Birth of a beauty - Chapter 16

Published at 9th of January 2019 03:47:57 PM

Chapter 16

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As soon as Lanlan picks up the call , she hears Han Tiyun voice from the other side .

"Hey, Xiao Lan . . I just saw your few missed calls . . Actually i was busy playing basketball , so , i couldn't pick it up . What's the matter? " asked Han Tiyun .

Lanlan glanced at Wanwan before replying " I see . . I called you to ask if you are free tonight?" Lanlan thought he might misunderstand so she quickly explained " I mean HanT (Nickname of Han Tiyun) I heard you got selected in National Basketball championship . . So, let's celebrate tonight"

Han Tiyun let out a gentle laugh " Wow, news travels so fast . In fact i was going to invite you as our whole team is going to celebrate tonight . So, Will you mind joining us?!"

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Lanlan thought for a while before saying " Hey, why would i mind?! . . My bestfriend is the leader of the team so its ovious for me to join . . HanT, if you don't mind . . Can i bring someone with me?" Han Tiyun replied " Yeah, you can . "

Han Tiyun continued "Later I will come to your place to pick you up then " Lanlan denied " It's Ok . . I have some work So . . Don't bother . . We will come there on our own . Just send me the address . " Han Tiyun didn't insist " Ok then i will text you the address " He hung up and sent Lanlan the address .

After getting the address , Lanlan explained all thr things to Wanwan . Wanwan asked " So, Am i going with you tonight?! " Lanlan nodded and said " I simply thought of having celebration within us three then i will leave both of you to have some fun in private but the things turned out this way . . But also you have chance . Don't worry my sis . . I promise that i will definitly make you my bestfriend's girlfriend . "

Wanwan was sure that Lanlan will ask her something in return after fulfilling the promise . But, Wanwan didn't say anything about it and simply nodded .

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Lu San followed the two girls out of the cafeteria . He saw them talking over the phone . So, he waited for a while until they finished their chatting .

Wanwan and Lanlan were ready to leave the place but suddenly someone approached them from behind . Both turned around to see who it was . . They were shocked .

It was Lu San . .

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Wanwan and Lanlan both looked at eachother confusingly . Lu San stood in front of them . " Bro San . . What are you doing here?" asked Lanlan . Lu San smiled and said calmly " Actually, i needed your help?!"

Lanlan and Wanwan both said at the same time " Help?!" . Lu San nodded and continued " My phone's battery is dead, and i need to call someone urgently . So, Can you please lend me your phone for a while?!"

Lanlan was also one of the fans of Lu San . So when he was asking for her help, Her eyes lit up . Then, She immedietly handed her phone to Lu San . She thought Bro San i can even collect stars from the sky if you want it .

They were very happy because Lu San personally asked help from them but not from others . But they had no idea they fell into his trap!!

Lu San turned on the phone and noticed it required password . Lu San showed the screen to Lanlan and asked " What is the password?!" Lanlan shyly replied " Bro San . . It's . . . Ah . . The password is your birthday date "

Lu San and Wanwan were speechless . Lu San typed his birthday date as password and it indeed unlocked .


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Sorry lately i was busy with some kind of works so i couldn't publish new chapters on time . I will try my best to upload the chapters on time . And thank you all for your kind support and being patient . I hope you will keep supporting and enjoying my novels .