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Chapter 1002: 1002

1002 1002 . Fur

Noah wouldn't bother to list the many dangers connected to the fusion with a magical beast before hearing what the skeleton could offer .

As far as he was concerned, the only valuable assets in that world were the Kesier species and the metal that isolated the sky . Anything else was appealing only for its historical value, but it couldn't compare with the resources of the piece of Immortal Lands .

"Is it possible?" The skeleton said with her aged voice .

Noah was beginning to understand in which moods the powerhouse would switch voice . She was using her mature one now, so she was taking the negotiation seriously .

"It is," Noah said as his eyes skimmed through her bones to evaluate their status, "But I think you understand the dangers connected to such procedure . Your status will make it quite dangerous . "

"It's fine!" The skeleton said with her childish voice . "Take out everything from our inventory and show it to our guest!"

The cultivators shot a warning glance at Noah before leaving the hall to follow their leader's orders . They didn't want to leave him alone in the throne room, but they were too loyal not to follow her directives .

They came back a few minutes later, carrying a pile of sheets and broken inscribed items with various power before laying them next to the throne .

Noah didn't ask for their permission . He patted Snore that lowered its body to encircle the goods and give him a better view . The Divine Deduction technique activated as his eyes skimmed through the pile of items . He didn't want to miss anything valuable due to his lack of expertise or the goods' poor conditions .

Nevertheless, he didn't find anything worthy of his attention even after a few hours of thorough inspection .

'I can obtain better versions of any of these items on the surface,' Noah thought as he put down the last scroll of the pile . 'These might be good in a second-rate force, but the Hive can provide them freely . '

The offer didn't move him at all . Performing the fusion wasn't a process that required many resources on his side, but he wasn't going to give away his expertise in exchange for resources that didn't help him .

"This is worthless," Noah said without even trying to be polite . "These resources don't even come close to a satisfying price . "

"This is everything in our inventory," Ana complained . "We accumulated these resources in countless years of oral transmission and exploration of underground structures . "

"It's nothing compared to what we have on the surface," Noah explained .

"Do you want to rob us because we are ignorant about the inscription methods of the surface?" Ana continued . She had begun to suspect that Noah was trying to exploit their situation to his advantage .

However, that was quite far from the truth . Noah was the only inscription master capable of performing the fusion between a magical beast and a human . Every other organization had even asked for his advice when they were approaching that specific field .

He didn't perform the fusion to anyone other than himself . The skeleton would be his first commission, and the natives of the hidden world didn't even know how unique that chance was due to their ignorance .

"I've invented this procedure," Noah said, and his figure began to express the pride that he felt about that accomplishment . "To this day, I'm the only one capable of performing it . "

The rank 5 cultivators around him had no proof that Noah was speaking the truth, but the steadiness of his aura made them believe him . They even felt temporarily dizzy as his pride became more intense . It was as if Noah's mental waves were trying to affect their minds .

Still, no one gave that event too much weight since the powerhouse decided to step in the negotiation .

"Come with me," The skeleton said in her aged voice .

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The powerhouse was different from her underlings . She had seen the surface and lived among experts . Her knowledge concerning the inscription fields was old, but cultivators had tried to harness the magical beasts' innate abilities since the dawn of cultivation .

Noah was an astonishing rank 5 cultivator, and she had never seen anyone wielding so much power at his level . Even if she were to consider his hybrid status a fluke, there was much more than met the eyes in her guest .

When she added his ability to accomplish what even the experts in her past couldn't do, Noah appeared as an unparalleled monster .

The powerhouse's underlings understood her silent orders and moved to the edges of the throne to lift it . They then moved toward one of the corridors, and Noah followed closely behind them .

Noah had no idea where they were going, but the corridor went downward even if they were already on the ground floor . A red light shone on his face as they neared the point where the lava lake began, but a heavy aura came together with it .

Noah felt some familiarity with that aura, but he couldn't recognize it . It was as if his mind couldn't comprehend the signals that it was receiving .

The rank 5 cultivators carrying the powerhouse stopped moving after the last trace of the black metal disappeared, and drops of lava reached their position in the corridor . They gently dropped the throne on the floor and turned toward Noah as they waited for their leader to speak .

"You can lift this alone, right?" The skeleton said, and Noah shrugged his shoulders as he neared her . His hand went under the throne and lifted that large chunk of metal easily before putting it on his shoulder and proceeding down the corridor .

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The aura became heavier, but it wasn't hard to withstand . It seemed unable to affect the mental spheres in that state .

"I forgot my name," The skeleton said with a mature voice before resuming with a childish one, "But you can call me Skully!"

Noah ignored her and continued to carry the throne down the corridor until he reached the lava lake's underground shores . There was a whirlpool at the beginning of the lake, and a large chunk of black metal became visible after it .

"You want to take only a glance," Skully said . "Leave me here . I don't want you to break what remains of my body . "

Noah finally felt interested in that force's resources and left the throne there before venturing farther into the tunnel . His walk turned out to be short since white lines soon appeared on the large chunk of metal .

The lines appeared harmless at the beginning . Yet, a sudden pressure invaded Noah's mind and threatened to make it explode when he saw the first corner .

Noah promptly closed his eyes and buried his head on the ground as he condensed his consciousness inside his mental sphere . Everything trembled in his view, but he managed to shout one line to the powerhouse before losing his connection with the outside world . "What was that?!"

Skully replied with an aged voice . "An authentic divine item . The patch of the fur containing the Seventh Kesier rune of the Ape God . "