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Chapter 678: 678

Chapter 678: Gu Mengmeng Invites Burke

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Elvis chuckled and he held Gu Mengmeng’s little face with both his hands . “If I could turn back time, I will go through that long period of suffering again . I will choose to undergo even more toil and grind, to become an even better version of myself to receive you, protect you and look after you . ”

 Gu Mengmeng lowered her eyes . “I would rather you to be a little weaker and have to undergo less suffering . ”

 Elvis kissed Gu Mengmeng’s delicate face . “If I was weaker, I would probably never have met you, you silly girl . ”

 Gu Mengmeng looked up, her eyes full of tenderness and aching .

 Elvis pinched her little nose . “Alright, let’s stop talking about me . Let’s discuss about Cole . That fellow… we must guard against him . ”

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 Lea nodded . “The injured have more or less recovered . We cannot continue sitting here to wait for Cole’s next move . If he does not do anything in another three days, we will continue towards Saint Nazaire .

 Gu Mengmeng nodded and pondered for a moment . “Maybe… I should conform to Cole’s script . ”

Lea looked askance at Gu Mengmeng with a stern expression . “What are you intending to do?”

 Gu Mengmeng gave a light laugh at patted Lea’s shoulders . “Don’t worry, I will not mess around like before . The current me is a wise, old demon . ”

 Lea smiled at Gu Mengmeng’s words and nodded . “Tell me your plan and we will discuss it . ”

 Gu Mengmeng nodded and shared her thoughts .

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 The frowns on Lea’s and Elvis’ faces deepened as they listened . In the end, Elvis was clenching his fists so tightly that his bones cracked, while his brows were in knots . “I think I would rather just kill Burke and then make our way back to Saint Nazaire, while waiting for Cole to make his next move . ”

 Lea nodded . “I agree . ”

 Gu Mengmeng propped her cheek on one hand . “How will you answer to Kanwu if you kill Burke? Moreover, as Lea said, Burke is just a bait set by Cole . He is also an innocent party being used . Why take his life?”

 The other two knew Gu Mengmeng too well . They knew she had already made up her mind just by that look on her face .


 Apart from sighing, Elvis and Lea could only go over the plan repeatedly, to ensure no room for mistakes .

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 That night, Kanwu was once again full of injuries when Burke led him and his brothers back for dinner .

 Gu Mengmeng held Kanwu in her arms as she comforted him and listened to his stories of today’s progress . She cupped his little face and gave him a tender kiss .

 “Burke, for your training session tomorrow… can you bring me along? Gu Mengmeng turned towards Burke as she made her request .

 Burke gave a slight start before instinctively looking at Elvis and Lea .

 Elvis and Lea both looked away as a show of silent consent .

 Burke couldn’t rein in the look on his face . He thought that he was already doing all he could for Gu Mengmeng by training Kanwu . The dinner every night was the part of the day he looked forward to the most . He never expected for the chance to get even closer to her . It was like a dream come true .

 Gu Mengmeng gazed at Burke’s rapidly shifting expressions and cleared her throat . “Would it be… convenient?”

 Burke hurriedly shook his head . “No inconvenience . None at all . ”

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