Birth of a beauty - Chapter 66

Published at 15th of January 2020 07:25:10 PM

Chapter 66

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After Shi Zengwang finished his speech, the light turned off, Spotlights were turned on . Everyone held their breath . After a while, Shi Yun along with 2 girls following behind her came on stage .

Shi Yun was wearing sleevelss long off shoulder ball gown which was champagne in color . It had gold embroidered applique with sequins in it's upper part as well as at the end part of the dress which made it look all sparkly .

Diamonds were attached to the waist area of the dress and soft feathers were attached at the back of the dress . Every details of dress was carefully and beautifully done .

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The dress showed Shi Yun's curvy waist and beautiful collarbones . The dress was so long that two girls were required to handle the back of the dress . Overall it was a package of gold , diamonds and art .
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Shi Yun instructed the girls to leave the dress then, she slowly walked on the runway by herself . The light coming from spotlight made reflection of the dress as the whole venue became like a space full of stars . It was something magical to watch .

When She reached at the end, The light turned on . Everyone came back to their senses and gave a standing ovation with huge applause . The designer of the dress, Mr . Fu Tianhuo also came and stood beside her . Both of them bowed in front of everyone .

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Shi Zengwang was very happy to see everything was going very smoothly and successfully . He took the Mic and went toward Shi Yun as he said " Let's hear some words from her . " Then, he passed her the Mic and nodded his head .

Shi Yun took it and looked at everyone . " Hello, Everyone . My name is Shi Yun . Today I am here, not as the daughter of CEO of Shi Academy or future heiress of the Shi Family but as a normal model trainee who has a big dream of being a professional model . . "

" . . I will try my best on my side and may need your help in coming furure . So, I hope you all can provide me with love and support so that I can work more harder and can shine the name of our country worldwide . Thankyou . "

Everybody clapped their hands with full might . Finally, the show was officially ended . Shi Yun who was talking to some famous celebrities saw Lu Reyi leaving . So, she hurriedly excused herself and went toward her .

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" Sis Reyi!" She called out loud which made Lu Reyi turn back . " Sis Reyi, Are you going home?" Shi Yun asked . Lu Reyi smiled " Yeah, I am pretty tired so going back home to rest . "

Shi Yun nodded her head " Actually, I wanted to talk a lot with you before but didn't have any chance . Now, I guess it's not good to stop you while you are tired . But Can I ask you out for dinner sometime?"

Lu Reyi nodded her head without any hesitation " Of course, I would love to . I will decide the time and you decide the place . Bye . " Shi Yun smiled and said " Bye . . Oh . . Sis Reyi . "

Lu Reyi turned back again " What?" Shi Yun pursed her lips before saying " Can I . . Can I add you on Wechat? It's okay if you don't-" Lu Reyi took out her phone and added Shi Yun on Wechat . She looked at her " Anything else?"

Shi Yun shook her head " Thankyou . Bye . " My Reyi waved her hand and left . Shi Yun looked at her phone as an evil smile crept in her face . From behind, Lanlan and Wanwan walked toward Shi Yun with wine glass .

Wanwan gave a wine glass to Shi Yun as she said " Sis Yun, You are amazing . You got to add Miss Reyi on Wechat at first meet . That was really fast . " Lanlan also added " Now, You can get close to Bro San easily . "

Shi Yun didn't say anything just sipped her wine . ' Today was really big day, I really achieved a lot of things . Now, I just need to progress like this and work hard a little then, There is no chance, Lu San won't be mine . '