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Birth of a beauty - Chapter 17

Published at 9th of January 2019 03:47:56 PM

Chapter 17

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After unlocking the phone , Lu San pretended as he was dialing his friend's number . Before he put the phone in his ear, he said to them

" Girls, can i get some privacy, please?! . . I mean this call is something personal . . so . . You know what i mean!"

Hearing Lu San, Lanlan and Wanwan both blushed . As they thought Lu San was calling his lover ,so they hurriedly left that place . Before Lanlan left the place , she notified Lu San that he can give her phone back at the class .

Confirming there was no one around ,he hurriedly opened gallery . He thought he would hack her phone's password to open gallery but to his suprise there was no lock in the app .

He found the video which he was looking for . Taking a deep breath, he played the video . In the video, A girl fell on the ground fiercly while running out of train . Her head was lowered but Lu San knew the girl in the video .

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Is that girl Li Seulbi?!

As he thought this to himself, the girl in the video stood up and begin to walk slowly . He saw Li Seulbi's face . His eyebrows tightly knitted . He replayed the video from the start and watched it carefully .

So, the reason Li Seulbi was walking slowly before was because she was injured from the fall .

As this thought crossed his mind, his expression turned cold . He closed the gallery app and called Mo Xung through Lanlan's phone .

"Hello . . " Mo Xung's lazy sound was heard from the other side of phone . " I want you to destroy every files from this phone . " Lu San coldly cried .

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" Who the hell are you to order me, huh?!" Mo Xung shouted before realizing the voice sounded familiar . "Lu San, is it you?"

"Mhm . . " Lu San said . Mo Xung looked at the phone's screen before returning to the call "Hey, Did you change your phone number? . . And why are you making such a weird request like before?"

Lu San replied " I will explain to you later . First hack this phone and destroy every files . . As well put virus on this phone as before . "

Mo Xung was well known secret hacker in the school . Before it was Mo Xung who caused virus in Lanlan's phone when she was attempting to show Li Seulbi's video to Shi yun . It was also instructed by Lu San .

Mo Xung said " Okay but it may take some time . " Lu San hung up the phone . There was wave of coldness in his eyes .

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I wouldn't let anyone harm Li Seulbi . Not again . . Not anymore . .

He turned around and was ready to leave when he saw two familiar silhoutte's leaving the cafeteria . When the silhoutte disappeared far away, Lu San realized who they were .

Were they Li seulbi and Sister Reyi? . . If they were, then why they were together? . . Do Sister know Li Seulbi or it just my imagination?

As he was daze in his thought, the phone in his hand vibrated . The phone switched off automatically . Lu San's lips curved into evil smile . He left that place and returned to the class .


Class 1-3

Lanlan and Wanwan were talking while they entered the class .

"Who do you think Bro San was making a call?" asked Wanwan . "Of course, he mentioned personal . So, it was his girlfriend . Bro San is so cute . . Making personal conversation time to time with his lover . " Lanlan cried excitedly .

"I envy the girl so much . She must be so beautiful and lucky to have Lu San as her boyfriend" said Wanwan . " Oviously . . Bro San is every girl's dream boy including Sis Yun's . . If Sis Yun knew that Bro San has already a girl-"

Before Lanlan can complete the word " girlfriend" she heard familiar voice from behind .

" If i knew that Bro San already has a . . Hmm . . Lanlan, Tell me honestly . . What are hiding from me?!" Shi Yun coldly stared at Lanlan's back .

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