Behind your Mask is a Beautiful Smile

Behind your Mask is a Beautiful Smile
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The warmth of the sunlight that was shining through the window landed on the girl's flawless face. Her eyelashes fluttered rapidly as her hands clenched onto her blanket tightly. She chanted, "No! No! Don't.. please.. I beg you stop! Ahh!!" She gasped for breath as she wiped the layer of cold sweat off her forehead. She looked at her phone and laid in bed after realizing that she was in her apartment. 'I'm safe.. it's alright.. safe..' After calming down, she took a quick shower and looked into the mirror. "Yang Ya Nuo! you got this! New day, new beginning!" She got dressed in a male school uniform and applied her makeup and wig. Within the next 15 minutes, her beautiful jade like face transformed into a handsome young man's face. "Aha! That should do it! Handsome like always. Breakfast time~" 
Since young, Ya Nuo learned how to change her voice to sound like a male's voice in case she needed it one day. Unlike girls at her age who liked to hang out with friends and go shopping, she only loves one thing, food! She works three part time jobs and is attending a famous school on a scholarship that covers full tuition. 
She cheerfully walked to the kitchen to see what's there to make for breakfast. When she opened the fridge, she saw nothing, but a piece of sausage inside. Sigh.. "I paid for rent and ran out of money to restock for grocery."
Ding Dong
"Who is it?" she said in a grumpy tone.
"Yo!" Xu Huan Hei greeted her with a hand wave.
"Is it time already? There's still half an hour before the usual time you come to get me for school." 
"Nope! But I do have something I want to discuss with you." he smiled dazzlingly. He was the school's second most popular guy that every female wished to date. The number one ranked male student was Ya Nuo. These two met each other at a young age, but due to some reason Huan Hei never found out about her female gender. 
"I'm hungry. Let's talk food first."
"Here~ i already prepared a bag of groceries and two bacon, egg, and sausage for you" he winked.
Ya Nuo smirked, "Oh? Seems like it's something important hmm? Alright, let me enjoy my breakfast as we discuss your 'favor.'"
In the middle of enjoying her bacon, egg, and sausage, she suddenly spit out the mouthful of food onto Huan Hei. 
"will you be my girlfriend?" he asked confidently.
"Are you crazy?? I'm a guy! 100% male!"
"But you are so pretty, even girls say you have feminine features. I'm sure with a little makeup you'll look very cute!"
"... what's your reason?"
"A girl keeps pestering me and chasing after me to get into a relationship with her. I told her for the past two years that I'm not interested in any relationships, but she refused to listen. I accidentally slipped out and said I actually have a girlfriend... so she asked to meet her.. and I didn't have anyone that is trustworthy enough for this job."
"Pretty please"
"Come on~ I'll buy you lunch~"
"I'm not that cheap."
"Fine, 3 months worth of lunch and groceries!"
In the meantime, at a luxurious restaurant, a man with gray hair sipped his wine, "Did you guys find her yet?"
"No.. sir"
"Then why are you here? Go! Find her and bring her here! Don't come back and report bullshit to me!"

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