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Published at 19th of October 2016 07:41:58 AM

Chapter 47

We came to the dwelling cave of the sea dragon .

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All kidnapped mermaids are apparently still alive .

It’s fortunate that they are not edible .
But, if that’s the case then the reason for kidnapping them was「Indecent acts」or「Sexual molestation」 . It was the right choice to leave Filia and Shiro back in the Mermaid Village .

Even if I save them, the scars on their hearts can’t be healed .
How depressing…… is what I thought, but――

「Welcome ba~ck」
「Huh, guests?」
「Humans in the sea, how rare~」

The mermaids jump out of the cave .

「…… They look perfectly fine……?」

Tira stares in wonder .
Moreover, not a single one is restricted, they can escape if they’d like .

I inform the mermaids that I came to help them .

「Eh~ do we have to return?」
「This place is quite comfortable, you see~」
「I mean, there’s that loud old hag in the village」

They refuse to return back to the village .

「Oi . You didn’t brainwash these children, did you?」

「We didn’t do such thing!」「We did not, we did not!」

When I glare at him, the sea dragon shakes his head in panic .
In fact, there’s no abnormality with the girls when I examine them with the appraisal .

「It’s simply thanks to our charm!」「Yeah, yeah!」

The sea dragon puffs out his chest with pride .
When I thought what the hell is he talking about, the mermaids started noisily competing while approaching the sea dragon .

「Nee, suck it again!」
「Ah, not fa~ir! It’s my turn this time!」

Suck? What are they talking about……?

「In order! Order!」

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「I will properly suck everyone, so don’t quarrel among yourselves」

Then, we witnessed an unbelievable scene .

The sea dragon started sucking on the mermaids’ breasts .


Tira and Ellen stiffen at the sudden immoral sexual act in front of them .

「This person’s sucking feels so good……」
「We have become addicted!」

The mermaid who has her boobs sucked says in trembling voice with ecstasy all over her face .

「Ah, left and right are stimulated at the same time…… extremely, good……」

I see, this fellow has two mouths so he can suck two boobies at once~

「Stop bullshitting meeee!」


I hammer my fists to the double-headed dragon’s heads in anger .
Then I shout from the bottom of my heart .

「Let me suck some boobs toooo!!」

「It was that!?」

「I don’t mind, but……」「If they are okay with it……」


I look at the mermaids with bloodshot eyes .

「I don’t want to」「Me too」「Me too~」「I feel like I would get bitten……」


No, it’s too early to give up! Don’t I have brides!

「Tira, my lifetime request . Let me suck!」

「Definitely not!」

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「Then, Ellen!」

「I, I don’t want it too!」

「I will suck you gently!」

「「That is not the problem here!」」

I hang my head dejectedly at the two’s flat refusal .
Aaah, is there no god in this world……

I look at the sea dragon sucking on boobs from the corner of my eye .

「Shit…… so jealous……」

I notice something while grinding my teeth .

「…… Isn’t there a prejudice in the boobs volume……?」

The mermaids brought by the sea dragon .
They are easily split into the Big boobs group and small boobs group, there’s no middle size .

「I told that I’m good only with huge breasts, but this idiot wouldn’t shut up」

「Haa? You are the idiot here, okay? What is good about huge boobs? Isn’t that just a lump of fat?」

The two heads suddenly start to quarrel .

「To not recognize the value of this softness, doesn’t that make you the idiot?」

「The small one’s sensitivity is better! To not understand the value of excited girl’s face, you are the idiot for not recognizing that!」

「Ha, we are arguing about breasts, yet you argue with something not related to breasts!」

「That thought is a crime against boobs! Boobs and girls are inseparable!」

「Huge boobs are packed with romance! Tiny boobs are not packed with anything!」

「The density of love in small ones is deeper!」

「Huge boobs are supreme!」

「No, tiny boobs are the best!」

…… Wha, is it okay to pluck this fellow’s necks .
I shout loudly .

「Both of them are naturally greeeeaaaaaaaat!!」

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The size of breats doesn’t matter!
That is the truth of this world!

「Tira’s tiny boobs, Ellen’s huge boobs, I love them both dearly!! Therefore, let me suck on them pretty pleaseeee!!」

「「I refuse!」」


◇ ◇ ◇


I somehow persuaded the unwilling mermaids and brought them back to the village with me .
It’s up to them what they want to do, but everyone in the village is worried about them, so they should show themselves first to let them know that they are healthy .

「Ooo…… I’m glad you are okay……」

The old hag welcomes the kidnapped mermaids with shaking voice .
She was probably that much worried .

「Guests…… how should I thank you…… in addition, I did something so rude……」

The old hag bows down her head in apologies .
Maa, I will think about the other mermaids and forgive her .

「Somehow, somehow, would you forgive us for this hag’s boobs? You can suck them, rub them anything you want!」

「Rather, I won’t forgive you for offering me those withered boobs!?」

It was at the time I inserted tsukkomi with all my might .

「Wh, what, those boobs……?」
「I, I have never seen something like that before……?」

The main culprit of this accident, the sea dragon looks at the hag’s boobs in shock .
That’s only natural . That is no longer boobs . It’s something entirely different .

「W, wonderful!」
「That is definitely――」


「「――A new form of boooobs!!」」


…… Eh?
Poka~n the sea dragon glances at us and approaches the old hag .

「Please! Won’t you let me suck on those boobs!」
「I would also like to suck on them by all means!」

「Kakaka! My boobs are not cheap, you know?」

Rather than cheap, they are complete garbage .

「I, I will do anything!」
「Somehow, please!」

「If you plead that much, it can’t be helped nou」


The sea dragon leaps towards the old hag’s boobs .
The hag’s fish body convulses .


Stop it! I don’t want to hear old hag’s moans!

「Ooo! Amazing, this feeling is so amazing!」
「Really! It’s totally different from the boobs I have sucked until now!」

The two heads shout together .


「「We have searched for boooobs like these!!」」


Thus, the long dispute between the dragon’s head came to an end .
Thanks to them losing interest in huge and tiny boobs, the mermaids decided to return to the village .
On the contrary, the chief left the village and decided to live together with the double-headed dragon .

And they lived happily ever after .


「Isn’t she too heartless!?」
「I think so too……」

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