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Chapter 945: 945

hapter 945: Tyrant Senior Falls In Love With Me

Gu Mengmeng stared woodenly at Snakel . After a three-second pause, she finally reacted to Snakel’s action with a deep blush .

Snakel stared at her bashful manner with warm eyes . He held up a palm towards her . “Twomeng, give me your hand and I will answer your question . ”

Gu Mengmeng was still in a heady state and before she thought it through, she just placed her own hand in Snakel’s .

Snakel closed his fingers with a smile . He liked Gu Mengmeng blushing for him

She was not adverse towards him and didn’t dislike him . She was just resistant… resistant due to a lack of knowledge about their destiny .

No matter, he was confident of breaking her resistance . She was his . She could only be his .

Holding Gu Mengmeng’s little hand, Snakel’s jade-green eyes reflected the sunlight, shining upon Gu Mengmeng’s face . With a voice as uplifting as a breeze during springtime, he said, “I don’t want to waste the best of me on people who don’t matter . I want to reserve every bit of myself for you . ”

Gu Mengmeng’s eyes nearly popped out of her sockets as she choked out a dry laughter . “Haha… ha…”

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“You don’t believe me?” Snakel raised one brow . “Over the past 19 years, apart from you, I have not spoken to any other female, including my own mother . I can also count the number of men I have spoken to on one hand . Unless absolutely necessary, I don’t want to talk to anyone . ”

Gu Mengmeng believed this .

Otherwise, Snakel would not have been mistaken for a mute even after attending school for over a year .

Snakel held Gu Mengmeng’s hand tightly . “The number of words I have spoken to you over these two days, is more than the total of all I have said in the past 19 years . ”

Gu Mengmeng was dumbstruck . She didn’t know how to react .

“Do you still not understand? I belong to you, and only you . ”

“And something that belongs to you cannot be wasted on anyone else . ”

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Gu Mengmeng didn’t know how she managed to finish eating her meal . She was in a dazed state the entire time .

Snakel was probably just playing with her?

Why was he treating her so special?

The fact that he didn’t speak with others was no lie—not only did the whole campus think he was a mute, even the reporters who had tried to interview him during his past swimming competitions could not squeeze a single word out of him . So the entire world thought he was a mute .

But this mute had suddenly spoken up one day, and only to her .

A scheme in the making for the past 19 years just “playing”?

Gu Mengmeng’s heart got a sudden jolt .

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Looking up, Gu Mengmeng bit her bottom lip as she gazed back at Snakel . “Do you like me?”

Snakel smiled . He was smiling at the fact that Gu Mengmeng would actually ask him such a silly question .

But if she wished to hear him say it, he was willing to repeat it a thousand times a day .

“I like you . I like you so much that it will not be enough for me even if I can give you the whole world . ”

“I like you . I like you so much that I want to seal myself away so that I can present a completely untainted version of myself to you . ”

“I like you . I like you so much that even as I am holding your hand now, I still miss you . ”

“I like you . I like you so much that I am willing to stand right in the spotlight even though I hate it, just so I can have you look at me one more time . ”

“I like you . I like you so much that even if I have to leave behind the entire world, I am willing to be your lonely hero and protect you from everything . ”

“So, what is your answer? When do you plan to start liking me?”

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