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Chapter 941: 941

Chapter 941: Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me

The white mist dissipated, revealing a two-seater wooden bench on a small patch of green grass . The Beast Deity was sitting there with his face tilted upwards and his eyes closed . He looked just like a cultivated youth enjoying the sunshine in a park .

And she had to call this youthful-looking chap daddy . Gu Mengmeng had felt weird about this at the start, but after addressing him so all this while… she had gotten used to it .

“Daddy…” Gu Mengmeng sat down right beside the Beast Deity and grinned at him .

The Beast Deity seemed to already know Gu Mengmeng was coming . He answered with a foggy, “Mmm, my daughter has returned . ”

Gu Mengmeng glanced at the Beast Deity out of the corner of her eye . “You look very tired . ”

The Beast Deity shook his head with a smile . “Nothing . I just came back from listening to a sermon . In your world, it’s called a meeting, where we listen to our leaders speak . ”

Gu Mengmeng laughed . “Then you really should be tired . ”

“No matter, having my daughter come watch television with me will refresh me . ” He smiled and raised his hand to wave but paused . “I will give you your pocket money after we finish watching television . ”

“Mmm . ” Gu Mengmeng really felt like an unfilial daughter . Without even the need for her to say anything, her lonely old dad already knew she must have come back to ask for some favor .

Next time, she should visit him now and then even when she had no favor to ask?

After all, she had called him daddy for so long, must she be one of the strawberry generation who only went home when they needed to ask for money?

The Beast Deity nodded before giving a huge wave . The white mist parted and the scene before them was the canteen of the college which Gu Mengmeng used to study at .

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Snakel had pulled Gu Mengmeng to a window seat and the two of them sat facing the window, shoulder to shoulder .

This was originally a four-seater but Snakel had used his special rights to reserve it for his sole use for meals . The delicacies he ate was also not from the communal pot in the canteen, but had been cooked on the spot by a personal chef in a separate kitchen .

Gu Mengmeng was at a loss for words . She turned and asked Snakel . “Why come to the canteen if you are not eating the canteen food? Wouldn’t it better just to head to a restaurant outside to eat . ”

Snakel chuckled . With an elegant gesture, he used the chopsticks in his left hand to pick up some food and placed it between his lips . He chewed for a few moments before swallowing . Only then did he answer Gu Mengmeng’s question . “This is the fastest way to let everyone know you are mine . ”

Gu Mengmeng looked down at her left hand, which Snakel had been holding the entire time . “Eh, let go of my hand first . ”

Snakel raised one brow . “Why?”

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Gu Mengmeng said, “It’s not convenient to eat like that . ”

Snakel asked, “Don’t you usually use your right hand to eat?”

Gu Mengmeng stared at the clock on the wall . In less than five minutes, students would be pouring in to have their meal . The rumor mill would really go wild if they saw Snakel holding her hand like that . She tried to shake him off, but Snakel’s hand was as unmovable as a piece of iron . Gu Mengmeng had no choice but to try a soft approach . “I am afraid you will be inconvenienced . ”

Snakel chuckled and raised the chopsticks in his left hand . “Right from a young age, I have practiced doing most things with my left hand . For example, eating, writing… all so that my right hand can be free to do more important things, such as holding you . ”

Gu Mengmeng blushed a deep red . Being bombarded by Snakel’s earnest sweet nothings made her blood pressure shoot up to the skies .

“I… I…I… I am your special assistant, not your girlfriend . It is not appropriate for you to hold me like this . ” Gu Mengmeng stuttered .

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