling to stay safe and find food, so pitiful ( more like those pitiful creatures) . Now he has to face the greatest battle of his life .

"System, about my status point . What optimal may can i use it?" He asked .

[I can't decide for you . ]

" . . . O K, then . . errr add 5points to strength and defence, and 10 to speed, dexterity and vitality . " He said .

[Please wait . . . . Done]

"Wow, that felt refreshing . Show me my stats . " Feeling good he said .

Host Status

Name: Not Given

Race: Forest Mouse

Level: 10


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Hp- 105/105

Sp- 93/100

Strength- 15

Defense- 15

Speed- 20

Dexterity- 20

Vitality- 20

Stat Points: 0

"Now all i need to do is look for a stage 1 beast . That should be easy . " He said .

Wandering through the forest while using God's eye to look for a suitable demon beast to fight . After searching for about an hour he found his nemesis, a black cat with white strips . Checking it's details .

Name: Silver Striped Bob cat .

Rank: Low Stage 1 .

Seeing the cat and evil idea surfaced in his mind . While keeping the silver striped cat withing his range, he decided to set a trap for it . He took a vine he found and went to the location of some common birds, caught three of them and tied them together (poor souls) . Checking the direction the silver striped cat was going towards, he went ahead of it tied the end of the vine to a branch of a tree making the birds dangle down close to the ground . He then forcefully feed them some paralysis inducing mushrooms when the cat was 10 meters away before using silent step to hide close by .

"(Evil grin) This will be fun . " He said