Birth of a beauty - Chapter 62

Published at 15th of January 2020 09:04:56 PM

Chapter 62

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That Same day;

At Megamax Fashion show;

There was only half an hour left before the show officially started . There were swarm of reporters attending the show as it was china's biggest fashion show . Many big shot celebrities came to show their respect for the organizer of the show .

Everyone was excited not only for the show . But also for the organizer Shi ZengWang's only daughter Shi Yun and Recent China's top model who was invited there as a special guest, Lu Reyi .

The co-host cheerfully was welcoming everyone in the red carpet . Right then, A long black limousine car came into their view .

Secretary of Shi ZengWang got out from the car first then he opened the backdoor .

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A fair and long legs wearing high golden heels came into everyone's view . When the person came out of the car, many gasp were heard among the crowd following by a huge uproar .

"WOAH, . . . Did you see that? Miss Shi is looking way too different today that i almost mistook her for someone high level models . "

" With her beauty and those aura she possess will surely make her a no . 1 Model in china . Mark my words . "

"Look at her legs, That legs are something to be envied about . CEO Shi has really groomed a beautiful phoenix . "

"The dress she is wearing is something we couldn't even afford to touch . Those accessories and those heels are from top brands . Rich people surely knows how to spend money . I really envy her . "

Shi Yun was wearing a glamorious long leg slit mermaid off shoulder gown which had a lot of diamonds attached to it's upper part making it all shiny . She had simple diamond teardrop earing in her ears and had her brown hair a little wavy as it laid up to her thin waist .

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Her perfect pearl like teeth made her smile more alluring and those red lipstick made her look more attractive . Shi Yun slowly walked down the red carpet . Her father, Shi ZengWang, also came forward to accompany his daughter . He lovingly gazed at her as if she was the most beloved person for him .

Shi Yun smiled at her father and called out softly " Papa" They embraced eachother lightly before taking pictures together like a perfect and beautiful father daughter duo .

A mass of reporters came forward to ask them question .

" CEO Shi, Your daughter, Miss Shi is so beautiful and is perfectly fitted for being a model . Are you planning to make her top model of china?"
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" Being the CEO of The Star Agency, Are you planning to recruit your daughter in your own company as a model or Are you planning to teach her business and provide her the Title of Future CEO of Star Agency?"

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"Miss Shi, I guess this is your first time exposing yourself to public like this . How are you feeling about it?"

" I saw Miss Shi posted in weibo yesterday that you are going to provide suprise for the public in this Fashion Show event . Can you describe briefly, what did you mean by the suprise?"

Despite being questioned all at once and the flashing of camera was blinding, Shi Yun remained calm as if she was used to it . The reporters were held back by the security as per Shi ZengWang's order . He led his daughter inside the venue . Before leaving, He turned and said to those reporters " Your all questions will be answered shortly . Thankyou for attending . "


Inside the venue;

As the father and daughter duo were walking into the private room, Shi Yun asked looking at him " Papa, I heard one of the Recent China's top model, Miss Lu Reyi is attending as a special guest . Is that true?"

Shi Zengwang smiled brightly and nodded his head " She is not only china's top model, but also soon to be international supermodel . She is also the daughter of China's top business man, Mr . Lu Ming's daughter . So, if we could make her on our side, We will profit tons . I hope you will help me too . "

Shi Yun nodded " Yeah, i will . " And became dazed in her thought ' If i will be future Lu San's wife, Lu Reyi would definitly be in our side . It's like hitting two target with a single stone . '

Thinking of being Lu San's bride, she couldn't help but smile brightly . Right at that time, Shi Zengwang's secratory came forward informed them the show is going to start in few minutes .

Shi ZengWang looked at Shi Yun " Stay here, I will send some people over to make you ready . You just have to be sit and look flawless . " Shi Yun nodded her head . Thereafter they left, Shi Yun was alone in her private room .

She took out her phone and called someone . After a while, Two girls wearing same short red dress and heavy makeup entered the room excitedly . As soon as they entered, they began to fawn upon Shi Yun's appearance . They were Lanlan and Wanwan .