Birth of a beauty - Chapter 48

Published at 5th of June 2019 07:30:06 PM

Chapter 48

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Xi Mei's voice was not too loud but unfortunetly her sweet voice rang in Mo Xung's ears .

"Who the hell called me Fool? You fool, Your wh-" Mo Xung turned around towards the source of sound . Just as he was going to curse her whole family, he saw Xi Mei standing at the classroom's door and he froze .

Xi Mei was wearing the school uniform . Her long silky hair was styled in two pigtails leaving few strands of hair in the front . She wasn't wearing any makeup . But Her fair skin and small natural pink lips were enough for her to look adorable . Her appearance was neat and cute .

*Thud* Mo Xung's heart skipped a beat . His felt hot as his ears turned crimson red . His heart was beating too fast that he could clearly hear it . " Good morning everyone" Xi Mei smiled brightly before sitting on her seat .

Everyone were also stunned . Boys gapsed .

" Oh my my, the newbie is da*n cute . I think I have fallen in love with her . "

" Look, when she smiled, her beautiful crooked teeth and that dimples were so killer . "

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" But she just called Mo Xung a fool . She sure is courageous . "

" Right, No one dares to say that beside Xiao San . Though he acts like normal student but he is still known as great bully in this school . "

" I think Poor Transferre is unaware of it . I feel that Mo Xung is so angry . "

They looked at Mo Xung but after looking at the scene they were dumbfounded . Mo Xung was staring at Xi Mei without blinking and his ears were burning like he was looking at his love of life . Not only he wasn't angry he was also blushing .

Seeing that Girls began to feel jealous . But they didn't know that they will be in fire after someone's arrival . The classroom's door opened again .

This time It was Lin Xueqing . She was also wearing the school uniform but her uniform wasn't neatly ironed like Xi Mei rather it was . . quite messy .

Her black tie was loosen down at the level of her chest . One part of her shirt was over the black skirt as the other one was inside . She was wearing latest expensive Air Jordan III OG sneakers . Her short wavy hair was straighten down . She was putting blue headphone on .

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Despite her messy uniform, she was looking as cool as ever . Boys' eyes left Xi Mei and glued in Lin Xueqing . Lin Xueqing lazily entered the class and sat on her seat . She put her head down on her desk and closed her eyes .

"I almost forgot about our Lamborgini Goddess . She is so cool . "

" I think she don't like to wear school uniforms . . eh"

" But still in that way . . She looks so cooooool~"

" I feel so lucky . . Look outside to those boys from other classes looking at her while we are her classmates . "

" Too bad she isn't someone whom we can offend . Previous case still gets chills run down my spine . "

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" It was really terrifying . . Whose the lucky one who will have her as his girlfriend . . "

" Of Course some rich guy out there . . "

While the boys were chatting, someone entered the class . It was the class president , Qian Long . He was carrying registers and some important files . He placed it in the teacher's table .

" Teacher has some important work, So he might not make it today . So he ordered me to pass you some assignment as classwork . Please don't make noise and do the work . " Qian Long said calmly .

Students became annoyed at the announcement . They really hated Class assignments . Qian Long ignored them and began to distribute the papers .

When he reached in front of Lin Xueqing, He froze . She was sleeping and had her headphone on . He didn't know what to do . ' I can't call her out as she will not hear me . Should I shake her a bit or should I just give her later?' He was puzzled in his thoughts .

Others became curious about how their class president was going to manage to give her assignment . Qian Long scratched his head and mumbled in low voice " I simply can't touch her as my wish . . What if she becomes angry . . I can't imagine the consequences . . I should simply place it down . "

Just as Qian Long was bending down to place the paper under her desk , Lin Xueqing moved and lifted her head . Qian Long was stunned by the sudden movement . Their face were so close to eachother .

Lin Xueqing was also startled . Qian Long got this chance to take a close look at her face . Her face was fair and smooth . She had almost perfect facial features . Her rosy lips were so alluring . Her eyes were deep as they could suck him in it . But there was something like a birthmark in the left side of her forehead . It was small and wasn't too deep so noone could notice until one took a closer look . Qian Long breath hastened . He felt his ears burning .

"Oooooohh~" Other student teased them, Then only they came to their senses . Qian Long straighten his back and passed her the assignment paper . He took a last glance at her scar . 'Strange . . Where have I seen that mark?' Lin Xueqing looked at the assignment paper in her hand .

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath . She opened her pencil bag and took out a fountain pen . This pen looked really old fashioned but if taken a good look it was really precious and very expensive . She started to work on her assignment .

While she was writing, Others recieved the papers . When they saw their lamborgini goddess was writing her assignment, they were shocked . ' Is she talented?' Everyone had this thought .

Li Seulbi and Lu San also started to work on their assignment . Mo Xung smirked and placed the papers under his desk and put his head on his desk to sleep . ' As if I will write it . . Such a waste of the papers . . '

Xi Mei looked at the assignment and felt excited . " This is the first assignment after I entered this school . So, I should perform my best . Yes, Xiao Mei lets do this!"

Hearing this Mo Xung who was planning to sleep chuckled . Lu San who was calmly writing heard his beloved bully boy chuckling at little things, he shook his head . ' I guess I am not the only one to be in love . . ' He thought .