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Chapter 9

[Compiling please wait]

[Skill list:

Hp Regeneration; 200Ep

Mp Regeneration; 300Ep

Sp Regeneration; 150Ep

Shadow Clone; 500Ep

Shadow possession; 700Ep

Shadow World; 1200Ep

Hex; 300Ep

Dark Element manipulation; 500Ep

Metal Element manipulation; 500Ep ]

[These are the skills you can afford now]

"Yeah, just tell me that i'm too poor . Is that shadow clone skill what i think it is?" In anticipation he asked .

[Shadow Clone: Summons a shadow to help in battle . Each shadow has 70% of the summoner in the night and 30% in the day . Every increase in Skill level adds an extra shadow . Cost 30mp . Last for 5min . ]

"It's still good . Give me Shadow clone, Hp, Mp and Sp regeneration skill, oh and Dark element manipulation . I have an idea on what to use it for . " He said

[That's a total of 1650Ep . You have 330Ep left]

"Good . Show me List of items i need and can buy" He stated

[Compiling please wait]

[Item list:

Low Rank Hp Potion- 10Ep

Low Rank Mp Potion- 20Ep ]

"That's it?" Surprised he asked

[As a Demon beast what did you expect?]

"Should have known . Just give me ten of each, who knows when i will need it . " He ordered .

[That's a total of 300Ep . Please check your inventory ]

Checking it he saw his purchase in it . So he decided to check his stats .

[Host Status

Name: Not Given

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Race: Shadow Mouse (Variant)

Level: 13 (552/4000)


Hp- 390/390

Sp- 340/340

Strength- 34

Defense- 39

Speed- 44

Dexterity- 44

Vitality- 39

Intelligence- 49

Stat Points: 0

Evo Points: 30


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God's Eye Lv 2;

Absorb Lv 3;

Iron Body Lv 1;

Claw Growth Lv 2;

Killing intent Lv 1;

Warrior's Heart Lv 2;

Hp Regeneration increase Lv 1;

Mp Regeneration increase Lv 1;

Sp Regeneration increase Lv 1;

Dark Element manipulation v 1;


Shadow step Lv 3;

Dark swipe Lv 1;

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Slash Lv 2;

Tail Slash Lv 2;

Bite Lv4;

Dark Spear Lv 2;

Shadow Clone Lv 1;

Elemental Affinity;

Dark Affinity .

Metal Affinity .

System Functions:

Mission Board

System Shop


Lottery ]

After checking his stats, he continued his slaughter .