Birth of a beauty - Chapter 63

Published at 15th of January 2020 07:25:13 PM

Chapter 63

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"Sis Yun, When is Sis Reyi coming? The show has already started?" Lanlan asked . Wanwan added " Right, CEO Shi has already provided his part of speech but no one knows when is the special guest coming . "

" I asked Secretary Mo ( Shi Zengwang's secretary ) but he said her manager is also unknown about it, the manager said that she had left already half an hour ago and didn't even bring her secretary with her . I doubt she will attend this event-"

Shi Yun face darkened as she heard Wanwan's words . Wanwan immediately shut her mouth seeing Shi Yun's darkened face . Just then, a series of knock was heard . Lanlan hastily got up and said " I will see who it is . "

She looked through peephole to see who it was . She looked back at Shi Yun " Sis Yun, there are many people . From the looks of them, they look like stylist . " Shi Yun said indifferently " Open the door . "

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As Lanlan opened the door, 1 man and 4 girls entered the room . The girls were carrying many stuffs like big makeup boxes, dresses, jewelries, shoes, etc . As for the man, He looked a little feminine .

He looked at Shi Yun and smiled brightly as he went to hug her " Oh my dear Xiao Yun, You look devastingly beautiful . Just the makeup and dress looks average . So i came here especially for you from states . I will make everyone eye to pop out from the shock . "

Shi Yun chuckled as she hugged him back " Welcome back David, It's been really long time since I met you . Let's have a welcome party for you after this event . "

David laughed " Okay my dear, Let's make you ready first . Uncle Shi has ordered me to make you goddess today or else he will permanently sent me to overseas . But I want to be with you . So, I will give my best . Girls, unpack all the things . Let's get started . "

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He clapped his hand as the girls he brought began to work swiftly . Then only David noticed Lanlan and Wanwan . " Oh, who are these two girls? I don't think i brought them here . "

Shi Yun glanced at David " They are my classmates . I invited them over to help me . David, Come here help me remove my makeup . " David shrugged his shoulder as he slowly went to Shi Yun .

He murmured quietly but was enough loud to be heard by Lanlan and Wanwan " How can Xaio Yun have classmates like them? Look at the cheap dress and makeup they are wearing . Even my girls are looking so better than them . "
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When both Lanlan and Wanwan heard this, they were enraged . Especially Lanlan , Her face was red from anger . She wanted to curse him but was stopped by Wanwan . Wanwan looked at Shi Yun " Sis Yun, We will not disturb you now, I will inform you about the arrival of Miss Reyi . Bye . "

Seeing Shi Yun nod, Wanwan dragged Lanlan out of the room . Lanlan exploded after she got out of the room " What does that gay thinks of himself? Or should i say herself? *scoff* He said i am wearing cheap clothes and makeup . Sis Wan , Did you see what he was wearing? He was wearing blazer and skirt with shoes on and was wearing heavy makeup like a girl And he calls himself a fashionist . Ha! What a joke!"

Wanwan sighed " But What can we even do? He is someone we cannot offend . I have seen him many times in TV . He has also won many awards . So, he can be considered as Sis Yun's private makeup artist . If we curse him or fight back in front of Sis Yun, she might be mad . So, don't run your filthy mouth anyway you want . "

" But-" Lanlan wanted to say something but was ignored by Wanwan . When they were passing by balcony, Lanlan called out Wanwan . But Wanwan still ignored her thinking that Lanlan was still into David's matter .

Wanwan kept moving forward, after a while, noticing silence, She looked back . Lanlan wasn't there . Wanwan was afraid that Lanlan might go back and fight with David with her bad temper . So, she immedietly ran back .

Then, She noticed Lanlan standing near the balcony looking at a certain direction . Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief . She slapped Lanlan's shoulder making Lanlan jump in fright " Ahh . . You scared me . "

" What are you looking at? I don't see anything there . " Wanwan asked as she looked closely to the direction Lanlan was previously looking at . But only saw darkness . Lanlan hesitated before saying " Will you believe me, if i say I saw Miss Reyi there-"

Wanwan shot up her brows " Of course i would believe, why wouldn't i?" Lanlan shook her head " Tsk, Let me complete my sentence, I saw Miss Reyi hugging and maybe kissing someone there?"